Leather craftLeather craft: Hole punch and Shape punch
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Leather punch : Four in one punch / 1set

This 4-in-1 punch set punches four 3/32in(2mm) holes in one shot. This punch works great for leather up to 1.2-1.4mm thickness.
Size: 2mm
Finish:Black Tube With Nickel Plated Handle

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Leather punch : Nine in one punch / 1set

Whether you're adding bling or a braided lace look to a belt, this is a time-saving tool you are going to love. Works great for making holes for spikes and domed rivets. Tubes can be set up however you wish within the pattern of nine holes. For best results, use on the proper punching surface. Includes nine interchangeable punch tubes.
NOTE : this SET includes 2mm hole punch ( 9 pcs )
Other size sold separately

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Leather punch : Nine in one punch ( Punch knife only ) / 1pc

This is replacement cutter punch for "9 in 1" punch (id: 10341)
Sold per ONE piece

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Leather punch : Belt - Strap end punch / 1pc

English Point Strap End Punches are hand forged with polished barrel and a tapered clearance. Used in the making of leather belts and straps.
Made in Taiwan

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Leather punch : Belt - Strap end punch (English Point type ) / 1pc

English Point Strap End Punches are hand forged with polished barrel and a tapered clearance. Used in the making of leather belts and straps.
Made in Japan

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Multi punch ( Yoshiharu ) / 1set ( 7pc )

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Corner round punch ( SET radius 5-20mm ) / 1set ( 5pc )

  • For making corner round on leather
  • Size(R):(#1)5mm, (#2)8mm, (#3)13mm, (#4)15mm, (#5)20mm

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Corner round punch ( SET radius 40-100mm ) / 1set ( 4pc )

  • For making corner round on leather
  • Size(R):40mm, 60mm, 85mm ,100mm

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Corner round punch / 1pc

This leather punch is for making a round corner on leather.

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Corner round punch die (4 in 1 ) / 1pc

This leather corner cutter can be applied to the leather surface with hand pressure tool or hammered down. Each section designed so after cutting- every corner can be aligned to another corner.
Corner thickness : 2 mm.

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Leather punch : Corner cutter / 1pc

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Rule die Cutter (Thompson cutter ) : Round Circle / 1pc

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Leather shape punch /1set

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Thomson die cutter Leather craft punch / 1set

  • TO-PRS-002000
    Hand clicker press / 1 unit

    • This machine easily operated by hand, allowing you to cut all kinds of flexible materials like leather, plastic, canvas, cloth, rubber and textiles.
    • Suitable for producing wallets, belt tips, small shoes, purses and other leather or fabric related products.
    • Silent, so that you can work in shops, or at night without disturbing others
    • Specification Machine size 18 x 38 x 12cm
      Weight approx 7kgs
      Pressure capacity 0.5 ton
      Distance between lower and upper plate 25mm

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    10-14 d
    Manual Die Cut press machine - Clicker press Cowboy 8360

    This Hand operated clicker with swing arm, cutting surface 300 x 215 mm, swing arm width 205 mm. The surprising power, strength, and portability of this industrial quality die cutting machine set it apart from all other clickers in its class. The CB-8360 hand operated press die cutter with swing-arm cutting head can perform many types of die cutting with steel rule dies and clicker dies.

    This bench top clicker has been used for leather, embroidery, badge cutting, card stock, magnetic cards, coasters, small plastic shapes, straps and belt ends, clothing, rubber, key fobs, cork, plastic, felt and many other materials. Ruggedly built with a cam actuated mechanical advantage This die cutting press requires little effort making operation very easy. The swing arm operation provides the operator with a clear view of the work table (cutting board) making location on printed products a snap. Rotating head gives clear view and easy access. The 8360 functions much in the same manner as larger swing head machines in that there is no need to pull the leather out of the machine. Simply swing the cutting head out of the way and re-position the die over the work for the next cut. The 8360 also functions as an excellent embossing machine and can emboss many different types of leather with many varied patterns. The machine also works well with makers stamps and cheater dies for tooling and leather carving. Every leatherworker arrives at a point where they need a clicker, but can't afford the cost.

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