Fantasy making : Diorama Scale model Miniature Figure etcPlamodel : display and stand for figure.
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OBITSU Multi Stand Small for doll / 1set
Suitable for 1/6-scale dolls and figures from 10cm to 30cm in height, this versatile, easily assembled stand features a hinged arm to help with dynamic action poses, and various sizes of clips to hold the doll or figure in place. You can assemble it with one or two posing arms for even further possibilities! This one is clear in color. Assembly instructions are in Japanese, but are illustrated; some tools will be required (nippers and a Phillips screwdriver).

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Figure Stand with Flexible Arm and Holder
Arm portion can be bent freely , can be fixed by further floated figures , employing a strong flexible type withheld figure for many poses.
Can be fixed to many places with the built-in magnet in the bottom of the base , can also be installed depending on the idea to various locations with proper screw and dial.

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Premium parts collection : Model cover / 1set

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