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Transparent resin Glass Clay / 1set
Transparent resin Glass Clay (oven required) / 1set

Texture a sense of transparency, such as glass or acrylic is transparent resin clay of charm.
  • It will be soft and warm becomes hard and cool.
  • If adjust the firmness by using the refrigerator or dryer, you can make your favorite shape.
  • Without the use of adhesive, you it is possible to bond the synthetic stone and metal fittings.
  • Working time is around 40 minutes, the complete curing takes about 15 hours at room temperature.
  • If you want to cure while maintaining a shaped the form is cured in a refrigerator.
  • In the case of complex shape, and to be completely cured transferred to a refrigerator and allowed to cure in the freezer for about 1 hour.

Set content:
Base resin(A)5g, Curing agent(B)15g
Dedicated gloves 1 pair, Instruction papers(Japanese)
(Other colors)
Base resin(A)8g, Curing agent(B)16g
Dedicated gloves 1 pair, Instruction papers(Japanese)

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    Sukerukun : Transparent clay / 1pc
    Sukerukun is air-drying, transparent resin clay. When it comes out of the package it is white. Drying times depends on the thickness of your project but usually 1-3 days. This clay is somewhat flexible after it dries. It can be rolled into thin pieces without splitting or breaking.
    Light can be seen through thinner pieces with ease. (good to make LED lamp decoration) Sukerukun clay can reach a maximum of 85% transparency when dry. Adding color to this clay can greatly decreases the transparency so you must use color sparingly. Add color acrylic and watercolor paints.
    This clay is great for making jellybeans, gummy bears and other semi-transparent goodies.
    Shrinkage : 15% and 20% of orginal
    Package : 200gr

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    Sukerukun : Blend type clay / 1pc
    Blend type is a mixture which you can mix with Sukerukun transparent (id:5756). to make more opaque clay. This clay colour is white.
    Package : 250gr

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    Sukerukun : Liquid type / 1pc
    • This is Sukerukun in liquid form
    • Usually used for repairing of sukerukun clay
    • Also can be used as adhesive for sukerukun clay
    • Can be thinned using water, and you can add water based paint for coloring

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    Sukerukun : Coating liquid / 1pc
    Coating Liquid is used to keep your work of art transparent forever, prevents cracking on surface, 2 or 3 coats is recommended.
    apply after dry. Package : 100gr
    A: with coating so it will not cracking
    B: without coating, you can see the crack in the sukerukun.

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    Transparent Clay / 1pc
    • Material : environmentally Silicone
    • Characteristic : Transparent and highly flexible.
      This clay is difficult to break even when hardened.
      it is also environmentally friendly. The clay starts hardening when added with a hardener. (hardening agent ratio is 20:1. )
    • Pot life is 2 to 4 hours. Cure time is 24 to 48 hours.
    • Coloring : Acrylic paint or oil paint for coloring.
    • Usage : glass like beads, whatever which need transparent.
    • Packing : 50gr + 2.5gr hardening agent.
    Note: The material is like a block of transparent rubber where you can cut or shape it and when you had add hardener it will start to harden.
    it is like clay (not liquid) compared with Sukerukun the result is more flexible (like rubber)

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    Hearty clay 50 gram / 1pc
    • Material : Inorganic flour
    • Characteristic : super lightweight,pliant and easy to handle
    • Coloring : acrylic, water based paint, or mixing with hearty color clay.
      Using cyan, magenta, yellow, and black "Hearty color pigment", which is colored clay made for mixing, you can make any color in the color circle of the three primary colors. Also, you can get light and pale colors by mixing in white, and dark colors by mixing in black
      "Hearty clay natural color" is convenient when making wood, leaves and stems of imitation flowers.
    • Usage : miniature cake, doll, flower etc
    • Packing : 50gr
    • Once opened, please wrap hearty clay with saran wrap and put in the airtight storage.

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    Hearty clay 200 gram / 1pc
    • Material : Inorganic flour
    • Characteristic : super lightweight,pliant and easy to handle
    • Coloring : acrylic, water based paint
    • Usage : miniature cake, doll, flower etc
    • Packing : 200gr
    • Once opened, please wrap hearty clay with saran wrap and put in the airtight storage.

