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Versa-Light ( Magnetic Flexible Light ) / 1set

The Versa-Light is a super bright LED light with three settings: High Beam, Low Beam and Flash. The sturdy clip holds the light while the 8-1/2 inch flexible arm allows for easy adjustment. The strong magnetic base stays secure on metal surfaces for hands free work. Use the light zoom function to pinpoint light onto small areas or zoom out for a wider view. Includes 3 AAA batteries.

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Lamp #21-D (OTT craft lamp ) / 1set

OTT Natural Full spectrum lighting
See and match colors perfectly and work comfortably for hours under the low heat, low glare illumination with less eyestrain. Unique fold-up design features a handle and a swivel base to easily position the natural OttLite® illumination. With its small base footprint, this lamp easily fits in tight spaces. Shade opens and extends 180º vertically to illuminate larger areas.

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Replacement Bulb ( for OTT lite ) / 1pc

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Penlight for Gemstone inspection / 1pc

Shape similar to a pen, small enough to carry in your pocket.

  • Light color : Natural full spectrum light (perfect light source and refractometer)
  • Power : Battery AAA (2pc)
  • Size : diam 13 x 140mm ( weight : 38gram)
  • Made in Japan

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Spot On Dot Magnifying Lens Set /1set

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Clip magnifier attachment / 1pc

There are 4 types :

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Jewelry standard loupe /1pc

Power: 10x
Lens diam: 20.5mm

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Magnifiers Stand Loupe Pro / 1pc

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Magnifiers for Craftwork / 1pc

Cushioned braces and adjustable tie stabilize the lightweight magnifier against your chest. Great for beading, sewing or needlework projects.

  • Hands-free round frame with lighted 10cm (4") lens, great for close-up task and craft work (batteries included)
  • Portable, you can use anywhere.
  • Cushioned braces and adjustable tie stabilize the lightweight magnifier against your chest
  • 1.5x power lens with 3x power insert lens
  • Optical quality lens
  • Sharp, distortion-free view
  • Superior quality
  • Bold two-tone (silver & black) construction
  • Aids those of us with Presbyopia (diminished close vision that eventually effects EVERYONE)

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Magnifiers for Sewing ( Clover brand )/ 1pc

  • Magnification power : 2x with 4x small lens

  • Package size: 147×233×21mm
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    Magnifiers for craftwork (3 in 1 with LED) / 1set

    A 3-in-1 LED lighted magnifier set. To use, simply select from the three lenses included and snap the lens into the base stand. Press the release button to remove the lens and select a new one. The base stand allows you to use as a free standing magnifier while the adjustable neck strap allows you to use hands-free. Crystal clear acrylic lenses and two super-bright LED lights ensure a crisp, bright magnified image. Uses three AAA batteries (not included). Set includes: LED lighted base with clip-on base stand, 2x 110mm rimless round acrylic lens, 2x acrylic fresnel lens with 3x spot lens, 3.5X dual acrylic lens and adjustable length neck strap.

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    Inspection Loupe / 1 pc

    Commonly used for inspection in Fabric industry ( Fabric magnifier ).

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    Foldable Magnifier with LED light (color:Red) / 1pc

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    Flexible magnifiier with magnet base / 1 set

    • This magnifier has strong magnetic base, which you can attach easily on any metal surface or machine body.
    • Has high quality glass lens, with a 95mm diameter and 2X power magnification.
    • This magnifier has a 50 cm long flexible stem, which you can bent to any position.

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    Flexible neck loupe tabletop/ 1pc

    Benchtop flexible neck type of loupe.
    Since part of the neck to move freely it can be used in various angles.
    Since the borderless lens viewing switching of the naked eye and the lens over it is smooth.

    • Lens diameter 107mm (magnify 2.25x) + 22mm (magnify 5x)
    • Include LED light.

