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Getta Grip Sewing Clip / 1 set

The Getta Grip Sewing Clip is a 3-D multipurpose clip for the garment industry, home sewers, fashion students and anyone who needs to join textiles together. They are intended for sewing, fitting, draping, and alterations.
They replace conventional straight sewing pins and work well on many different textiles: lace, stretch knits, paper, metallic fabric, chiffon, rubber, leather, etc.
These symmetrical clips consist of two identical pieces etched with original artwork created by Paul Gallo which functions as a thumb press. The clips work on straight stitchers, overlocks and any other kind of sewing machine.

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Clover Wonder Clips / 1 set

Clover Wonder Clips are great alternatives to pins, especially when working with heavy weight fabrics, piles, and vinyls. It can hold layered sections of sewing projects such as handle connectors to handbags and piping without distortion.
It holds quilt binding while sewing and it's easy to see and easy to find when dropped on the floor. Works well with Sergers.
Wonder Clips, great for sewing, quilting, and crafting.

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Tonic Studios Cutter / 1set

Tonic Studios Cutters give you a quick, easy and safe way to cut threads, yarn and even paper and cardstock. These cutters are made of a sturdy plastic with unique designs that have hidden blades for cutting. Comes with a lanyard so they can be worn around your neck for easy access. Even though the blade is safely incased inside a sturdy holder, still use caution as the blade is very sharp. Yarn- Has a Kushgrip to make your hands smile.

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Clover: Thread Cutter Pendant (Antique Gold) / 1pc

A classic designed thread cutter with a sharp circular blade inside.
Can be set on top a thread spool or used as a pendant.

  • 50 x 105 x12 mm 18g
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    Clover: Thread Cutter Ring (Antique Gold) / 1pc

    Liner type yarn cutter that can cut yarn immediately when needed.
    Use it for your hands.

  • 50 x 105 x 7 mm 9g
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    Thread seam ripper / 1pc

    Easily cuts threads on fabrics. For cutting threads on seams or threads on buttonholes

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    Clover Seam Ripper (Plastic) / 1pc

    Ripping out seams, basting threads, cutting thread under buttons.

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    Clover Tailor`s Awl (Plastic) / 1pc

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    Clover Button Hole Cutter (Plastic) / 1pc

    The sharpend chisel edge will cut any width opening when placed over block of wood and pounded gently.

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    Clover Ball Point Awl / 1pc

    • This is special awl convenient for Trapunto Quilt and booties, patchwork and Quilting, Sewing and other crafts.
    • As the tip is ball-pointed, it will not damage fabric nor split the thread.
      This ball point sewing awl can make a hole by stretching the weave of a fabric without thread breakage.

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    Clover Tweezers for Stuffing / 1pc

    These longer than normal tweezers are made of stainless steel and ideal for stuffing wadding into larger areas of trapunto.

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    Nuigurumi ( plush doll ) Hemostats ( turning forceps ) / 1pc

    This hemostats (turning forceps) are a scissor-like tool with dull blades and blunt ends that can clamp closed.
    Why is this tool so useful? Think of hemostats like an extension of your thumb and forefinger, only longer and thinner. They can reach into tiny extremities and once inside, they can open, grasp the fabric and clamp closed.
    Then you can pull the fabric inward, thereby turning even tiniest part right side out.
    Made from stainless steel, length 125mm

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    Coats & Clark : Dual Duty Plus ( hand quilting ) S960 /1spool

  • Usage : special for HAND quilting.
  • Material : 32% Glace Finish Cotton, 68% polyester.
  • Length : 325yds.
    This is a hand quilting thread for all fabrics. It is designed to be a strong, all-purpose, hand quilting thread.
    Because it has a glace finish, it does not tangle, knot or twist while hand sewing. The glace finish also reduces abrasion on the thread which can cause fraying.
    Trap spool keeps thread storage tidy. And the spools are easily identified by their green color.

