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Drill Adaptor chuck ( Pin Vise ) / 1set
Made in India of hardened tool steel

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Drill Adaptor chuck ( 2.35mm shaft ) / 1set
Includes 1 mandrel chuck with 3 collets, excellent to use with flex shaft machines.
Made in Europe of hardened tool steel.
Shaft diameter : 3/32inch = 2.35mm (mandrel shank)
Chuck capacity 0 - 2.5mm

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Drill Adaptor chuck ( hexagon shaft ) / 1set

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Whaley Hand Vise / 1pc

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Mini drill Adaptor chuck ( hexagon shaft ) with Drill include / 1set

  • Package size: 72x184x20mm
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    Mini mandrel holder (arbor) / 1pc
    • Mini Mandrels are designed for use on rotary tools, with Flex Shaft Handpieces, units such as Foredom or Dremel and More...
    • Numerous types of accessories can be held onto these mandrels… in an assortment sizes and of various materials. Mandrels can be used in Grinding, Cutting, Cleaning and Polishing tasks.
    • Miniature mandrels for holding Discs, Rubberized, Abrasives, Felt, Silicone, Cones, Cylinders, Circular Saws, Buffs and Wheels are a few of the many examples and types.
    • Diameter shaft : 3/32" (2.35mm) and 1/8"(3.2mm)
      made of Steel and finished in Nickel Plating.

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    DREMEL Mandrel / 1pc
    Used primarily with Dremel polishing bits and accessories
    For use in all Dremel rotary tools
    1/8 in. ( 3.2mm ) shank

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    Tools drill holder ( Pin vise ) #1-A / 1pc
    Quick-Slide locking pin vise is ideal for holding wires with a maximum capacity of 1.3mm, slotted hole through. (long wire can go through)
    Great for holding earring post and many other articles while work is performed (soldering, setting, and polishing).

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    Tools drill holder ( Pin vise ) #1-B / 1pc
    This is a universal pin vise with 2 collets (2 jaws), one on each end; one side closes down to 0 while opposite end has maximum capacity of 2.50mm, with overall length of 110mm.

  • Made in India
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    Tools drill holder ( Pin vise ) #1-J / 1pc

  • Made in JAPAN
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    Tools drill holder (set with drill bits) /1set

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    Tools drill holder (set with drill bits) /1set
    Hand operated
    make hole or resize small holes in metal, plastic, ceramic and wood. Drill bits Included (12 pieces).
    The smallest drill bit can make 0.5mm hole.

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    Handdrill (manual) mini /1set

  • Made in Japan
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    Hand drill (manual) Fiskars /1set
    NO need battery or electric, turn the crank to operate. Drills holes in plastic, soft metals, wood, shell, leather etc. Contoured handle reduces fatigue and increases comfort. Durable ABS plastic drill housing. Includes four popular-size drill bits(3/32", 5/32",1/8" and 3/16"). Accepts bits 6mm and smaller.

    The color of the package and the drill may vary.

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    Hand drill (manual with base) mini /1set

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    Tamiya 74041 : Battery Drill / 1 unit
    This product needs assembling before usable.
    Assembly guide inside the box.
    Easy in assembly and usage.
    Good size and comfortable handgrip for your personal project.

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    Tamiya 74042 : Battery Handy Router / 1 unit
    This product needs assembling before usable.
    Assembly guide inside the box.
    Easy in assembly and usage.
    Good size and comfortable handgrip for your personal project.

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    Battery Screw Driver ( also can be used for drilling ) / 1set
    This Mini Electric Driver is very-very light dan comfortable when handling
    , even for women to use.
    Designed for indoor purpose ; this electric driver came with 5 size screw driver bit
    Using ordinary battery 4pcs.

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    Flexible driver extension / 1 pc

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    Anex : Super Mini L-Shaped Adapter
    Anex Super Mini L-shaped Adapter series is excellent for screwing and unscrewing at confined spaces and corners. This screwdriver set is very useful and surely it would save you countless hours.
    Features:It tightens loose screws rapidly.
    Anti-slip and L-shaped handle grip, very practical for horizontal and vertical usage.It was made with good quality, flexible and strong material.

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    Multi Angle Driver/ 1 set
    This multi-angle screwdriver and drill bit chuck can be adjusted with a hexagonal socket bolt to drive screws or drill holes at any angle. So you can get a grip on the most difficult installations. The multi-angle driver has a standard 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) socket that will take all standard bits. The tool will accept all standard drill bits with a 6.35 mm hexagonal shaft, but they must be at least 50 mm long - the small 25 mm bits are too short to work in the tool.
    Delivered with a hex key to adjust the head's angle.
    Features free angle adjustment with 360°pivot positioning.
    Directions for using the Cobra Multi Angle Driver and Drill Tool:
    1.Loosen the hexagonal head bolt on the housing.
    2.Turn the housing head to the desired angle.
    3.Re-tighten the bolt to lock in the desired angle. Be careful that the teeth between the two halves of the housing are properly mated before using the tool.

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    Pearl drill machine (China made) / 1set
    Professional pearl & gemstone drill machine can be used for accurate full
    -drill or half-drill on such loose beads as pearl,coral,amber, gemstone;

    Characteristics of Pearl holing machine:

    This machine can be used for accurate holing on such precious stone as
    freshwater pearl, seawater pearl, coral, jade and ornaments components
    such as gold,silver.
    This machine is equipped with 9 sets of special collects, which is
    suitable to the pearls in round shape, olive shape and un-regular
    shapes or special shapes.
    The collection of this machine is made from nylon, which is prevented
    pearl from being mingled with damaged and scar.
    Can be made a hole on pearls of various specifications from?3-?25mm
    (including fresh water pearl, seawater pearl, South Sea pearl,
    Tahiti black pearl ,Pearl shell, coral and jade etc).

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    Pearl drill machine PD-100 or PD-200 (Japan made) / 1set

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    21-30 d
    Optional chuck for Pearl drill machine PD-100 /1set

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    Pearl (and stone) drill machine / 1set

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