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Tsujiri Matcha Milk Tea / 1pack 200 gram
Made in Kyoto Japan
About Tsujiri tea
Established in the year 1860.The founder of Tsujiri, Tsuji Riuemon, invented a refined tea, known for its "glazed beauty and abundant flavor" In honor of his contribution in reviving the fame of Uji Tea, a bronze statue of Riuemon was constructed in the precincts of the Byoudouin.
Today, Tsujiri, having inherited the spirit of the founder and his passion for tea making, delivers a variety of specially selected tea brands.

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Matcha Powder for Cake and Sweets : Kitagawa Brand (Cafe Grade)/ 1 pack 400 gram
This cafe grade quality matcha powder is made for ingredients various cake, sweets, and many more.

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