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MyPen FD200-01 / 1set

Woodburning is the creation of art by scorching the wood. Models for beginners and experienced artists are available.

  • Electrothermal pen for woodburning beginners
  • Handy for adding decoration or writing letters on leather and wooden products


  • Pen Tip/1B T21-B1
  • Removal pad B6317
  • Anti-skid pad B3652

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MyPen Alpha FD210-01 / 1set

Carving art involves carving a piece of wood into the shape of an animal and then burning the wood to create fur. It is possible to create incredibly lifelike models.Birds and cats are popular projects.

  • Multi-type electrothermal pen with temperature control function
  • Perfect for a variety of handicrafts including woodburning, leather craft, carving art and chasing
  • Easily converted to a soldering iron with optional pen tip


  • Pen Tip/1B T21-B1
  • Pen Tip/8K T21-K8
  • HAKKO FH-810 FH810-01
  • Removal pad B6317
  • Anti-skid pad B3652
  • Retaining spring B3653

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Pen Tip -T21 Series for MYPEN and MYPEN ALPHA / pc

** PEN TIPS for Lost-Wax Casting (Shape-I, Shape-K, Shape-P, Shape-T) can be used only with MYPEN ALPHA. **

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HOT tools : Hot modeler for Leather Pyrography / 1set

You can enjoy leather burning art easily.

We adopt a thermal storage type pen tip that is easy to operate.
Also, there is a guard handle so you can use it safely.
9 kinds of soldering iron tip which is convenient for replacement are included. It takes about 2 minutes after applying electricity until it becomes usable. The maximum temperature will be reached in about 4 minutes.
* There is no temperature adjustment function, so attach a light controller etc. Please use with care not to become high temperature.
Please set the light controller temperature to low temperature, please use.
Please remove it from the outlet when not using for a long time.

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HOT tools : general purpose Creative Versa tool : / 1set

  • This is complete SET of heat tools, required by hobbyists, crafters, and artists alike
  • Suitable for woodburning, leather crafting, soldering, stamping, paper crafting, hot knife cutting, pattern transferring, embossing, stencil cutting, and personalizing.
  • Use on wood, leather, jewelry, glass, ceramic, wax, soap and more.
  • The Tool comes with so many points and can be used on so many surfaces
    Universal tip, Flow tip, Calligraphy tip, Soldering tip, Stencil cutter, Hot Knife and Transfer Tip. Heats to 500 degrees Celcius.
Note : Electric is 110 Volt

** Package may vary. **

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HOT tools : Hot Stamps Letters / 1set

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Metal Stencil Emboss Template for Leathercraft & Papercraft / 1pc

Use to make personalized greeting cards, embellish your scrapbook pages, or decorate fabrics, furniture, rocks, boxes, card making, etc.

  • TO-MSR-11001A1
    Leather gauge / 1pc

    Gauge which can easily measure the thickness of leather.
    It corresponds to 2 oz (0.8 mm) to 15 oz (6.0 mm).
    Fashionable wooden and convenient for carrying.

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    Shinwa Stainless Steel Square rules / 1pc

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    SmartyTool : Template for Leather craft

  • TO-MSR-11021A1
    Square ruler / 1pc

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    Design tool : Corner template ruler / 1pc

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    Design tool : unimaru /1pc

    Place on pattern and trace onto film with pencil. Place film on damp leather. Trace pattern with a stylus.

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    Design tool : belt center /1pc

    Place on pattern and trace onto film with pencil. Place film on damp leather. Trace pattern with a stylus.

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    Design tool : Acrylic template ruler ( Corner, Label ) / 1pc

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    Design tool : Acrylic template ruler ( Belt )/ 1pc

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    Whet Stone - Sharpener Oil for Knife Sharpening Oil Stones & Strops / 1pc

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    Whet Stone - Oil Stone for Sharpening Leather Swivel Knife Blades / 1pc

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    Double sided strop & jewellers rough / 1set

    Double sided strop-smooth & rough stropping surfaces

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    Shapton whetstone : Ha-no-kuromaku series ( Professional )

    • This Ha-no-kuromaku is made by Shapton (Japan), onf of most famous Japanese brand. One of the best cutting strength when it's used with carbon steel. The cutting strength is so high, you don't need to press hard with these stones. Just let the stone do all the work
    • Shapton stones are one of the hardest stones among various brands. Suited for skilled users who prefer hard stones. Hard stones are prefered by skilled users because the surface keep flat longer, therefore can be used for uraoshi as well. But hard stones are more difficult to use to so King stones that are softer might suit beginners.
    • Shapton stones are a ceramic glue bonded stone, so you cannot keep it in the water too long. The stone will becoming brittle, so make sure you let it dry after use .

  • Size: 210×70×15mm
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    KING: Whet Stone / 1set

    This sharpening stone has some grooves with different angles and Shapes for Sharpening curved chisels

  • Size: 10.2 x 22.1 x 2.2 cm
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    Seam Allowance marker guide / 1set ( 3pc )

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    Leather 3d mold : charm / 1 set

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    Scheneider Silver Ballpoint : for leather, vinyl and rubber.

    This ballpoint writes an opaque silver ballpoint line and works well on both
    light and dark paper. It also marks vinyl, leather and rubber and will wipe
    off non-porous surfaces.
    This has led to much use in the craft and professional market for marking up
    non-porous surfaces and textiles before cutting - traces can then be
    wiped off.
    Medium point, approx 0.4mm line.

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