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Shoe polish portable / 1set (8pcs)

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Collonil Polishing Brush / 1pc

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Suede brush C ( Columbus ) / 1pc
Brush, exclusive use for napping leather.

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Otter Wax: Fabric Wax Regular Bar /1pc
Our all-natural heavy duty fabric wax is made from the highest quality beeswax and proprietary blend of plant-based waxes and oils. The first and only water repellent wax that doesn’t utilize paraffin, silicone, or other petroleum-based synthetic ingredients.
Using Otter Wax is an easy way to improve the functionality and utility of virtually any item. It can be used to revive the waterproofing capabilities of factory-waxed or oiled clothing, and is also an excellent way to waterproof untreated fabrics. Use on a variety of clothing and equipment like jackets, hats, bags, tents, and more.

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    Otter Wax: Leather Saddle Soap /1pc
    Specially formulated using a proprietary blend of all-natural beeswax, castile soap, and essential oils, Saddle Soap gently cleans, protects, and revives leather. Made without harsh detergents, chemicals, or dyes, this product is safe to use on all types and colors of leather.

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    Otter Wax: Leather Oil /1pc

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    Otter Wax: Leather Salve /1pc

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    Otter Wax: Boot Wax /1pc

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    SHAPIR Universalle Leather Lotion
    An all-purpose shoe and leather care product, Saphir Creme Universelle -
    Leather Balm is not pigmented, and thus useful for all colors of shoes, boots accessories, bags, clothing and furniture made of smooth or reptile leathers. This Jojoba oil and beeswax formula gently cleans and conditions, while also protecting the leather from future harm.
    First available in France in 1920, this liquid has earned its world-wide
    reputation for keeping fine leathers supple and glowing.

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    SHAPIR Renovating Recolorant Repair Cream
    Saphir's Renovating Recolorant Repair Cream is a resin-based cream used to
    repair deep scuff marks, scratches, and cigarette burns on smooth leather
    (dress shoes, clothes, leather goods, and furniture). It is also a very
    effective sole dressing.
    Instructions for Use:

    First clean area with a damp chamois and allow to dry.
    Cut away any loose pieces of leather (optional).
    Apply a small amount of the Saphir Renovating Repair Cream using your finger.
    Use it to fill any scratches or deep scuff marks. If you can, press any loose
    pieces of leather back into place.
    Allow 15 minutes to dry.

    For use as sole dressing: apply generously using finger.
    Allow 15 minutes to dry.

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