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Shoe Lace hook (made in Taiwan ) / 1set (10pc)
These are perfect for repair jobs as well as custom projects. Ideal for boots, moccasins, armguards and other projects. Hole diameter is 3/16" (5mm). The overall length is 11/16" and the overall width is 3/8". The actual hook measures 1/4".
  • Sold in a package of 10 pcs

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Shoe Lace tip ( Aglet ) / 1 set (4pc)

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Angelus Shoe Trees (Shoe keeper) / 1pair

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Shoe Keeper/1 pair
This shoe keeper is very usefull to keep the good size of your favorite shoes ; avoid shrink or stretch of your shoes material from weather or climate with this handy size keeper. Practical for everyday use and can be measured, from 24 to 30 cm ( for men size) and 21-27 cm(for women). It is also usefull for offices or hotel.
Because of the plastic material this shoe keeper is not meant for stretching shoes.
Available with two choiches : for men or ladies.

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Spot Shoe Stretcher / 1pc
Spot Shoe Stretcher is the ideal shoe stretch solution for people with bunion problems. If your footwear needs to be stretched only in one particular spot this Shoe Stretcher is the ideal solution for you. Shoe Stretcher is unusual but highly effective at its intended purpose.
How to use:
  • Using the Shoe Stretcher is easy, first moistening up the shoes with leather stretcher spray and/or heating the areas in question with a hairdryer.
  • Then simply insert the ball end into the shoe, locate the ring over the area to stretch, then clamp the tool down and let it set overnight.

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Wooden Shoe Stretcher /1pc
Shoes too tight & uncomfortable? Don't throw them away!
Now end shoe pain with Wooden Shoe Stretcher. How To use :
Lasting Pincers /1set

  • Body :20.5 x 5.2cm
    Hammar diameter:19mm 22mm 25mm
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    Shoe repair and making tools : Fudge wheel / 1 pc

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