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    Padico Mermaid puffy clay 50gram / 1pc
    • Material : Resin clay
    • Characteristic : lightweight, and water resistant, also quite strong for bending.
    • Coloring : acrylic, waterbased paint.
    • Usage : Suitable to make miniature chocolate, macaroons, marshmallows etc.
    • Packing : 50gr

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    Air dry clay : Freely / 1pc
    Packing :250gr

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    Air dry clay : Grace 200gram / 1pc
    • Material : resin type (polymer) clay
    • Characteristic : Superior transparency.
      Grace is easy to thin out and maintains excellent elasticity even when dried. (=the clay is also characterized by its strength against cracking.)
      Translucent Slightly elastic after dried. Able to mixed with acrylic paint, oil paint.
      Air-dry within 2 to 3 days.
    • Usage : flower making, figurines, and miniatures.
    • Packing : 200g(100g×2)

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    Lightweight clay : Grace light weight 120gram / 1pc

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    Lightweight clay : Grace super light weight 160gram / 1pc

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    Air dry clay : Grace Jewelry Line 200gram / 1pc

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    Air dry clay : Grace Jewelry Line Flex 200gram / 1pc

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    Glue for Grace Jewelry line / 1pc

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    Air dry clay : Cosmos / 1pc
    • Material : resin type (polymer) clay
    • Characteristic : Flexible and elastic.
      The clay stretches well and its natural white color makes it perfect for craftwork with texture like a porcelain flower.
      The level of transparency in the clay increases when dried.
      and is also characterized by the elasticity in its finish
    • Coloring : with any type of paint as well as various types of colored clay.
    • Usage : Porcelain look flowers and accessories.
    • Packing : 125gr / 250gr

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    Pan Flower Clay : Farinetta / 1pc
    "Pan Flower Clay" is clay made mainly from flour.
    • Material : Wheat flour
    • Characteristic : Farinetta is fast-drying clay made from wheat flour and geared toward handicrafts. With excellent ductility and shapability, the clay can be applied across a wide range of crafts/ craft materials such as pan flower/ reliefs. Bright colors can be attained by mixing with colored clay or oil paint.
    • Coloring : Oil paint
    • Packing : 250gram (125gram x 2)

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    Pan Flower Clay : Neo Farinetta / 1pc
    "Pan Flower Clay" is clay made mainly from flour.
    • Material : Wheat flour
    • Characteristic : “Neo Farinetta” is a type of clay which combines the superior handling, easy shaping, and beautiful coloring strongly sought after in pan flower clay. Neo Farinetta is characterized by an unprecedented softness and a hint of transparency that appears when the clay dries. Though developed for pan flower, the clay can be used on other types of craftwork.
    • Coloring : Oil paint
    • Packing : 250gram (125gram x 2)

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    Pan Flower Clay : Fresh / 1pc
    "Pan Flower Clay" is clay made mainly from flour.
    • Material : Cereal flour
    • Characteristic : Fresh is a new type of clay made from cereal flour. The viscous property of the clay enables it to be rolled out into thin layers, thus making craft work light and clear. The clay is perfect for making brooches, small flowers, and corsages.
    • Coloring : Oil paint or colored clay
    • Packing : 240gram (120gram x 2)

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    Tamiya Decoration series Lightweight clay "Kneading-Master" / 1 pc (White.110g)
    This fine-grained white clay is as soft as a marshmallow and can be easily formed into fluffy shapes to reproduce items such as cookies, muffins, and scoops of ice cream. Mix it with Tamiya Decoration Color paints to create different colored-clays for different uses. Once dried, the clay can be attached with Tamiya Craft Bond so it can be used for a variety of crafts purposes. Package contains 110g of clay.

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    Tamiya Decoration series Polymer Clay "Orchard Master" / 1 pc (100g)
    This fine clay is highly pliable and has the same smooth surface consistency as plastic after curing.
    Clay may be mixed with with various types of paint and is great for creating miniature replicas such as fruit.

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    Air dry clay :Hinatabokko / 1pc

    • 400 gram
    • size:160x100x24mm
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    Mr.Clay ( Light weight stone clay ) / 1pc
    Ultra-lightweight, exceptional strength stone clay.
    Used widely by sculptor and professionals for making figures etc.
    • Material: Stone powder clay
    • Usage : Figure, doll, prototype, diorama etc.

  • Size: 300 gram
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    Fando 350 gram/ 1pc
    • Charactistic : you can make weaving (like basket, or hair knotting).
      When it is dried, becomes hard like porcelain.
    • Material: Stone powder clay
    • Usage : Figure, brooches, lighting body, diorama.

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