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Clover loop turner / 1set (2pc)
This tool is used for turning bias tubes to make narrow straps, button loops and frog closures. The wire turner slides through the bias tubing and the latch hook on the end is used to catch the end of the fabric and pull it through the tube.
Sold in a set of 2 pcs (different size 26.5cm and 17.5cm)

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Clover Easy Loop Turner / 1 set (2pc)
Just clip and push to easily turn fabric tubes right side out. Insert the Easy Loop Turner into the tube. Thread the cording or batting through the hole in the Easy Loop Turner before turning the tube. The cording or batting may be inserted after the tube has been turned. Perfect when weaving strips of fabric or cords for meshwork.

  • Size : 24.13cm
  • ID: 12968
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    Dritz : Loop Turner / 1pc
    We can use this loop turner to make Chinese Ball Button and Purse Straps, Frog Closures, Button Loops, Shoulder Straps,etc.
    It's easy to use for turning bias tubing. The body and material is made from Flexible Polyacetal.

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    Clover LOOP PRESSING BARS /1set

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    Clover Wide Bodkin /1pc
    Great use for braiding wide tapes such as bias tape loops or ribbons. Also convenient when weaving strips of fabric or cords for meshwork.
    Width : 15mm

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    Clover Bodkin / 1set
    A bodkin looks like an over-sized sewing needle with a blunt point and a large eye.
    A bodkin is designed to pull an item (such as elastic, ribbon, cording or drawstring) through a casing. The blunt point, sometimes a ball point, prevents the bodkin from piercing the fabric casing, while guiding the pulled through item, through the casing.

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    Clover Clip 'n Glide Bodkin / 1pc
    The Clip 'n Glide Bodkin is the perfect go-to bodkin for casings that are 3/4" and larger. The clip provides a firm hold on elastic, ribbon, trims, and cording, for pulling through casings with ease. The exceptional flexibility ensures a smooth passage along straight and curvy areas.

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    Clover Elastic Lock Set / 1set
    The Elastic Lock Set includes the Elastic Lock and Flexible Bodkin. The Elastic Lock firmly holds elastic or trim ends and prevents the end from slipping into the casing. The Elastic Lock is also ideal for securing multiple rows of elastic. The flexible bodkin features a 1" eye with grippers.

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    Sewing set ( Travel Sewing Kit ) / 1set
    • Safety pins x2 (small and big )
    • Sewing needles x3
    • Thread 4 Spool (black, white, gray, navy)
    • Scissors
    • Button x2 (11.5mm)
    • Threader
    • Tweezer

  • package size: 48×128×20mm
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    Bobbin card winder / 1pc
    A plastic winder that can be used to wind floss, ribbon, thread or yarn onto cardboard or plastic bobbins for easy storage.
    • Winder : is the winder only (NOT INCLUDE the bobbin)
    • Bobbin : is the Bobbin only , sold in a package of 25 pcs

  • Size: 93×40×25mm
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    Inline Yarn winder / 1pc
    Hand operated yarn winder for making pull thread balls up to four ounces without requiring any cones or tubes. This unique winder uses an in-line bobbin with a moving yarn guide giving the winder a very smooth winding motion.

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    Yarn ball winder / 1pc
    Wool Yarn Ball Winders are a mechanical device for winding yarn into a coreless ball, typically from a skein form. It clamps on a table and allows you to wind a center-pull ball by simply winding a handle. It works very well when yarn is used and supported in conjunction with a swift to allow uniform transfer. Swift's are available and sold separately. The winders come with a spindle or bobbin that will hold your yarn and create your wound balls. Your finished ball can be withdrawn from the winder by simply pulling off from underside of ball. Winders are made of hard plastic with a metal yarn guide, metal geared base, clamp and more. A must in every knitting supply cabinet!
    Size : approximately 89 x 127 x 200mm
    Made in Japan

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    Umbrella Swift - Skein winder / 1pc

  • approximately size:
    44.2cm x 6.6cm x 5.6cm
    (65cm x 45cm)
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