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  • POST-CC01A000
    Coats & Clark : Quilting thread Cotton ( hand quilting ) S980 / 1spool

    • Usage : special for HAND quilting
    • Material : Cotton 100%
    • Size : 20wt
    • Length : 350 yard
    For traditional hand quilters who prefer sewing with 100% cotton, the special glace finish prevents tangling and knotting. The glace finish also makes the thread more resistant to abrasion, which reduces fraying and breakage. Trap spool keeps thread storage tidy.

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    Coats & Clark : Quilting thread Cotton ( machine quilting ) S975 / 1spool

    • Usage : special for Machine quilting
    • Material : Cotton 100%
    • Size : 30wt
    • Length : 350 yard
    For traditional hand quilters who prefer sewing with 100% cotton, the special glace finish prevents tangling and knotting. The glace finish also makes the thread more resistant to abrasion, which reduces fraying and breakage. Trap spool keeps thread storage tidy.

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    Ami portable and handy sewing machine (replacement needle) / 1set (3pc)

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    Mini Rex : Cordless Sewing Machine / 1unit

    Smartek Sewing Machine will sew with ease all kinds of fabrics like silk, denim, thin leather and even paper. The handle has been conveniently designed so you can easily carry it to sew, mend or repair all around the house. This mini sewing machine is pre-threaded and ready to use. The double stitch uses standard thread, it has a press release on/off switch and can run on two speeds-high/low. It is powered by either four AA batteries or an A/C Adapter (neither included). It is compact, lightweight and the design makes it great for travel. Mini Cordless Red- This machine includes a foot pedal, 4 metal bobbins, 1 needle, and 1 threader included.

  • Size: 6.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches
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    Hardware for sewing machine lift up

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    Needle clamp : The super easy tuck / 1pc

    Compatible to any type of sewing machine.
    You can adjust the needle hole left to right, and back to front as you please.

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    Stitch guide for home use / 1pc

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    Curve Master Presser Foot / 1set

    The Curve Master Presser Foot is a additional tool that allows us to sew any 6mm curved seam without pinning! It also does perfect straight seams. It adapts to fit any home sewing machine regardless of brand or age of the machine.

    Can be used for inside/outside curves of a quilting blocks
    Includes six shank adapters, and instructions.
    No adapter needed for the following machines: Viking, Husqvarna, Jamone, New Home, Elna, (some) Brothers, Baby Lock,(most)
    Other snap-on type machines Adapter #1: Bernina, Pfaff, Singer Featherweight, other low shank machines Adapter #2: Singer XL 5000 Adapter #3: Singer Slant Needle Adapter #4: Brother High Shank and other High shank machines Adapter #5: Kenmore Super High Shank Adapter #6: Juki 98 QL, Brother 1300, 1500

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    Dritz Machine Needle Inserter & Threader / 1pc

    Needle Inserter holds needle steady for easy insertion and removal from the machine.
    Ideal for specialty threads.
    Needle threader reduces eye strain and threads needles quickly.

  • length:73mm
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    Bias tape maker / 1pc

    A precision tool that folds fabric into perfect halves automatically. Make any fabric into an accent, border or trim.
    It's fast, economical and perfectly coordinated. Fusible web is applied as fabric is pulled through the tape maker for easy one-step application of bias tape. No pinning or basting!
    Note : No Fuse type is only for ordinary tape, can not be used with fusible tape.
    Size is the result size.

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    Strip-It Fabric Stripper / 1pc

    Turn fabric into knitting strips or braiding strips with ease. Simply pull fabric through the tool and it instantly cuts them into uniform strips. Cuts four strips at a time in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", and 1-1/4" widths. Use your scraps to make quilts, rugs, rag knitting and crochet, braiding and more! Tool clamps securely to almost any table for easy use.

  • size:(H)12cm,(W)5.5cm,(L)9cm
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    Strip-It Fabric Stripper Replacement Blades / 1set

    Replacement blades for Strip-It Fabric Stripper.

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