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WigJig parts Peg set / 1set

Make spirals quickly, easily and without plier marks with the patented WigJig® premium peg set. Insert base peg into a wire jig and start spiraling! Includes six plastic bases with steel pegs and 12 with aluminum pegs and complete instructions. Use one or more wires at a time. Works best with soft wire: copper, brass, sterling silver or dead-soft 14Kt gold-filled. It is more difficult to make tight spirals with half-hard or hard wire. Manufacturer recommendation: peg spiral makers in the premium set are designed to be used with the Cyclops, Delphi and Centaur WigJigs®. Set includes six plastic bases with 1.6mm steel pegs and 12 plastic bases with 1.6mm aluminum pegs in the following sizes: (2) 14.5x12.5mm, (2) 15x4.5mm, (2) 15x6mm, (2) 15x8mm, (2) 15x9mm, (2) 15x11mm, (1) 16x15mm, (1) 19x15mm, (1) 22x21mm, (1) 25.5x15mm, (1) 38x16mm and (1) 51x16mm.

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Wire Wizard The Really Big Jig /1set

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Wire craft JIG (Thing-A-Ma-JIG) (WIG- A-MA-JIG) #A - Plastic /1set

An inexpensive, entry-level tool that works best with smaller gauge wires (20-28 ga.). For light-duty jigging, its compact, lightweight size 3”x4” (7cm x 10cm) makes it well-suited for travel; base and pegs are plastic. Wire not included.

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Wire craft JIG (Thing-A-Ma-JIG)(Artistic Wire) #B - Aluminum /1set

Material : Aluminum
Size: 14x11.5cm
Includes :

  • 1 aluminum wire jig
  • 30 pegs
  • 6 sample patterns.
  • 1 blank template
  • short instruction

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Wire craft JIG (Thing-A-Ma-JIG) PEG only for aluminum type / 1set

Aluminum wire jig pegs for use with Thing-A-Ma-Jig Deluxe Model wire-wrapping jig. Includes 30 pegs -- 20 small pegs, 6 medium pegs, 2 large pegs and 2 extra-large pegs.

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Wire Bender jig /1pc

The original wire bending jig. This is a very handy wire bender used for bending steel and soft wires up to 8mm. It includes pins for bending. You can create your own wire creations, S-hooks, card holders, picture easles, hangers etc. I love this jig especially as I like working with thicker wires. I have even made hanging basket frames with metal rod used for suspended ceilings !

**The color may vary.**

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Crochet Hook / 1pc

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Wire writer / 1set

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Twist 'n' Curl / 1 set

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Coiling Gizmo /1set

BEADALON-Coiling Gizmo. Easily coil your wire using this Coiling Gizmo!
This package includes 1 U-Bracket; 2 crank rods; 1 screw an instructions.

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Deluxe Coiling Gizmo /1set

BEADALON-Coiling Gizmo Deluxe Econo Winder. Easily coil your wire using this Coiling Gizmo Deluxe!
This package includes 1 U-Bracket with built-in mount; 5 crank rods (1mm,1.6mm,3.1mm,4mm,4.7mm) and instructions.

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Professional Deluxe Coiling GIZMO / 1set

Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo
Include 5 Rods: 1mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm x 38cm.
The Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo comes with a C-Clamp mounted chuck, five 15in (38.1cm) rods, an additional U Clamp Bracket, and a swivel attachment.
To use, mount the tool to a table or workbench, insert a rod into the chuck and tighten, and thread the end through the other bracket.
Use it by cranking wire around the rod of the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo to make coils and to create beads and bracelets.
The swivel attachment allows you to coil directly onto wire. Try stringing beads onto the wire with the Spin-N-Bead for another design option.

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Spiral Maker / 1pc

These Spiral Makers create perfect spirals out of Artistic Wire, German Style Wire and any other soft wire 20 ga (0.81 mm) and smaller. Use colorful spirals to embellish jewelry, scrapbooks and paper crafts. Use small pieces of the diameter wire you intend to make the spiral as a washer on the three screws. Tighten wing nuts and insert the same gauge wire into the device. Center the wire in the center hole and insert the twister handle so the wire is inside the slit on the handle. Twist the handle until the desired size of coil is reached. Tip: count the number of turns to re-create the same size coils for multiple coils, or perfectly matching earring dangles.

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Wire Crinkler Tool / 1set

Use this Crinkle tool, to crinkle wire 20 Gauge (0.81 mm)
Attach like gears onto the base, insert wire into the small hole on guide then catch into the center of the gears. Slowly turn gear with handle until wire is moving through the gears, continue to turn while pushing down on both gears until desired amount of crinkled wire is made.
Make perfect spirals every time
Package has instructions and contains two styles of gears (rounded & pointed) and base.

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Wire Straightener Tool from Artistic Wire / 1pc

The Artistic Wire Straightener tool makes it easy to straighten wire that has been worked. Put the rollers in your hand in the open position with each of the rollers side by side. Lay the end of a piece of wire that requires straightening on the three rollers, then move the rollers until they form a triangle with the wire in the center. Grasp the rollers in one hand holding tightly, then pull the wire through the rollers to straighten. May need to pull through a second time for highly bent wires. Nylon rollers help keep Artistic Wire coating intact.

  • Size: 40x45x12mm
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    Clover wonder knitter (Japanese version) / 1pc

    Knitting made quick & easy with clovers new wonder knitter. The special removable turning heads allows you to make fashionable knitted accessories. The wonder knitter comes with a 3 pin and a 6 pin removable head. Great tool for beadwork jewelry, accessories for scarf, sweaters, pants, handbags and much more.

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    Clover French Knitter - Bead Jewelry Maker / 1pc

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    Knitter Tool from Artistic Wire / 1pc

    Knit ropes using Artistic Wire or Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire using the Artistic Wire Knitter Tools. This 4 prong tool will create a looser weave. If you want a tighter weave for your design check out the 6 prong wire knitter tool. Try different stitches with each tool to create different patterns. String up beads using the Spin N Bead before starting to create designs with beads. Use the Crochet Tool or Beading Awl to grab the wires and pull over the pegs during the knitting process.

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    Wire Press sheet / 1 set

    Wire Straightening Tweezers /1pc

    Use this handy tool when you need to remove kinks from smaller gauge silver, gold, or colored wire without scratching or removing the finish. Equipped with soft nylon jaws and measures 13cm overall. Stainless steel construction.

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    Wire rounder / 1pc

    This hand tool has a small cup bur at its tip that rounds wire ends. Place the end of any wire into the cup, push the two firmly together, and twist the tool against the wire for a smooth round end.

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    Viking knit Lazee Daizee / 1 set

    The Lazee Daizee Viking Knit Tool makes learning the centuries-old woven technique easier than ever - no more start-up prep, dowels or vises, just hold the tool in your hand and start weaving. Adding new wire is easy with the anchor hole and the hexagon-shaped rod limits the need for needle tools that may damage or scratch coated wires. Make your own wire-wrapped end caps with the End Coil Shaper.

    ** Color of pouches will vary. **

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    Delrin Plastic Draw Plate / 1pc

    Delrin® draw plates provide an easy way to condense, lengthen and create a uniform finish for knit, braided and woven wire.
    Delrin plastic is a lightweight, durable material that will not mar your creation.
    Plates have graduated hole sizes; from 1mm all the way up to 12.5mm.

  • Size:102x63x12mm
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    Wooden draw / 1pc

    can be used with all types of wire, including colored wire. Its use is to condenses the diameter of knitted wire work without scratching or marring the surface of the wire. The wire work will increase in length as it is drawn down.

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