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Book House Party (English) / pc

: Coordinated Quilts and Pillows
The instructions are detailed and clear.
The projects add a nice seasonal touch to your home decor.

    • ISBN: 9781564779991
    • Size: 27.6 x 21.3 cm
    • Page: 80
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    BOOK Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match (English) / pc

    : over 125 patchwork, applique, and sashiko designs
    This book is full of unique designs and patterns.
    Many of the patterns are simple; others, especially the appliques, a complex. The photos are beautiful and show how Japanese fabrics can be utilized in striking ways. In addition, the author offers plenty of tips on color, block construction, design, piecing, sashiko stitching, etc. If you have any Japanese fabrics in your stash (or even if you don't), you'll enjoy this book.

    Design #35 ... measurement error
    The A and C pieces should be 8 and 1/2 inches instead of 8 1/4.

    Design #80 ... measurement error
    A 5 1/2 inch piece should be 3 and 1/2.

    It should be better for the readers to cut their first design on paper to make sure all pieces go together correctly.

    • ISBN: 978-1-56836-365-3
    • Size: 23 x 23 cm
    • Page: 125
  • ID: 14078 Stock: 1 ¥
    BOOK Indygo Junction's Needle Felting (English)

    : 22 Stylish Projects for Home & Fashion
    Needle felting is easy to learn and fun to do! Learn a fresh new craft, creating and embellishing wool fashions and accessories.
    Choose or re-use wool fabrics, then add yarns, roving and novelty fibers.
    You'll learn how to prepare materials, plus techniques for dry and wet felting. Lots of projects to show off your skills.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57120-379-3
    • Size: 28 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 78
  • ID: 13292 Stock: 1 ¥
    Book A to Z of Crochet (English) /1pc

    : The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner to Advanced Crocheter
    Whether you're a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you'll ever need!

    • Easy-to-read text and full-color photos walk you step-by- step from basic through advanced methods
    • Over 1,000 close-up photographs feature real hands holding real yarn and needles there's no easier way to learn
    • Fix mistakes, shape garments, and find the answers to almost any crochet question

    • ISBN: 978-1-56477-998-4
    • Size: 22.8 x 21.8cm
    • Page: 160
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    Book Flip-flop Paper Piecing (English) / pc

    : Revolutionary Single-foundation Technique Guarantees Accuracy
    From simple to complex, this book has it all.
    Beautiful illustrations that give the quilter an abundance of ideas.

    • ISBN: 9781571205407
    • Size: 27.9 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 96
  • ID: 19666 Stock: 1 ¥
    BOOK Quilter's Academy Vol. 1 - Freshman Year (English) / pc

    : A Skill-Building Course in Quiltmaking
    Everything you need to get started making beautiful quilts. Includes 9 skill-building classes with complete instructions for making 11 classic quilts. Learn how to design your own quilts.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57120-594-0
    • Size: 28 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 112
  • ID: 14101 Stock: 9 ¥
    BOOK Thoroughly Modern Dresden (English) / pc

    : Quick & Easy Construction 13 Lively Quilt Projects for All Skill Levels
    Change up the look of your quilts with lots of variations on the basic Dresden Plate block and settings. Use breakthrough piecing techniques to put together a whole quilt of perfect blocks in a day. Includes a complete set of templates for successful cutting, pressing and placement.

    • ISBN: 978-1571205957
    • Size: 27.8 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 71
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    BOOK Patchwork Party (English) / pc

    This is has an informative color/value lesson in the front along with easy to follow patterns and great dessert recipes.
    The pages themselves are visually yummy and layed out quite well.
    The pictures of the author's quilts as well as those of her students are just fantastic.
    It's a great book for beginning quilters as well as a fun book for more advanced quilters.
    Lots of inspiring ideas abound!

    • ISBN: 978-1-57120-624-4
    • Size: 27.8 x 21.5 cm
    • Page: 88
  • ID: 14108 Stock: 3 ¥
    BOOK Sylvia's Bridal Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts (English) / pc

    : The True Story Behind the Quilt - 140 Traditional Blocks

    This is a very informative book about the bridal sampler and how it came into being and how it was actually made out of a story.
    Now people can make the quilt themselves in their own colors and designs from all the instructions in the book.
    It was a delightful short story to help you with your color choices for the 140 blocks.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57120-655-8
    • Size: 27.9 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 128
  • ID: 14105 Stock: 5 ¥
    BOOK Quilted Symphony (English) / pc

    You will discover a new love for quilting as they learn to create vibrant art quilts.
    You'll learn to interpret abstract imagery and design your own patterns.
    Learn techniques for breaking down the pattern into segments for easier piecing and embellishing.
    Step-by-step instructions allow endless possibilities for creating dynamic works of art.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57120-660-2
    • Size: 28 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 104 + pullout patterns
  • ID: 14109 Stock: 3 ¥
    Book Afghans & Throws (English) / pc

    : Cover Them in Comfort With a Delightful Collection of Throws

    Experience the joys of making and giving with this wonderfully varied collection of afghans, throws and blankets all made with Plymouth Yarn. From babies to grandparents knitters can create beautiful and practical gifts for the entire family. A great variety of projects for any one in the family and any room in the house, afghans aren't just for babies. Each project is complete with Plymouth yarn, even though the patterns have been repurposed, the yarns are still available. No need for substitutions. Many of the projects are great for on-the-go as they are constructed of squares or panels that are put together later.

