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Martha Stewart Flocking Sheet / 1 set

With Martha Stewart Flocking sheets, you can create crisp and festive designs on any number of surfaces .
How To Use:

  • Apply adhesive to project; You can using a stencil, carefully paint with adhesive/glue. Remove stencil and allow adhesive to dry for 10 minutes.
  • Place sheet flocking side down on the adhesive. Then use a stylus to burnish and rub the lining side, making sure to cover all areas of the adhesive.
  • Once applied, gently lift the sheet off the adhesive.
    Every set includes six sheets that are 6"x 7" in three colors, two of each color.

    Size per sheet : 18 cm x 15 cm

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    Glass beads powder (no hole) Clear only / 1pkg

    • This is high quality glass beads (no hole), shape is almost round, use this glass beads to decorate clay, papercraft, and other things.
    • Sizes available: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm.

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    Glass beads powder (no hole) silver and gold / 1pkg (10gram)

    • This is high quality glass beads (no hole), shape is almost round, use this glass beads to decorate clay, papercraft, and other things.
    • Sizes available: 0.8mm, 1.2mm.

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    Glass beads (no hole) Colorfull size 1.8mm / 1pkg (10gram)

    • This is high quality glass beads (no hole), shape is almost round, use this glass beads to decorate clay, papercraft, and other things.
    • Sizes available: 1.8mm

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    Alphabet Die-Cuts Halloween

    EK Jolee's Boutique Embellishments let you add just a little something extra to your paper crafting projects, whether it be a card for someone special, a scrapbook page of that special memory, or a piece of home decor. Halloween Jumbo Alphabet- Double sided paper pad with die cut alphabet letters. Make your own spooky banner or use as party decor. 54 pieces. One side has an uppercase Black letter with spiders, webs, and light script text in the background. Colors are Burnt Orange, Beige, and Black. The reverse side is Black with Ivory uppercase script letters, each with thin borders and swirls.

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    Monalisa metal leaf adhesive / 1pc

    • Monalisa metal Leaf adhesive is an outstanding product that can not only be used for metal leaf but with other materials such as sand and glitter.
    • Water based, slow drying and will stay tacky for up to 24 hours after application.
    • Packing : 2oz. bottle

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    Foils paper, Lisa Pavelka, Signature Series / 1set

    This foil are perfect for creating fabulous faux effects such as dichroic glass, metal and more. Use them to gild, highlight, and crackle on clay and crafting surfaces.
    Each set contains 6 different type of colors
    Very easy to use! Simply roll out a sheet of polymer clay, lay the foil over the clay, coated side down, and burnish with fingertip firmly over the surface of the foil sheet using a scrap of paper between your finger and the foil. This will cause the metallic coating on the underside to attach itself firmly to the surface of the clay.
    Rip the sheet off the clay in one quick movement and the backing sheet will come away, leaving the clay covered with wonderful metallic coating.

  • Foil size: 21.5 x 12 cm

    26995. Celebration / 1 each of Rainbow , Surprise, Speckled, Stars and Stripes, Sunset, Oil Slick

    27143. Bright & Bold / 1 each of Rainbow, Purple, Blue, Red, Magenta, Green

    27148. Expressions / 1 each of Silver, Gold, Copper, Pearlidescent, Splash, Oil Slick

    27216. Fantasy / 1 each of Black & Gold, Black & Silver, Ruby, Lime, Royal Blue, Violet

    27388. Jewel Tones / 1 each of Rainbow, Ruby Red, Royal Blue, Violet, Copper, Silver

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    Hot foil material ( made in Japan ) / 1 roll

  • 80mmx120m
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    Glue FOIL /1set

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    iCraft deco foil Transfer Sheet 20pc

    iCraft deco foil Transfer Sheet 20pc
    size:15.2 x 30.4 cm

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    iCraft deco foil Adhesives

    iCraft deco foil Adhesives

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    Monalisa Metal leaf flakes / 1pack

