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ScruBack (Scrub & massage All in one) / 1pc

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Ice gel cooling pillow / 1pc
Keep Cool and Comfy
Gel slippers can be put in the freezer to keep feet cool during hot days. Gel pillow inserts keep body temperature down while sleeping

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Panasonic Eye Esthetic Steamer 100-240V / 1pc
This Eye Esthetic Steamer are very effective devices that:
  • Help prevent dry and fatigued eyes. If you are using every day before going to bed, tired eyes are accumulated to be relaxed,
  • Wrap up your tired eyes with comfortable heated steam
  • Easy aesthetic eye treatment in just 12 minutes
  • Compact rechargeable type for easy usage at home or on the way
  • Moist skin around the eyes.

    How To Use:
  • Take out the "Water plate", Give water to "water plate"
  • Choose the heater mode or rythm.
  • Close your eyes and put the steamer around eyes.
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  • HB-1BD-SV000C
    Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aethetic Massager 100-240V / 1pc
    This Panasonic Esthetic Head Spa Treatment Salon Touch Type is a massage cute machine for your head and scalp. Simple but effective haircare tool from Japan!
    It will not only relax you, but also help with blood flow and maintaining a healthier scalp and tightening the forehead skin.
    There has been a recent boom in Japan for these kinds of home massagers, ideal for busy people to use while spending time in the house or even when working.
    For best results I recommend you use it while washing your hair with shampoo for a professional "head spa" experience at home.

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    Panasonic Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver ES-WA30 / 1pc
    With its sleek, portable design, the Panasonic ES-WA30 Ladies Wet/Dry Shaver offers two efficient hair removal systems in one. This convenient and effective grooming tool operates in both wet and dry conditions, includes attachments to handle hard-to-reach areas, and is comfortable to hold and maneuver. And because it's portable, you can use it either in the comfort of your home or while traveling.
    • Two Systems in One
      The ES-WA30 offers two hair removal options. First, it functions as a fully featured wet/dry shaver. Secondly, it trims the bikini area for high-quality, long-lasting results safely and quickly. An ergonomic, rubberized non-slip grip ensures easy handling whether you're shaving or trimming, making grooming a more pleasant experience.
    • Shaves Wet or Dry
      One of the most convenient aspects of this product, that it works wet or dry. You can use it in the shower with lather, or use it dry--an ideal option when you're in a hurry or want to quickly trim a small area. In either case, you'll enjoy smooth, pain-free results that last.
    • Easy-Care Design
      This product is user-friendly and easy to care for. It runs on two "AAA" batteries and operation is simple and straightforward. And a pop-up design for the detail trimmer means you won't have to worry about losing parts. When it's time to clean-up, just run the shaver under water and let dry.

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    Sleeping tight cool socks (pink) / 1pc
    These are tights with compression in the legs and are touted to help firming the legs as well as help in reducing cellulite. These tights/leggings can be worn when you exercise or just lounging around your home. It is also suitable for those who sit or stand for along hours in the office. Hmm .... so I thought I gave these tights a try since I always sit for long hours at work.
    Unlike traditional stockings and socks, compression stockings use stronger elastics to create significant pressure on the legs, ankles and feet. Compression stockings are tightest at the ankles and gradually become less constrictive towards the knees and thighs. By compressing the surface veins, arteries and muscles, the circulating blood is forced through narrower circulatory channels. As a result, the arterial pressure is increased, which causes more blood to return to the heart and less blood to pool in the feet.

    It was originally developed for Office Ladies, women who spend hours everyday at their desks, or commuting, or walking around. It's designed to minimize the swelling of the calves, prevent discomfort, make your legs look slimmer... all things women desire.
    Wear it for 8 hours daily (during sleep is okay) for up to 28 days, and you can feel the slimming effect.

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    Dr.Scholl : Party Feet Ultra Slim Half Insole Gel / 1pair

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    Dr.Scholl : Party Feet Sliding Stopper / 1pair

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    Dr.Scholl : Party Feet Heels Cushion Gel / 1pair

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    Dr.Scholl : Party Feet Arch Cushion Gel / 1pair

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    Dr.Scholl : Heel Shield Gel / 1pair

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    Loshi : Refreshing Medicated Lotion / 1pc
    Loshi Refreshing Medicated Lotions help you to refreshing your body and prevent it from acne and skin roughness in the summer time.

    How to use it:

  • Splashing this lotions to your whole body after take a shower.
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  • HB-BD-3MM017A
    Precious Garden Body Milk / 1pc
    This Precious Garden Body Milk by Kose make your skin looks deliciously smooth and fabulously fresh!
    With camomile and honey extract and flower scene, this everyday body milk instantly helps the skin recover its smooth and satiny appearance like Japanese woman ;)

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    Body Fantasies Body Spray / 1pc
    Body Fantasies Body Spray is a long lasting Fragrant Body Spray that can get you going in the morning, are a pick-me-upper during the day, and revive your softer side at night!
    With a small and sexy bottle easy to bring inside your bag and use anytime-anywhere, give you a nice smell and energize your body.

  • Size: 50ml
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    Hokaron Hand Warmer non-adhesive type / 10pc
    Hokaron hand warmers are small portable disposable warmer packets which are held in the hand and produce heat on demand to warm cold hands. They are commonly used in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing to keep extremities warm.
    Maximum temperature: 68 degrees, mean temperature: 54 degrees, duration: 20 hours.

  • Size: 130x95mm
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    Spring Cairo Body Warmer adhesive type / 10pc
    Spring Cairo body warmer are small portable disposable warmer packets which are adhesive-type design can apply on top of clothes without feeling uncomfortable. They are commonly used in outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing to keep extremities warm.
    Maximum temperature: 68 degrees, mean temperature: 54 degrees, duration: 20 hours.

  • Size : 225x125x40mm
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    Ammeltz YokoYoko A 80ml / 1pc
    Popular analgesic liquid that offers fast and pain relief for neck stiffness, muscular pain, low pack pain, bruises, sprains and joint pain.
    Ammeltz Yoko Yoko's easy-to-use applicator bottle allows you to reach even the most difficult parts of your body.

  • Made in Japan
    Ingredients: Glycol silicylate, menthol, benzyl nicotinate, vanilylamide nonylate
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    Vantelin Kowa : Topical anti-inflammatory analgesics medicine
    • Gently rub the medication into painful affected areas such as pain in the muscle and joint
    • Penetrates quickly and deeply into pains, leaving the skin nice and dry.
    • Recommended not only chronic illness such as pain in the shoulder and lumbago, but also acute illness such as muscle pain and joint pain.

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