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Pebeo Fantasy Moon (Solvent based) / 1pc

Try Pebeo Fantasy Moon Paints when you want to add a little "touch of fantasy" to your handcrafted creations. Available in a variety of mixable, brilliant colors, including pearlescent and metallic shades, they can be used to create an opaque, marbled effect on almost any surface, including glass, wood, Plexiglas, canvas, ceramics, metal, and more.

Fantasy Moon Paints can be used alone, over Pebeo Vitrail transparent or opaque colors, or with Fantasy Prisme Paints. They can be mixed, brushed, dripped, or combined to create beautiful effects. When applied with a Fantasy Plastic Dropper, they create a hammered, textured appearance with a pearlized, smooth finish.

Fantasy Moon Paints are great for jewelry making, home décor pieces, or objects of art. They dry within 10 hours to a glossy, hard finish.

Discovery Set — This set includes six 20 ml bottles of Fantasy Moon Paints, including one each of Apricot, Veil of Smoke, Carmine, Metal Blue, Turquoise, and Gold.

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    Silver Oxidizer / bottle (6cc)

    This product is used to make Silver become oxidized (looks antique black).

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    XL Gel Liver of Sulphur (for Patina color) / 1pc

    Liver of Sulphur ( LOS ) XL Gel is formulated for versatility & convenience. It used to patina metals such as silver, copper, bronze, metal clay.
    XL GEL - Longlife patina gel

    ** Package type will vary. **

  • 2oz (59ml)
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    Vintaj Patina set / 1set

    Ranger is delighted to announce an inspiring collaboration with Vintaj to create new metal Patinas!
    Vintaj Patinas are opaque inks specially formulated by Ranger to adhere to metal. They create beautiful and durable patina effects. The Patinas will colorize Vintaj natural brass findings and filigrees for gorgeous jewelry and embellishments.
    Available in a palette of 15 hues, the Patinas can be blended and layered to create endless patina effects. Sold in sets of three, the color combinations were developed to mimic natural patinas that would occur over time.

  • Blendable Color Sets - 0.5 oz (14 gram)x 3
    Metallic Color Sets - 0.5ozx2
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    Swellegant ! Metal Coatings & Colorants / 1pc

    “Swellegant!” is a wonderful line of metal coatings and colorants. There are 5 different Metal Coatings that can be used to coat most surfaces (polymer clay of course, but also metal, plaster, resin, wood, ceramic, and more!). If you would like to add “age” to your piece after it’s coated, you have 3 Patinas to choose from. To add color, select from a pallet of 13 Dye-Oxides. These are concentrated colors, but they’re transparent & they act like patinas, soaking into the other layers of your piece & transforming all the layers. All the metal coatings, patinas and dye-oxides can be layered in any order, as many times as you want–here a dab, there a splash–until you build up the look you want. And finally, a Clear Sealant will seal all your surface applications to preserve it just right and keep you clean if you’re wearing a piece as jewelry. This sealant is made especially for use with these products and adds absolutely no shine to the piece.

  • Size:
    • Sealant,Dye-Oxides: 1 oz
    • Metal Coating,Patina: 2 oz
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    Idea Patina / 1pc

    The patina on metals has been appreciated ever since the Middle Ages and the Renaissance techniques were devised to imitate its effects. Creating a patina and giving metal or metal-coated objects an antique appearance is common practice in the decorative arts, continuing the tradition of surface imitation which was, until recently, possible only with paints and colours.

    Maimeri Idea Patina is a revolutionary range of products for amateur and professional use which reproduce a perfect imitation of the patina of age and oxidation of metal surfaces through natural chemical processes. With the exception of Bitumen, which is soluble in white spirit, all Patina products are water-soluble, thus permitting adjustment of the desired effect. Bitumen patina can be used over any of the metal colours, instead of the appropriate oxidising patina, as it does not cause a chemical reaction with the metal colours but produces a darkish matt finish to the object as if it had been a forgotten item in the attic. Bitumen patina can also be used over other patinas to increase the ageing effect by laying a smoky transparent film to enhance the contour and texture of the surface.

  • Size: 60ml
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    Viva Decor: Precious Metal Colour / 1pc

    Abundant liquid metallic effect paint for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

    • water based
    • all colors mixable
    • quick drying

    Precious Metal Colour Handling: Shake well before use!
    To attain an even brilliant paint coating, apply precious metal with a soft flat synthetic brush in two coats. You can achieve an imposing patina look by applying Precious Metal with a sponge.

  • 25ml
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    Viva Decor: Inka Gold / 1pc

  • ] 62.5 gram (2.2 oz )
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    Viva Decor: Maya Gold / 1pc

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    Prima Marketing Art wax /1pc

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    Prima Marketing Acrylic Paint /1pc

    Great quality water-based metallic acrylic paint, rich in color and permanent after drying. Great for artistic and decorative use. Archival safe. Non-toxic.

