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Quilling Dies & Base - Cutting Pads / 1set

Quilling Dies:
These dies make it easy to create stunning quilled flowers. Use with any major brands of roller die- cut machine to cut paper strips; then quill the strips! This package contains three dies. Available in a variety of designs (each sold separately). Die-cutting machines; base pads; and cutting pads not included. Imported.
Base & Cutting Pads:
The plastic color-coded pads are especially designed to cut Quilled Creations dies. For use with the Quilled Creations Dies and can be used with any major die-cutting rolling machine.

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Quiling Paper 3mm 1 colors / set (50pc)

Material: acid free precision cut paper
This package contains a single color of 50 pc of quilling paper.

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Quiling Paper 3mm Mixed Colors / set (100pc)

Material: acid free precision cut paper
This package contains an assortment of 100 pc of quilling paper.

  • Size: 3mm x 42cm(Length)
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    Quiling Paper 25 colors / set (100pc)

    Material: acid free precision cut paper
    This package contains an assortment of 100 pc of quilling paper.

  • Size: 65cm(Length)
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    Quilling Comb / 1pc

    The Combing Tool introduces a different, yet stunning quilling technique! The comb's numbered pins make it easier and faster to create beautiful cascading loops and shapes.

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    Curling Coach / 1pc

    Add a slotted tool to the Curling Coach and this innovative tool makes holding and rolling large tight circles a breeze! It's perfect for making quilled miniatures. Kids love it too because it gives little hands extra support while rolling. Slotted Tool is not included.

  • d : 19mm, 29mm, 39mm
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    Quilling Mini Mold /1pc

  • size: 188 x 89 mm
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    Quilling The Quiller's Grid Guide /1pc

    Our Grid Guide is corkboard with concentric circles and a 5 squares/inch grid on both sides! Concentric circles and grid system are used for piecing and gluing snowflakes and flowers. It also includes 45-degree and 60-degree markers to help you make 8-pointed or 6-pointed snowflakes and flowers. The 5 squares/inch grid system is perfect size for husking a well as aligning your paper strips while braiding and weaving.

  • Size: 250x130x8 mm
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    Quilling Design Board/ 1pc

    The perfect tool for beautiful, uniform quilling, create circles of equal size or eccentric circles and rolls.
    The template is attached to a cork board that makes pinning the circles easy. Flip the board over and just use the cork side to design your own!
    This Quilling Designer Board has templates to make circles from 5mm - 25mm.
    Make up to six of one size at the same time.

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    Quilling Crimper Tool / 1pc

    Now you can make fringed flowers in a breeze!

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    Quilling Deluxe Crimper Tool / 1pc

    Create a fine or coarse crimped paper strip with just a turn of the knob. You can even crimp both sizes at once! The Deluxe Crimper has a large, see-through turning handle, making it easy to see your paper as it crimps! Crimps up to 3/8" wide paper strips.

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    Paper quilling : Quilling starter kit in Japanese / 1set

    This kit includes :

    • Instruction sheet (in japanese)
    • Quilling needle tool
    • Color paper width 3mm x 30cm
    • Color paper width 6mm x 30cm
    • Glue
    • Paper card 2 sheets.

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    Paper quilling :Let`s start quilling (japanese) / 1set

    This kit includes :

    • Instruction sheet (in japanese)
    • Quilling needle tool
    • Color paper width 3mm x 30cm
    • Glue

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    Paper quilling :DVD set quilling kit / 1set

    This kit includes :

    • Instruction DVD (in japanese)
    • Quilling needle tool
    • Quilling board
    • Color paper width 3mm x 30cm
    • Color paper width 6mm x 30cm
    • Glue

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    Paper quilling :Quilling DVD / 1set

    • This DVD contains instructions for making quilling basic components, and combine them to make beautiful arrangement
    • Length : 67 minutes.

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    Quilling Kit : #263 Blooming Beauties / 1set

    Now with this kit you can make amazing floral beauties! It is easy with the step-by-step instructions. The kit also includes the Spiral Blossom Template and colorful paper sheets to make your flowers. Flower designs include Peony, Blossom, Roses and Ranunculus. *Template included*

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    Quilling Kit : #277 Arctic Buddies / 1set

    This adorable arctic animals kit that combines miniature techniques with large tight circles and basic shapes. Includes 1/8" (3mm)-wide paper, instructions and 30 wiggly eyes.

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    Quilling Kit : #291-CP Sweet Treats /1set


    • Slotted tools
    • Circle sizer
    • Quilling paper
    • Instruction sheet.

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    Quilling Kit : #401 Baby Theme / 1pc

    Include : basic instructions, patterns, ideas and coordinating quilling paper.
    Tools not included.

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    Quilling Kit : #407 Farm Animals /1set

    Get ready to have a blast making these amazing and adorable farm animals. Learn to make a horse, cow, rabbit, frog, and more! Each design uses simple shapes to produce the most adorable creature that will highlight a gift card or scrapbook page. The kit includes over 150 strip of 1/8" quilling paper. All of the designs are 1/8" in depth.

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    Quilling Kit : #410 Under The Sea /1set

    These underwater creatures and sea shells will take your breath away. Imagine how fun it will be to decorate a scrapbook "beach" page or a special gift frame with these quilled pieces. Learn to make a clown fish, sea horse, yellow tang, octopus, lobster, sand dollar, shells,an adorable crab and more! The kit includes a huge assortment of bright colors (150 strips and 1/8" wide).

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    Quilling Kit : #411 My Bug Collection /1set

    The art of quilling is perfect for designing unique bugs and butterflies. The intricate loops and coils form beautiful patterns for a bug of any type! You'll enjoy creating crawlers like a worm, ant or snail. The dragonfly and butterfly are elegant and breathtaking. There are over 10 bug designs and 130 strips of 1/8" paper. All designs are 1/8" in depth which is great for scrapbooks and gift cards!

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    Quilling Kit : #412 Just For Little Girls /1set

    Oh, how we wish that they would always stay little! The designs in this kit are so sweet and precious that you?l love making them over and over. Imagine how adorable they will look on a birthday card or picture frame! Add a special touch to a scrapbook page that cherishes the memories of when she was so sweet and innocent! Designs include a princess crown, wand, ring, a castle in a cloud and more. Learn to quill a beautiful ballerina dress with matching slippers! Who hasn't been to a tea party with adorable quilled cupcakes? They're perfect accents for invitations! There's over 130 strips of paper in 1/8" width.

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    Quilling Kit : #416 Flower Sampler /1set

    Flowers! Flowers! and more Flowers! Learn to make a beautiful rainbow assortment of flowers with our adorable Sampler paper packs! It only takes a few of our Sampler packs of quilling paper to make over 30 different flowers. It's a fun kit full of possibilities! Kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, pictures and three Sampler packs (8" in length paper strips)

    ** Package may vary. **

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    Quilling Kit : #417 Holiday Ornaments / 1pc

    Include : basic instructions, patterns, ideas and coordinating quilling paper (6mm).
    Tools not included.

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