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Doll Eyes for animal / 1set

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Dolls Acrylic / 1pair
This 8mm acrylic eyes will fit on 27 cm doll size.
Available in blue or brown color .

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OBITSU Multi Stand Small for doll / 1set
Suitable for 1/6-scale dolls and figures from 10cm to 30cm in height, this versatile, easily assembled stand features a hinged arm to help with dynamic action poses, and various sizes of clips to hold the doll or figure in place. You can assemble it with one or two posing arms for even further possibilities! This one is clear in color. Assembly instructions are in Japanese, but are illustrated; some tools will be required (nippers and a Phillips screwdriver).

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OBITSU Multi Stand Large for doll / 1pc
This Obitsu multi purpose stands (large) is for the 1/4 - 1/3 (50cm ++) scale doll body.
Assemble the included parts as needed to make a stand with either a jointed or straight posing support.
Pictorial instructions are included.

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Wire Form Metal Mesh (Aluminum) / 1pc
Amaco WireForm is a specially manufactured metal mesh that is pliable enough to mold, yet sturdy enough to add structure to clays and modeling materials. It works exceptionally well as a base for clay, plaster, and papier mâché. A flat piece of WireForm easily transforms into three-dimensional shapes by simply molding, crimping, twisting, expanding, and gathering.
This product has incredible flexibility and strength. Its unique raised diamond strands expand to form three-dimensional shapes. Since it can be stretched into tight contours and shapes, it is ideal for detailed projects and delicate crafts.
Size 406 x 508 mm
Material : 100% Aluminum

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Wire Mesh Woven Wire Fabric / 1pc
This woven 80 mesh looks and feels like fabric, but will hold its shape. Cuts easily with scissors and can be used to create a variety of art and craft projects. Available in both copper and brass.

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Precision knife / 1pc
Using this knife for making / carving to create a very beautiful doll.
#10 : Good for making a hole in doll upper/entire head
#11 : Good for making a hole for doll's eyes
#12 : Good for cutting inside doll's eyes
#14 : For cutting a body or big part of dolls
#15 : For finishing small part like eyes or ears.

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