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DMC fabric :Aida / 1sheet

  • Fabric type : Aida 100% cotton

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DMC fabric :Water Soluble Canvas /1sheet

DMC Water Soluble Canvas is an innovative clear canvas that allows you to stitch a design on to almost any fabric. Soluble Canvas is perfect for customizing home décor items such as cushions and pillows, as well as almost any clothing garment. The 14-count Soluble Canvas is used in exactly the same way as Aida when stitching. Choose a design, tack the canvas to the item or material and cross stitch as usual. Place the finished design in a bowl of hot water and the canvas disappears leaving you with a customized unique piece of clothing or home décor item!

** Package may vary. **

  • Size : 20 x 22cm
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    DMC : CharlesCraft Bookmark with Lace edge / 1sheet

    Charles Craft Bookmarks are the perfect gift for all the book lovers you know. Select a design for the bookmark and match it with a book, hours of delight. No more folding the pages or hunting for something to mark you place, these bookmarks are a handy little tool to keep close at hand. Even if you are not an avid reader, there is always something that needs to be marked such as a pattern, poem, address, even a recipe. Ivory Lace- 18 count with a 1.75"(4.4 cm)x 6.5"(16.5 cm) stitching area.

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    Embroidery Hoop / 1pc

    Embroidery Hoop consist of 2 hoops (inner and outer hoop), the hoop has a screw cover that keeps thread from wrapping around the screw. Lightweight and easy to use.
    Perfect for embroidery stitching and traditional embroidery.

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    Embroidery Hoop Stand / 1pc

    For hands free stitching with embroidery stitching tool.
    Holds Clover embroidery hoops

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    Embroidery & Quilting hoop ( Wood Economy type) / 1pc

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    Embroidery & Quilting hoop ( Plastic ) / 1pc

    Molded plastic hoop is preferred by some stitchers for its soft surface and tight grip. Features the Super Grip Lip that always keeps your project securely in place.

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    Q-Snap Frames /1set

    Q-Snap frames have four half-pipes that snap over your fabric and the tubed frame. They are incredibly lightwieght, hold fabrics nice and tight, and best of all: the round tube won't crimp your fabric. Originally designed for quilters, they now offer hand-held sizes for embroidery and cross-stitch.

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    Dritz Snap Frame for Quilting / 1 pack set

    This snaps frame from plastic helps quilting, patchwork, cross stitch,etc.
    Strong yet light, adjustable rounded bar structure.

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    The Grace Company : mini Quilt Clips / 1set(12pcs)

  • width 5cm
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    Quilt Clips / 1set(2pcs)

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    Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool / 1set

    You can enjoy easy hand stitching with the use of Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool. The tool includes a 3-ply needle refill and a needle threader.

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    Clover free stitching needle Replacement needle only / 1pc

    Single Ply Needle Refill for Embroidery free Stitching needle tool.(id 12951)

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    Beads Couture needle / 1set

    The old art of Embroidery using a fine hook on a fine cloth tightly stretched in a frame is reborn with this tool. Basic techniques can create beautiful motifs using sequins and beads.

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    Lacis : Tambour Needle Set-Three Needles / 1 set

  • 13cm
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    Clover : Tambour Needle / 1pc

    The key shape is easy to thread and the needle point is smooth and easy to pierce.
    Longing haute couture embroidery made with chain stitch. A fine count that can be stuck tightly and is easy to use, a needle of # 75 is set.

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    Latch Hook Rug Needle /1pc

    This is an easy tool to use for making yarn rugs or wall hangings, using short pre-cut pieces of yarn with a canvas backing. Bent and Straight.Wooden Handle.

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    Locker Hook Needle /1pc

    This Locker Hook is a lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum tool. This lightweight feature will make your hooking experience more comfortable and enjoyable. At one end is a hook, similar to a crochet hook. This is used to grab the yarn or fabric strip and pull it through the canvas. The other end of the tool has a large eye. This is where you thread the cotton twine.

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    Latch & Locker Hook Rug Canvas / 1pack

    • 0.25 inch squares.
    • Use for locker hooking, latch hooking, rug hooking.
    • Hook with wool, fleece, yarn. Design your own pattern!

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    Felt Puncher ( Needle Felting tool ) - Pen style / 1pc

    The Pen Style Needle Felting Tool allows application of small or delicate materials using one, two, or three needles.
    Easy replacement of thick and thin needles.

    • 1 Needle
      for delicate work
    • 2 Needles
      for creating lines and outlines
    • 3 Needles
      for a quick finish

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    Felt Puncher ( Needle Felting tool ) / 1pc

    This felting tool has 5 barb needles for heavy weight use. The tool has a spring type action which allows the fibers to mesh with the base fabric.
    This tool cannot be used with Felting Needle Applique Molds.

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    Felt Puncher Replacement Needle only / 1set ( 5pc )

    for Applique Puncher and Felt Puncher.
    Note : there are 2 thickness of needle.
    58-606 : small ( for general use)
    58-607 : thick needle.

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    Needle Felting Brush Mat / 1pc

    The brush-like mat enables smooth punching with little resistance, and allows the fibers to meshed with the base fabric. The mat bristle length provides the ideal hardness and density for felting.

  • Package Size : 140×185×48mm
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    Needle Felting Claw & Mat Cleaner /1pc

    3 in one assisting tool! This new tool provides protection from injury by securing the materials as the felting process takes place. The Claw helps keep small pieces in place while felting and it also acts as a blending tool for mixing wool roving colors. The Mat Cleaner works as a brush to remove wool from the Felting Needle Mat.

  • Size : 155 mm
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