  • 1.7oz
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    Gilders paste metallic wax / 1pc

    • Gilders paste is a mixture of wax, resin and and high concentrations of pigments, for resistance to water and common chemical reagents with enhanced tint retention and hiding ability for coloring and highlighting interior and exterior applications.
    • Use Gilders Paste On:
      • Metal -- Wrought Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Alloys etc…
      • Wood -- Moldings, Railings, Furniture, Guilding Restoration, Picture Frames, Miter Joints etc…
      • Ceramics -- Planters, Terra Cotta etc…
      • Resin -- Castings, Plastic etc…
      • Wax -- Candles etc…
    • Easy to apply Gilders :
      • With finger, sponge, toothbrush, paintbrush or cloth in a rubbing motion or use other creative mediums to produce a unique finish.
      • Layered on top of one another or mixed to create different finishes or an endless color palette.
      • Thin out with paint thinner to transform the highly concentrated Gilders Paste for brushing, sponging, staining, washing or spray painting.
    • Drying time varies depending on substrate and surface preparation, approximately 60 minutes to the touch on dry debris free surfaces and 12 hours for complete cure time. If polishing or burnishing is required allow 12 hours drying time.
    • Polishing the metallic Gilders Pastes with a soft cloth will produce a gilded finish substituting gold, silver, bronze leaf; nonmetallic pastes will be shiny. If left unpolished the finish will be semi gloss or mat depending on the color.
    • Size 30ml (1.5 oz )

  • ] ]
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    Finishing : Clay metallic color ( Turner brand ) / 1 bottle.

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    Enamel for metal / 1pc

    Formulated to perform beautifully on a variety of metal and glass substrates, Thompson lead-free enamels are quality-made to deliver dependable, repeatable results. This medium-temperature, low acid-resistant enamel crackle base fires at temperatures from 1400°–1500°F (760°–815°C) on fine silver, copper, gold, low-carbon steel and fired fine-silver, copper, or gold metal clay.

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    Ice Resin : Glitter /1pc

  • 5oz
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    Ice Resin : Iced Enamels Relique Powder / 1pc

  • Size: 15ml (5 oz)
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    Ice Resin : Iced Enamels Adhesive Medium / 1pc

    **Package may vary.**

  • Size: 28.5gram (1 oz)
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    Wax Metallic finish (Treasure gold) / 1pc

      Treasure Gold is the original one-step way to add a classic metallic finish to almost any surface.
    • Use on wood, metal, glass, ceramic, wax, leather, paper, plastic or plaster.
    • Use to paint, highlight, stain, glaze antique or stencil.
    • Applies with a brush finger or rub with cloth.
    • Allow to dry and seal with clear acrylic varnish

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    Sculpey Liquid / 1pc

    • Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) is liquid polymer clay, and it opens a whole new arena for artists and crafters alike! It is a bakable transfer medium for the new millennium! When artist's oil paints are mixed with it, it can be an enamel, a glaze, or a backfilling compound. When pigments or mica powders are mixed with it, it can be a stipple, a metallic glaze, or a grout for polymer clay mosaics.
    • TLS is a fantastic transfer medium, also. It is a terrific adhesive agent. Its adhesive qualities are activated only after baking. It increases the clay to clay bond between raw layers of clay, and when adding raw layers to previously baked layers. Baking temperatures are similar to solid polymer clay, but translucence increases when the temperature is bumped to 300 degrees F for a short period of time. This technique takes careful attention and a well calibrated oven!

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    FIMO Liquid Decorating Gel / 1pc

    Quick, easy and creative!
    Your favourite pictures can be transformed into trendy accessories.
    The deco gel is an ideal extension to FIMO soft and FIMO classic.

    • Transparent, extremely flexible deco gel
    • Can be mixed with oil paints and paint powder
    • Suitable for a variety of applications, e.g. for transferring images from colour or black-and-white copies and drawings, grouting FIMO mosaics or providing a protective coat or seal for FIMO objects
    • Plastic bottle à 50 ml, incl. detailed leaflet

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    Lisa Pavelka : Magic-Glos™ /1pc

    Magic-Glos™ is a must have to help gloss, no shrinkage,waterproof and protect your polymer clay masterpiece and craft creations. With Magic-Glos™ you just need 10 minutes out in the sun, and it’s cured to a tough, shiny, glass-like finish.

    We sell in 2 types bottle : 5 gram and 30 gram

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    Envirotex Lite Pour On High Gloss Finish / 1set

    Envirotex Lite is a water clear reactive polymer compound. It cures to a thick, glossy coating in about 8 hours at 70°F, and reaches full strength and toughness in about 48 hours. This durable, resilient material requires no polishing to produce a high gloss. One coat is all that is usually required for a deep attractive finish, however, two or more coats maybe applied one over the other by simply wiping the surface with a clean cloth and alcohol prior to re-coating.
    Instruction (english)
    click here

  • 4 FL.OZ.KIT(U.S) 118 ml
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    DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze / 1pc

    Triple Thick Gloss Glaze is ideal for adding a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard craft surfaces. Because it is extra-thick, only one coat is needed for most surfaces.

    • Painting Surfaces:
      Wood/Wicker/Plaster/Papier mache/Resins/Painted china/Pre-primed metal/Pinecones/Jewelry/Bisque/Artificial Flow
    • Features and Advantages:
      • Goes on smoothly with no stroke marks
      • Finish adds the illusion of depth
      • Creates a glazed ceramic look
      • Finish resist cracking
      • Brushable product is non-toxic
    • Additional Decorating Ideas/Applications:
      • Ideal for holiday projects
      • Great for decoupage
      • Use on wreaths and floral arrangements
    • Instructions:
      Apply with acrylic brush. Do not overwork. Let dry completely. Soap and water cleanup.

  • size: 4 fl oz(118ml)
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    Finishing : Padico Clay varnish / 1pc

    The ideal clay varnish for your light weight air dry clay. Suitable for all types of clay.
    Packing : 100 ml bottle.

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    Finishing : Padico water resistant sealer / 1pc

    Waterbased Acrylic Polymer Emulsion coat with water-resistant.
    It is ideal for clay, wood, paper, leather, metal, and cloth.

  • Size: 100ml
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