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Face & head treatment relaxing massager / 1pc

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Orbis clipper (Nose hair trimmer) / 1pc
The name may not be fancy, but Ladies are praising this easy-to-use handy helper. Designed with a distinctive tweezer-like handle and a rounded inner blade (that surrounds the hair), this tool provides precise, safe cutting.

Tips & Tricks
Trim visible nose hairs by placing oval in tip of nostril and squeezing the tweezer-like arms together. Isolate only one or two hairs at a time for easy removal. The sharp, stainless steel blades never come in contact with skin — so you never have to worry about nicks or cuts inside your sensitive schnoz. Nose hairs should be cut only short enough so as not to protrude from nose.

  • size W10×D10×H95mm
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    Washable Nose Hair Trimmer / 1unit
    Hitachi Washable Nose Hair Trimmer BM-03! Flaunting 2 rotating blades, unique slip-resistant handle and washable design! Specially designed for nasal structure! Quiet and safe! Battery span can last up to 90-min continuously! Speaking to someone with nose hair protruding out can be awkward! Don’t let them ruin your first impression from others. A quick trim every morning can save your day!

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    W Tooth White (Ultrasonic and ion treatment whitening device) / 1pc

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