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Deco parts : Miniature Glassware / 1pc

Use this miniature cups & plates to complement your clay creations.
Made from GLASS (NOT plastic).

  • CC-RQ-0311B00
    Deco parts : Miniature Cup & Plate ( Plastic ) / 1set

    Use this miniature cups & plates to complement your clay creations.
    Made from clear plastic (High quality).

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    Plaster of Paris / 1kg

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    Koeido Interior diorama kit /1set

    ???????????? /1???

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    Interior figure

  • MDSPL-B-BA001
    Plaster Cloth /1roll

    Plaster Cloth is the easy, convenient method for modeling lightweight land contours and terrain base. the plaster-coated cloth creates a durable hard shell, designed to accept Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment, paints, plaster castings and landscape materials easily and with realistic results. Use to fill gaps around rocks, tunnels, in terrain gaps and seams and to blend terrain features.

  • 20.3cm x 342cm
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    Landscape base : Artificial grass ReadyGrass Vinyl Mat - Woodland Scenics / 1roll

    Its unique characteristics make this non-shedding, vinyl grass mat the best on the market! ReadyGrass mats are colorfast, no fading, and they are durable/tear resistant. Ideal for train layouts, battle mats, architectural models, school projects, arts and crafts, slot cars, collectible houses, military models and more! Use a heat tool to form a hill, mound or valley, or simply scrape to create space for roads and water areas. Permanently mount the ReadyGrass Vinyl Mat to your layout or roll it up and use it again!

  • Size: 27.3x41.2 cm(10.75 X 16.25 inch)
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    Landscape base : Artificial grass - Lawn Grass 30x30cm / 1pc

  • Size:30x30cm
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    Fake Moss Stone / 1pc

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    Material for modelling : Cork powder /1pack

    Material for making artificial landscape.

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    Material for modelling : Color powder /1pack

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    Material for modelling : Flower tree for building model tree /1pack

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    Diorama Kit: Winter Effects / 1set

    Create a cold weather landscape for your diorama or display. Add snowdrifts, light snow dustings, icicles, glaciers and more ! Ages 7 and up. Adult supervision recommended for younger children.

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    Tamiya Plastic Beams for Pla Model ( Clear ) / 1 set

    Material for model making, diorama, scratch builders, art school, architects etc.

  • Length : 400 mm
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    Tamiya Plastic Beams for Pla Model ( white ) / 1 set

    Material for model making, diorama, scratch builders, art school, architects etc.

  • Length : 400 mm
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    Acrylic Beams (rod ) for Pla Model scale /1set

    Material for model making, diorama, scratch builders, art school, architects etc. Length : approx 320mm
    Color : Clear transparent

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    Styrene Beams (rod ) for Pla Model scale /1set

    Material for model making, diorama, scratch builders, art school, architects etc. Color : White

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    Wood material for model making ( Balsa, Bass wood etc )

    • All price is per piece ( sheet ), except otherwise noted
    • All size is in mm ( milimeter )
    • Some type ( Jawa timur ), NOT available for shipment.

  • MT-WDHD-RD000
    Wooden Dowels /1 set pkg

    Dowel rods are versatile craft materials for making models, structures, perfect for craft and school projects. Dowel rods are 12" in length and are a fine smoothly sanded quality.

  • L: 30cm
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    Color Sand / 1pc

  • Size: 60 gram
    Package size: (H)100×(W)80mm
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    Precision Bezel & 90 Degree Shear / 1pc

    This new metal cutting shear, designed by Jay Whaley, solves the problem of cutting square edges on bezel wire! Using the guide attached to the blade, rest your bezel wire up against the ridge of the guide and cut! A nice square cut at the end of the bezel wire every time! Cuts up to 16 gauge fine silver.

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    HT380 HG universal cutter / 1pc

    HG universal cutter (with angle cutting guide) / 1 pc
    A large cutter that is useful for cutting plastic rods and plates.
    - Cut the material straight with a large blade that pushes from above.
    - The grip shape is easy to hold, and the material can be cut with a light force.
    - An angle cutting guide that can be adjusted to 7 different angles is included.
    (Note: To finish at an angle of 15 ° / 30 °, it must be cut in two stages.)
    - Blade made in high quality
    · Blade length: Approximately 60mm
    · Opening width: Cutting edge side approx. 28mm / Root side approx. 5mm - Supported materials
    · Plastic bars and plates
    · Thin wood
    · Rubber and vinyl materials

    * Even the above materials may not be cut depending on the shape and size.
    * Since this product is a blade, please handle it with care. Also, do not apply excessive force to the cutting edge when working.
    ¦ Product size: Approximately 240mm (length) x 100mm (height)
    ¦ Product Material:
    Body: Tool steel
    Handle: ABS
    Cutting edge base / angle cutting guide: Nylon
    Blade: Carbon alloy steel
    ¦ Accessories: Angle cutting guide / 2 replacement blades for replacement

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    God Hand Amazing Cutter /1pc

    The plastic plate can be cut quickly with light force!
    By simply holding the grip with the object you want to cut, you can cut the object straight and crisp.
    Designed to cut a plastic plate with a thickness of 2mm or less and a length of 75mm or less. In addition to a plastic plate, paper, cloth, vinyl, cardboard, etc. can be used if it is 2mm or less and the length is 75mm or less Cut.
    If your production is small and you want to cut it straight, you can use the Amazing Cutter to make it crisp.

    The cross section is clean! Amazing sharpness!
    The cut surface is almost not crushed and can be cut straight and clean. For this reason, the labor of shaping after cutting can be greatly reduced.

    If it is a rod-like object, it can be cut to a thickness of 5 mm!
    By using the notch, you can cut round (or 5mm square) rod-shaped material with a diameter of 5mm.

    The blade can be replaced with a commercially available cutter blade!
    Since the blade uses a commercially available cutter blade, it can be replaced with a new commercially available cutter blade if the sharpness deteriorates.
    Replacement blades are not included with this product. Purchase a replacement cutter blade from your local dealer.
    Replacement cutter blades are also available on the official online hand site of God Hand.
    * “Special black blade (small)” is recommended for cutting plastic plates.
    OLFA Olfa cutter blade (small)
    Model number: SB10K, SB10KS, SB10B, SB10BS, SB50K
    OLFA Stainless Spare Blade (Small)
    Model number: SSB5B, SSB5K
    OLFA Special Black Blade (Small)
    Model number: BB10K, BB10KS, BB50K

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    Craft water / 1set

    Material : Clear Urethane
    Suitable for making similar to water models, or miniature of jelly etc

    • Very easy to use, NO mixing required.
    • Only Heat and pour, and you will get a clear artificial water in minutes.
    • Non Yellowing, Non flammable.

  • Size : 355ml
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    Woodland Scenics : Realistic water / 1pc (473ml)

    Use to model still or slow-moving water, such as ponds, rivers, lakes and more. Pour directly from the bottle. Realistic Water is self-leveling, water soluble, it won’t crack and has minimal shrinkage. Surface dries firm and clear in approximately 24 hours, depending on humidity conditions.
    Non-toxic. Seal water area with Plaster Cloth and use only Woodland Scenics Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigments, Water Undercoat or 100% acrylic paint when preparing your water feature. One bottle covers an area 17 in (43.1 cm) in diameter if poured to a depth of 1/8 in (0.31 cm).

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