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Safety box #A /1pc

  • Size: 200(w)x200(d)x190(h) mm
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    Safety box #B /1pc

  • Size: 160x160x150mm
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    Safety working box / 1pc
    This product can be used when working with an electric router to keep your work area clean and free from dust. It's made from aluminum, ABS and polycarbonate, and the entire front is transparent, making it durable and easy to see your parts as you work.
    • Dust cap x2
    • Mini brush
    • Pull out dust tray for easy clean up
    • Inner dimensions measure about 22cm long, 17cm wide, and 17cm tall

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    Safety box #C /1pc

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    Safety box #K /1pc

  • Size: 150x200x250mm
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    Safety working box / 1 unit
    A unique front dust collecting type easy-to-use dust collector that demonstrates its power for capturing dust collection.
    The safety is also complete with the guard of the acrylic board.
    It is lightweight and compact, but has a built-in fan, so it collects dust alone.
    Filter replacement is easy. In addition, since the filter has both sides, there is a red mark for identification.
    Dimensions: 180 x 300 x 225 mm
    [Weight] Approximately 3.1 kg
    [Power consumption] AC100V-18W
    [Size of rubbish] about 60 x 80 mm
    [Accessory] No. 6107 filter (preliminary) 1 sheet

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    Safety working box / 1 pc
    This Lighted Work Chamber is a great addition for Jewelry, Dental, and other lab technicians, jewelers, carvers, and fabricators working with small workpieces. It offers excellent visibility and keeps dust and debris contained when grinding, sanding, polishing and drilling workpieces that fit in your hand. The compressed air nozzle swivels and air flow can be adjusted from low to high and directed to funnel dust and debris away from the workpiece, through the back of the chamber and into Dust Collector or other dust collection system.
    Features :
    Safety for hand #51-A (green) /1roll
    Width:19mm Length:27meter
    Safety Tape is made of pure surgical grade gauze coated with latex rubber. Sticks only to itself and not to skin, hair, or clothing. Ideal for buffing and grinding or any other application where gloves would be awkward.

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    Safety for hand #51-B (blue) /1roll
    Width:50mm Length:4.5meter
    Protect, secure and support your fingers and wrists with this non-adhesive;wrap from 3M—it sticks to itself, but not to your skin.This natural rubber;latex wrap is lightweight, durable, and provides excellent gripping ability,;even on small workpieces.

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    Safety for hand #54 /1pc
    Made from real leather, Used for anyone who do the polishing / grinding.
    These elastic-backed leather guards help protect your fingers from compounds, heat and abrasions and eliminate the danger of getting a glove caught in a buff or wheel.

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    Disposable Nitrile Gloves / 1set
    Suitable for working with clay, painting, or other craft works.
    • Nitrile gloves are the medical-grade & latex-free.
    • Sturdy, thus they do not puncture or else tear easily. Provide very strong barrier of the protection and resist chemicals such as greases, solvents, and oils.
    • Reduce the chances of annoyance and allergic reactions.
    • Flexible, soft, design makes a comfortable fit, as well as they has got tacky texture to help dexterity.

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    Disposable Finger cots / 1box 500pcs
    Finger cots are ideal for handling delicate and small parts in craft works, laboratory, medical, electronics, chemical and medical applications. Finger cots allow for greater freedom of movement compared to gloves. Very useful to reduce contamination on samples, vacuum coating systems, calibration standards, apertures and filaments for electron microscopy. Minimize the corrosive effects on parts due to perspiration, body oils and salts, hand creams or soap residue.
    • Material : natural rubber (latex) powder free
    • Lenghth : approx 70mm

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    Disposable Sleeve - Arm cover / 1set 10pc
    • Disposable arm sleeves are made entirely of strong, flexible PVC plastic.
    • Use these plastic arm sleeves to completely protect sleeves and skin from paint, fluids, chemicals, oils, and other contaminants.
    • Great for industrial,craft work, and food service applications.
    • Elastic rings at both openings of the arm sleeves stretch to comfortably fit individuals of all sizes.
    • Can easily be worn over short-sleeve and long-sleeve scrubs and shirts.

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    Protection gloves / 1pair
    • Material : SuperFabric
      Combinations of the number of layers, thickness, substrates, surface coatings, etc., lead to fabrics which have varying levels of puncture, cut and abrasion resistance, grip and flexibility. Tactile surface offers improved grip of wet and oily surfaces.
    • Cut resistance level : 5

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    Safety for hand #57-A : Without Gloves For Artists / 1pc
    Bio-Safe® Without Gloves protects, heals and nourishes your skin. It can be applied in seconds and maintains its protection for up to 4 hours.
    * Allows skin to breathe naturally.
    * Invisible shield forms an exclusive, patented, co-polymer coating that protects the skin even with repeated hand washing.
    * The hypoallergenic polymer protects and heals the skin while resisting water and harsh chemicals.
    * Lotion is enriched with Vitamin E and glycerin to nourish and moisturize dry, irritated and damaged skin.
    Used it on your hand before starting working with: Paint, Clay and Charcoal, Jewelry designing or Metal working.

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    Rokubute-kun / 1bottle

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    Safety eye glass / 1 pc
    • Features: Side is curved, providing good protection from flying object from front or side. Made from high impact resistant polycarbonate
    • Can be used on top of eye glasses

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    Safety eye glass ( Goggles ) - Tamiya / 1pc
    This safety goggles were made by tamiya standard and built quality to ensure
    your safety when working.
    Remember to always wear safety device when working with dangerous material.

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    3M Ear muff Peltor X2A / 1pc
    The 3M Peltor protective earmuff is made of foam
    comes in black/yellow and meets CSA Class A standards.
    An important part of this product is the amount of
    hearing protection it provides; referred to as the
    Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).
    This item has an NRR of 24 dB.

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    Reusable TW (two way) respirator safety mask

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    Toyo Safety #1840 : Replacement Type Protection Mask / 1 set

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    Toyo Safety #1880 : Direct Type Antigas Mask / 1 set

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    Toyo Safety #1884 : Direct Type Antigas Mask Filter / 1 set

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    Full face shield

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    Laser Protection Glasses
    • Laser protection eyewear are glasses or goggles used to protect eyes from damage from visible and invisible wavelengths of laser light. They can be similar to goggles or be lenses incorporated into other pieces of protective eyewear. Intrabeam viewing of lasers usually requires protective goggles even with a low power laser. Laser protection goggles work on the basis that laser light is one frequency, making it easy to filter out. Laser goggles are subject to degradation and damage like any other kind of eyewear.

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