    • ISBN-13: 978-1573673754
    • Size: 21.6 x 27.3 cm
    • Page: 31
  • ID: 18443 Stock: 2 ¥
    Book Tie-Dye 101 (English) /pc

    : How to Make Over 20 Fabulous Patterns
    Start Your Tie-Dye Adventure! Tie-dye is an adventure every time. Express your creativity with vibrant stripes, spirals, swirls, sunbursts and more. Inside you'll learn the secrets of making your own brilliantly-colored designs, using fade-resistant, easy-to-apply cold water dyes and popular tie-dyeing techniques. Learn how to tie-dye with: 33 Terrific Projects Popular Tie-Dye Techniques Tricks of the Trade Sunbursts, Circles, Stripes, Swirls and More Tie-Dyeing for Groups & Fund Raisers

    ID: 19617 Stock: 2 ¥
    BOOK Applique in Reverse (English) / pc

    Create unique dimensional looks with this classic technique! With Teri Tope's Appliqué in Reverse, intricate hand-appliqué designs are made fast and easy. The secret is to use large pieces of background fabric underneath the appliqué designs for easier handling. Tiny seam allowances are a thing of the past! Beginners who love the look of appliqué can easily master this useful technique. The heart of the book is a menu of 13 block patterns and two border designs from Teri's GARDEN NOUVEAU quilt. Teri shows you how to transform those patterns into nine additional projects including a tote bag, table runners, a bolster, and wallhangings with her appliqué in reverse technique. Her flair for bold color and dramatic fabrics will encourage the artist in you.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57432-657-4
    • Size: 27.9 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 79
  • ID: 14076 Stock: 1 ¥
    BOOK Adaptable Quilting Designs (English) / pc

    Adaptable Quilting Designs provides over forty designs adaptable to tricky spaces on quilts, from setting triangles to sashings, using templates formatted for ease of reducing or enlarging. Each pattern is shown with two or more variations and over 100 ideas for both hand and machine quilting, with dozens of color photos creating a powerful pick for any home quilter.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57432-667-3
    • Size: 22.8 x 30.5 cm
    • Page: 96
  • ID: 14077 Stock: 2 ¥
    BOOK Hearts & Tulips Applique Masterpiece (English) / pc

    The exquisite appliqué mastery of Margaret Docherty returns in this bold, colorful collection of folk art style birds and tulips.
    Thirty-five different designs can be used for any type or size hand- or machine-appliqué project as well as the featured quilt, giving Hearts and Tulips tremendous versatility and utility.
    By-the-book quilters and those who prefer to branch out and design their own work will use Hearts and Tulips as both pattern and inspiration. Margaret's original art fits 7' to 8' blocks.
    All of her designs may be enlarged to fit up to 12' blocks, making the book very versatile.
    Paying homage in part to Pennsylvania Dutch design, the book will serve as a pattern resource for years to come for appliquérs of all skill levels. As always, Margaret's instructions are clear and concise, allowing quilters of any experience to achieve stunning results. Award-winning quilter and author of two books in the Appliqué Masterpiece series, the famously popular Little Brown Bird and Birds-N-Roses, Dr. Margaret Docherty spends her non-quilting time as a pediatrician in Durham, England, with a husband trained to cook while she quilts.

    • ISBN: 978-1-57432-974-2
    • Size: 28 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 112
  • ID: 14107 Stock: 2 ¥
    Book 99 Snowflakes (English) /1pc

    Crochet your very own blizzard!
    From small to extra-large, these exquisite thread snowflakes are perfect for trimming your tree, garnishing your windows, and decorating packages.

    • ISBN: 978-1574867046
    • Size: 29.8 x 22.3 cm
    • Page: 58
  • ID: 12623 Stock: 1 ¥
    Book Quick and Easy Window Treatments (English) / pc

    : 15 Easy-Sew Projects that Build Skills, Too
    If you are serious about making your own curtains this book is for you!
    This is really a step by step book with a lot of photos.

    • ISBN: 978-1-58923-351-5
    • Size: 25.3 x 22.7 cm
    • Page: 112
  • ID: 19650 Stock: 2 ¥
    Book Knit or Crochet--Have it Your Way (English) /1pc

    : 15 Fun Projects with Complete Hook and Needle Instructions for Each
    Knitters who don’t know how to crochet often see crochet patterns and wish there was a way to convert them. The same is true for crocheters who don’t know how to knit. Those who know how to do both like to choose one over the other for the inherent “look” that each offers. This book gives them the option, as instructions for each project are given in both knit and crochet.