  • Size:15x23x24cm
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    Magnifiers, head type, compact style / 1set

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    Magnifier with 2 LED and Interchangeable 5 Pcs Lenses / 1 set

    Features:100% Brand New and High QualityThe lens is treated with strengthen process to reach surface hardness of H5 degrees.5-magnification head magnifier with 2-LED light5 kinds of multiple lens can be chosen, 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X and 3.5XUse this tool, you can magnify things by 1 times, 1.5 times, 2.0 times, 2.5 times or 3.5 timesSuitable for reading books/newspapers,drawing pictures,making handgrfts etc.Easy to replace the batteries.Great product for watch making and repairing industry, specially for inspecting those tiny partsLED Features:2 LEDs for illumination.A light head magnifying glasses of wide-view scope with 3D lens and light.Head light can be adjusted for a good angle.Comes with an adjustable elastic head band for easy using.Environmental protection and energy saving.Specifications:Model: NO.9892B1Material: ABSColor: WhiteLens size:85mm * 8.5mmLED: 2 pieces Battery: 3 * AAA battery ( not included)5 kinds of magnifications:1.0X ,1.5X ,2.0X, 2.5X ,3.5XNet weight: 178g Package includes:1 x Head Magnifier1 x Head Band5 x Magnifying Glasses

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    Smarty Tool : Head magnifier / 1pc

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    Magnifier with 2 LED Lighthead / 1 set

    Work efficiency up to properly using four lenses !
    Because can be fixed to the head , while hands can be used freely for another work.
    The headlight can be used even while wearing glasses !
    One-touch interchangeable with four of the magnifying lens !
    Accessory lens magnification : 1.2 / 1.8 / 2.5 / 3.5-fold
    The magnification can be increased by arranging different lens.
    Light can be moving up and down , left and right.
    Accessory lens magnification : 1.2 / 1.8 / 2.5 / 3.5-fold
    Material :( body ) ABS resin (adjusted belt ) polypropylene ( lens ) acrylic resin
    Power : AAA batteries × 2 ( sold separately )
    Manual: English only

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    Magnifiers Economy type / 1set

    This head-mounted magnifier has 3 lenses: one binocular lens, a second binocular lens behind the first that flips up, and a pivoting loupe. Using different combinations of these lenses, 3 magnifications are possible: 2.2X,3.3X,and 4.8X. Velcro-type head band.

    • FIX LENS 2.2x
    • FLIP LENS 1.1X
    • EXTRA LOUPE 1.5X
    • FIX LENS : 2.2 x
    • FIX LENS (2.2x) + FLIP LENS (1.1x) : 3.3x
    • FIX LENS (2.2x) + FLIP LENS (1.1x) + EXTRA (1.5x): 4.8x

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    Magnifiers professional type, Optivisor / 1set

    Optivisor is a headband magnifier with optical glass lenses ground to opthalmic standards.

    • Optical glass binocular magnifier. Lenses are the finest clear crown glass.
    • Optivisor lenses are ground and polished to precision opthalmic standards.
    • Frame is made of lightweight, durable impact resistant materials.
    • The comfortable continuous headband is fully adjustable to fit any size, quickly and easily.
    • Adjustable pivot knobs hold visor in any position for easy flip-up viewing.
    • Can be worn by themselves or over eyeglasses.
    • Interchangeable lens plates are available for various applications.
    Maginifacation : 2x | 2.5x (please choose)

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    Magnifiers, Lens and replacement parts for Optivisor / 1set

    • OptiLOUPE
      Use with your Optivisor™ (id 4864) for a 2.5X increase in magnification; swing away when not in use.
    • Lens Plate
      This OptiVISOR® interchangeable, lightweight glass lens is ground and polished to prismatic optical standards to provide clearer, sharper optics. Additional lens plates are available to enable optimal magnification on a variety of tasks.

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    Flip up Magnifying glasses /1pc

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    Magni Clips / 1pc

    Magniclips magnifiers are effective for people who need to focus at an intermediated distance, such as a computer screen, or crafting and beading. Simply clip the magniclips on eyeglasses or sunglasses.
    Available in 3 different strength

    • 2x : focal length 8"
    • 3x : focal length 5"
    • 4x : focal length 4"

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    Magnifiers, Opti Sight Magnifying Visor / 1pc

    OptiSight is a headband magnifier with optical Acrylic lenses ground to opthalmic standards.

    • Precision optical grade acrylic prismatic lens.
    • Frame is made of lightweight, durable impact resistant materials.
    • The comfortable continuous headband is adjustable to fit any size, quickly and easily.
    • Adjustable pivot knobs hold visor in any position for easy flip-up viewing.
    • Can be worn by themselves or over eyeglasses.
    • Include 3 Interchangeable lens (3x, 4x, 5x).

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