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Oshima Tsubaki Oil (60ml) / 1pc

This is a Japanese product that has been around for decades. Almost everybody has tried it at some point or at the very least, have heard of it. There’re a few Japanese companies that make tsubaki (Japanese word for Japanese camellia flower) oil but Oshima is the most well known and famous — after all, Oshima (a very small island in Japan) is renowned for their Japanese camellia flower!

This product is marketed now as a hair and scalp treatment product since that is what most people are using it for but back in the days, it was actually a multi-purpose oil.

  • The Tsubaki, or Camellia flower, is packed with oleic acids that are extremely compatible with our own skin.
  • 100% Natural, made in Japan.
  • For the hair: use a few drops on damp freshly washed hair to smooth and protect your hair. A drop or 2 on dry hair to tame flyaways and frazzled ends. It works wonders on flaky irritated scalp too (perhaps due to chemical processing).
  • For the skin: use it on arms and legs (sometimes mixed into a base) to give skin a really nice healthy glow. A drop or 2 takes care of any cold weather induced flakiness without leaving my skin greasy as well.
  • The oil actually has a faint floral scent if it is really fresh.
    Camellia japonica is the species of the flower in Oshima and the type found there is red (as pictured on the box). Camellia oleifera is the most common type of camellia flower (typically white) used in for pressing oil outside of Japan and it’s originated from China. Most English language online shops with “camellia oil” carry the latter type.

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