    • ISBN-13: 978-1-58923-431-4
    • Size: 25.9 x 20.5 cm
    • Page: 128
  • ID: 12625 Stock: 1 ¥
    BOOK Sewing Clothes Kids Love (English) / pc

    : Sewing Patterns and Instructions for Boys' and Girls' Outfits

    This is a book of colorful and imaginative children’s clothes to sew, designed with kids in mind.
    The authors are designers and owners of two popular pattern companies for kid’s clothes—Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum, known in the sewing community for their creativity, versatility, and fit.
    This collection of exclusive patterns, included with the book, offers step-by-step instruction for making boys’ and girls’ clothing with a variety of fabric styles and decorative embellishment—including embroidery, patchwork, and trims.
    The patterns for pants, tops, skirts, and dresses include variations for long and short hemlines and sleeves, various necklines, and adjustable lengths.
    The patterns are sized from 18 months to kid’s size 12.

    • ISBN: 978-1-58923-473-4
    • Size: 30 x 23 cm
    • Page: 144 + patterns
  • ID: 14088 Stock: 5 ¥
    BOOK Learn to Needle Felt (English) / pc

    You will find ideas for all seasons in this book.
    Easy-to-follow project instructions and full-size patterns make it a breeze to turn these designs into coasters, pillows, purses and eyeglass cases.
    Decorate Christmas stockings, holiday tree skirts, tabele runners, fleece blankets, tote bags and so much more.

    • ISBN: 978-1-59012-209-9
    • Size: 27.5 x 21.6 cm
    • Page: 31
  • ID: 13294 Stock: 1 ¥
    BOOK Learn To Tat With Interactive DVD (English)/ pc

    Learn the beautiful art of tatting with the step-by-step instructions and interactive DVD presented in this book from American School of Needlework.

    • ISBN: 978-1-59012-223-5
    • Size: 27.5 x 21.7 cm
    • Page: 48
  • ID: 14016 Stock: 1 ¥
    Book Learn To Knit On Long Looms (English) / pc

    The designs in this book range from simple scarves and shawls to the more detailed felted slippers and a beaded mitten/hat and scarf set. Small projects such as the Garden Party Coasters and Place Mats are quick to knit, while the Color Block Baby Blanket and the Reversed Checkered Afghan offer more hours of happy knitting. A gift of the padded-sole Toasty Toes Moccasins is sure to be welcomed. Knitters who lack the dexterity to use needles may find that long loom knitting will enable them to create many beautiful and functional items. Making the useful and attractive designs in this book will enhance feelings of accomplishment and creative expression.

    • ISBN-13: 978-1592172955
    • Size: 21.6 x 27.3 cm
    • Page: 48
  • ID: 18442 Stock: 1 ¥
    BOOK Put Some Charm in Your Quilts (English) / 1pc

    : Instructions for Both Paper & Traditional Piecing
    Pre-cuts are all the rage and Connie Kauffman brings you her own style for using them. Put Some Charm in Your Quilts has options for traditional and paper-piecing. A book totally dedicated to the use of charms and to a wide variety of project sizes, it will be the book quilter's will use again and again. If a gift is needed in a hurry, this is where to find it. These patterns will lend their selves well to any fabrics or style. And best of all the quilter will most likely have the fabric on hand when needed. This book is for audiences from confident beginner to advanced quilters. Any quilters with the desire to try a different technique or is interested in options will find this book a treasure. It's a great book to have on hand for when you need a gift idea. Charms are an impulse buy items so most quilters have them and if they don't they are easy to find and economical to purchase.

    • ISBN: 978-1-59217-374-7
    • Size: 27.6 × 21.6 cm
    • Page: 64
  • ID: 14169 Stock: 1 ¥
    Book More Than A Dozen Hats & Beanies (English) / pc

    Thanks to the easy to follow tutorial beginning the book, even someone attempting to knit a hat for the first time will be able to effortlessly walk through the steps of circular knitting in no time. This must-have book will appeal to knitters of all skill levels. These 15 fun to knit and fun to wear hats will make it hard to decide where to begin but then you will be eager to keep going and once you knit the final hat you will want to start all over again! Ideal for the novice knitter ready to learn how to work seamlessly in the round on circular and double-point needles and is interested specifically in making beanies and hats. This book also will appeal to the more experienced knitter looking for new projects and ideas.

    • ISBN-13: 978-1592173938
    • Size: 26.9 x 21.1 cm
    • Page: 48
  • ID: 18444 Stock: 1 ¥
    BOOK Creating Crochet (English) / pc

    :Experimenting with Hook, Yarn & Stitch
    There are sections on fiber and yarn, stitch definition, drape versus structure, and even how to work with challenging yarns. Dora teaches the reader how to use swatching to determine the best stitch patterns and hook size for a particular yarn. The concepts are illustrated with excellent photographs. This is not primarily a pattern book, but includes several great patterns that put the theory taught in the book into practice.

    • ISBN: 978-1-60059-331-4
    • Size: 25 x 21.3cm
    • Page: 144
  • ID: 14094 Stock: 7 ¥