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Wilton : Fondant Decorative Punch Kit. / 1set

Add exciting 3-dimension decorations in fondant with this easy-to-use tool. In seconds, you can punch out fondant accents with elegant openwork shapes like diamonds and flowers. As you punch, the disc imprints a detailed design that adds a pretty touch of texture to any cake. The comfortable angled handle holds your choice of 8 design discs. Also great for adding fondant detail to cupcakes and cookies. Discs turn to lock in place
Includes 8 shape designs :
Narrow Diamond with Scrolls / Wide Diamond with Scrolls LargeTulip with Leaves / Dutch Blossom/Paisley with Dots / Small Tulip with Leaves / Snapdragon with Leaves / 4-Leaf Clover with Dots

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Shiny Embossing Seal / 1 unit

The soft rubber insert makes it comfortable
when holding with palm. This softness in
leverage also makes it easier to have
protrudent embossments.
Reinforced high strengthen steel is
used in the construction, which ensures
durability, quality, and rigidity.

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Sealing Stamp & wax stick / 1pc

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Sealing wax stick / 1set

This flexible wax is made in UK (United Kingdom), can be used to enhance and personalise your invitations and letters.
A creative addition to gift wrapping and correspondence.

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Decorative seal head for Sealing wax / 1pc

  • dia: 16mm
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    Sealing Wax Gun / 1pc

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    Horunabi : Stamping Block / 1 set

    This is rubber eraser block that is great for your stamp carving projects.
    The rubber block consists of two-coloured layers , as you can see from the photos. You can carve on thin side of the rubber block.
    The colour makes it easy for you to carve your stamp design, especially for beginners !
    To carve on this rubber, you can use
    Precission cutter

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    Linoleum Block / 1pc

    The Lino Blocks from Speedball is double glued so they will not separate, warp, crack or peel. They are made from the highest quality linoleum and great for producing sharp, clear prints without gaps or hollows.
    Ideal for use with both oils and water-soluble inks.

  • Size : 5 x 7 inch (127 x 177 mm)
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    Moo Carving Block / 1pc

    Ideal for stamp carving, printmaking, and any other applications where you'd normally use linoleum
    Smooth, soft material. Easily cuts into smaller pieces, transfer designs or draw on material. No crumbling or breaking. Latex Free.
    They're a neutral light gray color that's easy to work with, and the thickness allows for deep-carve cutting on either one or both sides of the block

  • Size: 4 X 6 X 0.5inch (100 x 150 x 12.5mm)
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    Mini mister / 1pc

    Use for applying water or craft mediums for interesting technique results. Mini Misters can be filled with dye inks, resist inks, Color Wash and even stamp cleaners. Compact, portable and more ergonomic than ordinary spray bottles.
    Each mister holds a tablespoon (0.5 ounce or 14.79 ml) of liquid. This volume measurement is not to the tippy-top of the mister, but rather leaving 1/2" (13mm) of room, allowing you to shake and emulsify the contents thoroughly.

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    Marshmallow touch / 1pc

    • Used in stencilling works.
    • Using special sponge, which able to create beautiful and natural shading from light colors to dark, with slightly overlap.
    • Able to stencil very detail (which can't be achieved using ordinary dauber).

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    Stencil Decor Spouncer / 1pc

    This innovative stenciling sponge on a handle is great for stenciling on any surface. Can be cleaned, and re-used while wet.
    Pounce, stipple or swirl on paint, it fits comfortably in palm of hand and uses less paint than bristle brushes.

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    Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool / 1 set

    For precise and mess-free applications of dye or pigment inks, paint, alcohol inks and other craft mediums. Foam can be replaced easily with EZ-change hook and loop fasteners.
    Look for blending Foam and Felt ?

    ** Package may vary. **

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    Inkssentials Refill / 1 pc

    The Inkssentials Blending Refill Foam or The Inkssentials Alcohol Refill Felt attaches easily to the Ink Blending Tool. It is the mess-free way to apply inks and other mediums to paper crafting projects. The Ink Blending Refill Foam creates a smooth transition of ink when applied directly onto papers, tags, chipboard die cuts, canvas and more and The Alcohol Ink Refill Felt used for Alcohol Inks , Mixatives , and Blending Solution.
    The Ink Blending Tool gives you better control of ink placement and no more inky fingers! Mess-free application of ink, paint and more.

    • Layer color lightly for subtle effects
    • Layer multiple colors for depth and vibrancy
    • Great for distressing tags and photos
    • Includes ten blending foams
    This item is used for
    Inkssential Blending Tool

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    Speedball Pop-In Brayer 4 inch /1pc

    Speedball's Brayer has a sturdy one-piece plastic construction. The roller is 4" (10 cm) wide. The core unit will not shrink or swell from immersion.
    you can pop out the roller for easy cleaning, and also accommodates other Pop-In rollers.

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    Papercraft Stamps for scrapbooking / 1pc

    Collection of Clear Stamp and Rubber Stamp for your papercraft, Scrapbooking etc.

  • TO-STM-00101C
    Acrylic Stamp Block /1pc

    This is a clear acrylic block for use with clear stamps.
    The clear stamps have been designed to cling to these blocks, so you can position and reposition the images that you want on the block before inking and stamping onto your paper or card.
    The other advantage of the clear stamps and acrylic blocks is that you can see through them when you are trying to line up your image on the paper, allowing you to build up your image and get it exactly where you want it first time around. No more annoying mistakes.

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    Acrylic Clear Block / 1pack

    Clear Blocks have etched centering lines for accurate placement of your images, a wavy edge for a no-slip grip, and are crystal clear. The stamps cling like magic.

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    Apple Pie Memories : Stamp Positioner Kit /1set

    Create straight borders, design scenes, stamp letters, shadow an image, and even re-stamp an image. This tool will help you stamp images exactly where you want them. Positioner measures 3.5"x5" and the sheet measures 5"x6".

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    Get-It-Straight Laser Square / 1pc

    The Get-It-StraightTM Laser Square is the only tool you need to quickly and easily laser align elements on your scrapbook pages or any other projects. Utilizing our patented sliding laser design, you can easily position the laser alignment line precisely where you want it on your project. No more crooked titles or ribbons, and all your pictures will be in perfect alignment with each other! Benefits of the Get-It-StraightTM Laser Square include:

    • Takes the guesswork out of aligning multiple elements!
    • Enables you to do more complex layouts in much less time!
    • Enhances your ability to do intricate designs with precise alignment!
    • Reduces waste and helps to eliminates do-overs!
    • Allows you to spend less time being frustrated and more time enjoying your favorite hobby!

  • Size:390x390x25mm
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    Name stamp Alphabet / 1set

    Cut your alphabet, and stick them on any block (for example wooden block) and you can use it to stamp for scrapbooking or clay project.

    • Small : Overall size : 70x70mm , Letter size : 5mm
    • Big : Overall size : 120x120mm, Letter size : 7mm

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    DIY Name stamp / 1pc

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    Artclay Free Stamp Basic Set #A / 1 set

    This set is used to make an alphabet stamp on clay
    You can arrange your alphabet on the holder.
    Set includes holder and the alphabeth (A-Z)
    For cheaper alternatif
    click here : (it is for scrapbooking, but you can use it for clay also)

  • Size : 3.2 mm
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    Artclay Free Stamp #B (Alphabet) / 1 set

    Size : 3mm
    Note : this stamp DOES NOT include the holder,
    which is sold separately here.

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    Artclay Free Stamp #C (Numeric) / 1 set

    Size : 3mm
    Note : this stamp DOES NOT include the holder,
    which is sold separately here.

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