    Metal Leaf micro-thin sheets or flakes are composition metal used in the technique of leafing for decoupage, stenciling and other home decor projects. Can be used on plastic, wood, glass, paper, metal, ceramic and plaster of Paris.
    Metal Flakes give a completely different effect than traditional leaf sheets.
    Note: Mix (Madara) type is usually called Variegated Leaf, it is a metal leaf which has been treated to create colorful patterns in the leaf.
    1 pack : 3grams

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    Monalisa Simple Metal Leaf Leafing Sheets / 1pack

    This transfer-style leaf is easier to handle and apply than traditional leaf, but delivers the same lustrous results.
    Simple Metal Leaf is a new innovation, designed to work with flat surfaces. It is bonded with wax paper, when applied to an area with adhesive the leaf adheres to this area only. Excess leaf will stay on the wax paper so there is less waste and mess.
    It can be combined with regular leaf. Basic instructions are included. measures 14 cm × 14 cm. Each pack contains 18 sheets.

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    Pentart : Metal Flakes /1gr

    Add a metallic and marble effect to art, crafts, paper crafts, greeting cards and more! Metal flakes help you achieve a metal or marble-like pattern on any surface. Once applied and dry, protect with a solvent-based varnish.

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    Stampendous Mica Fragments flakes / 1pc

    A generous jar of natural mica fragments will provide your artwork with a pearly sheen. Apply generously over any adhesive. Random large fragments may be crushed for smaller particle size.
    This package contains 0.67 ounces/19g of mica fragments.

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    Stickles Glitter Glue / 1pc

    Let your art "sparkle" with this acid free, non-settling Stickles™ glitter glue!
    Easily write, dot, dash, draw and embellish on paper and rubber stamping projects, candles, memory album covers and more! Available in 18gram. fine point applicator tip bottles.

    • Acid free
    • Non-toxic
    • Non-settling
    • Easy-flow tip
    • Water wash-off

    Stock is limited, so please purchase as soon as possible.

  • Size: 18ml
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    Christi friesen series : Shimmer Flakes / 1pc

    A small bag of shimmery mylar flakes with a lovely opalescent shine. They can be mixed into clay, added onto the surface of clay and sealed with varnish/glaze, or be swirled into resin. Great in icy and watery situations!
    Contents: 3 gram

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    Ecozai : Glitter Powder / 1 bottle (15gram)

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    Martha Stewart Tinsel Glitter / 1pc

    Martha Stewart Tinsel Glitter is perfect for adding loads of sparkle and dimension to scrapbook layouts, greeting cards and many other craft applications.

  • Size: 1.0oz (28.5gram)
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    Crushed Shell Powder / 1pc

    10 sparkly colours of crushed shell for nail art designs or other decoration.
    2.5 gram

  • Package size: W60 x H84 x D18mm
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    Metallic Foil / 1pc

    Material : Copper (Bronze Marble, Gold Marble, Gold) - 0.06gram
    Material : Aluminum (Silver) - 0.04 gram

  • Package size: W60 x H90 x D18mm
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    Mica powder (Gold Leaf & Metallic Powders) / 1 pc

    Mica powder is a great material for providing vivid color and a pearly, metallic look without using metal. Mica powder works well on polymer clay, resin and more.

  • Size: 1.0oz (28.35gram)
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    Alumilite metallic powder /1pc

  • 1oz(28gram)
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    Kyoto Opal chips for Resin or Nail art / 1 pack@ 1cc

    This artificial opal chip can be coated with UV resin or other coating formula for creating jewel-like accessories. Also applicable for nail art and other art project.
    Made with Kyocera gem synthesis technology.

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    Gilding (metal Gold Leaf) Kinbihaku : Imitation - Fiber / 1 bottle (2g)

    Blank Tote bags made from heavy duty canvas
    Ready to decorate, stamp, paint, print, whatever you like.
    Type: with bottom width

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