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Corner cutter / 1pc

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Kado R ( corner rounder ) / 1pc
Creates an attractive rounded edge
4 sizes in 1 corner punch
4mm ... Good for Name Cards
7mm ... Good for Pictures, Post Cards etc
10mm ... Good for Bigger size paper
Lip shape
Good for 0.1 - 0.3mm (hard paper)
Black color

  • size: W110×D110×H33mm
    Weight: 128gram
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    Kadomaru ( corner rounder ) PRO / 1pc
    Creates an attractive rounded edge
    3 sizes in 1 corner punch
    S ... Good for Name Cards
    M ... Good for Pictures, Post Cards etc
    L ... Good for Bigger size paper

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    Paper craft punch : 3-in-1 corner punch / 1pc
    3-in-1 Corner Punch. Three versatile designs in one convenient punch

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    Paper craft punch : 3-in-1 corner punch / 1pc
    3-in-1 Corner Punch. Three versatile designs in one convenient punch

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    Mini 8 Punch / 1pc
    In as little as eight punches around the paper, ordinary paper becomes unique and decorative. It combines a corner and border punch in one tool to create an outer cut, inner cut or a combination of both. Ideal for use with 6"x6" paper.

  • weight:500gram
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    Paper craft :Martha Stewart Punch Circle Edge Punch / 1set
    Create perfectly punched circles with pretty, die-cut borders. Make doilies, decorations, placemats, and cards. The Martha Stewart Crafts Circle Edge Punch Starter Kit makes it simple - and you don't need to trim your paper first. The innovative design punches edge designs from 6 inch to 12 inch in diameter.
    The Circle Edge Starter Kit includes:
    • Base (size 4in x 11.25in)
    • Eyelet Doily Punch cartridge
    • Instructions

    Additional punch designs Number 93003-93011 is cartridge ONLY without BASE.
    You should have the starter kit first before buy the additional design cartridges.

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    Crop-A-Dile III : Squeeze Corners / 1set (8pc)
    You need Crop-A-Dile III (id: 12766) and the Main Squeeze (id: 12767)
    (sold separately)
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    Crop-A-Dile III : Die cutting plates / 1set

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    Crop-A-Dile III : Embossing Plates / 1 set
    Transform a straightforward design into a stunner by adding an embossed icon or border to your project.
    (design size: 1-1/4" x 1-1/4")
    For use with the Crop-A-Dile III Main Squeeze Tool, sold separately.

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    Paper craft punch : Hanger hole punch / 1pc
    This punch is a great solution for store owners regardless of the types of products you sell. Heavy-duty and easily punches through cardboard backings.

  • hole : 25.4 x 7.93 mm
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    Hang tag card punch /1pc

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    Necklace card Punch /1pc

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    Earring card punch ( Leverback Punch- Large ) / 1pc
    The leverback punch is great to use with leverback, kidney wire, french hook, fish hook, brooches pins and even wine charms. Endless possibilities. Leverback punch punches approximately 3/4 inch from edge of paper. The punched area is approximately 1 1/2 inch wide and approximately 1/4 inch height. Use with cardstock, business cards, scrapbook supplies even greeting cards. This punch was designed by a jewelry designer for all jewelry designers. You can: create your own brand, turn business cards into earring cards, Save money on earring display cards. Always have the ability to create your own earring cards.

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    Earring card punch ( Double Post Punch - Small ) / 1pc
    Try the Double Post Punch separately from Easy Earring Cards Punch Kit.
    This punch can be used with post earrings, fish hook earrings, french wires, and also displaying single beads or pendants -- simply place wire through holes and twist in the back of the card!
    The Double Post Punch punches approximately 3/4 inch from edge of paper. The holes are approximately 1 inch apart. The hole diameter is 1/16 inch.

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    Crop-a-dile Corner chomper / 1pc

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    Display card #10-B3 / 1set

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    Scor-Buddy - Scor-Pal scoring board / 1set
    Scor-Pal® creates accurate and precise scores giving you professional looking folds, no more crooked cards. Multiple scores are done in seconds without moving the paper. Perfect for accordion folds, boxes, fancy fold cards and other interesting projects!

    The Scor-Buddy was designed for card makers on the go and has grooves every 1/4" (6mm)across the board, A Scor-Tool is included in the snap-in holder.
    How to use scor-pal and projects tutorial,
    click here
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    Scor-Tool / 1pc
    Specially designed to fit the grooves in the Scor-Pal preventing cardstock from getting torn while scoring.

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    Reversible Scor-Mat Metric / 1pc
    One side is a self-healing cutting mat and the reverse side is a work surface perfect for stamping and other craft activities. The Scor-Mat is designed to fit perfectly into the recessed area of Scor-Pal for easy use and storage. The cutting mat is for use with a craft knife and features .5cm white and 5cm red increments. The work surface is a shiny non-silicon, great for working with adhesives such as Zip-Dry and Scor-Tape.
    Note : this is Matt only, not include the scorring tool.

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    The Ultimate Crafter's Companion / 1set
    The all-in-one, compact carry-case which allows you to score, measure, trim, emboss and embellish; create boxes, shaped card blanks, envelopes and so much more… The Ultimate Crafter's Companion is everything you will ever need for your card making projects, in one handy and portable carry case. Includes a 24 full page instruction booklet and a 2 1/2 Hour Project & Instructional DVD which takes you step by step through 12 different projects and detailed instructions.

  • Package size: 310x360x65 mm
    Weight: 1880 gram
  • ID: 12426 Stock: 1 ¥
    123 Punch Board / 1set
    We R Memory Keepers-123 Punch Board. Create envelopes, boxes and bows. The score board features a fold out arm with measurements and extended score line. This 9-1/2x12x2 inch package contains one score board with a 3-way punch, one scoring tool and one idea book with step by step instructions.

    ** Color may vary. **

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    Punch Board / 1pc
    With the release of the award-winning Envelope Punch Board, We R Memory Keepers have helped crafters make the outside of a package count just as much as the inside. The release of a series of Punch Boards continues to do just that. Punch Boards make it easy, not to mention cost effective, to create party bags and boxes simply by punching and scoring using any paper. Create bags and boxes in a variety of sizes and use them for special occasions such as baby and wedding showers, birthdays, holidays, party favors, and more. Use the Punch Boards to create Gift Bags, Gift Boxes, Pillow Boxes, and Candy Boxes.

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    Envelope Punch Board / 1pc
    Now it’s even easier to create custom envelopes in over 60 different sizes with any size paper. By eliminating the need to trim and measure the paper multiple times, the Envelope Punch Board is the easiest-to-use envelope maker in the industry.
    To use:
  • Simply select the envelope size, trim the paper once,
  • Follow the grid printed on the board to punch the envelope notches.
  • Finally, score and fold the envelope using the included bone folder, which is conveniently stored on the Envelope Punch Board itself.
  • For an extra touch, round each corner of the envelope using the punch located on the opposite side of the tool.

    **The color may vary.**


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  • TO-CUTT-337W4
    Envelope Notcher / 1pc
    Create notches envelope. Now that you have created your envelope with the Punch Board (id.16367), you can make the flap close without using any adhesive.
    The magnetic Envelope Notcher allows for easy alignment, creating small notches on almost any size envelope. When used on a tri-fold card, envelope, or other folding paper piece, the notch creates a secure latch that doesn't require glue.

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