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Natural cork fabric /10cm

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Recycled leather material / 1 sheet
A popular material that is manufactured from irregularly laid leather fibres, each having a different skeleton substance. Leatherboard is bonded using mainly natural binders to obtain a firm material that shows leather-like qualities. At Prescott & Mackay the leather boards are mainly used for bag-making courses.

  • Size : 75 x 100 cm / sheet
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    Lion board for cosplay costume and figure making / 1sheet
    This Japanese made material is popular among cosplay costume maker to armor, helmet, and other cosplay purposes.
    • It's different from ordinary foam, this special foam will retain it's shape after heated.
    • Light and flexible
    • Easy to glue and apply finishing on it's surface.
    • Sold by sheet 45cm x 90cm. there are 3 different thickness.

    Want to learn how to make cosplay costume ?

    EVA foam sheet / 1 sheet

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    EcoZai : Thermoplastic Bubbalux Creative Craft Board /1pack (3pcs)

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    EcoZai : Thermoplastic sheet : Worbla / 1 sheet

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    EcoZai : Thermoplastic sheet : Thibra / 1 sheet

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    Larissa fabric : stretchable enamel fabric / 10cm
    • Sold in increment of 10cm ( we will cut acording to your order, in increment of 10cm

  • Width: 93cm
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    Dimensions: feltworks 100% Wool Felt / 1pc
    Size: 30cmx30cm

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    Hamanaka Wool Felt SOLID / 1pc(50g)
    • Material : 100% Merry Wool

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    Hamanaka MIX wool felt / 1pc(50g)
    • Material : 100% Merry Wool

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    Hamanaka Felting Needle Starter Set / 1set
    • Felting needle regular 2 sets
    • Felting needle holder
    • Felting needle mat
    • Felting needle mat cover
    • Manual book
    • Basic introduction to felting book. (68 pages)

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    Dog and Cat Felt Kit / 1pc
    With this kit you will be able to make your very own mini animal in needle felt.
    Kits Includes:

    • Wool in all colors needed
    • Eyes
    • Plastic core material
    • Detailed picture instructions
    Felting Needle (Id: 13406 or 12604) and Felting Mat (Id: 12606) are not included in the kit.

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    Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl / 1pc
    HeatnBond® Iron-on Vinyl is a flexible, water resistant coating that you iron onto the top of your fabrics to protect them. Use Iron-On Vinyl to make your own laminated fabrics and create placemats, tote bags, chair seat covers, aprons, children's art smocks and more!

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    Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl / 1m x 43cm
    HeatnBond® Iron-on Vinyl is a flexible, water resistant coating that you iron onto the top of your fabrics to protect them. Use Iron-On Vinyl to make your own laminated fabrics and create placemats, tote bags, chair seat covers, aprons, children's art smocks and more!

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    Pellon : Vinyl Fuse / 1pc
    Pelon Vinyl fuse is a flexible, water resistant coating that you iron onto the top of your fabrics to protect them. Use Iron-On Vinyl to make your own laminated fabrics and create placemats, tote bags, chair seat covers, aprons, children's art smocks and more!
    • #100R : this is GLOSS finish
    • #102R-M : this is MATT finish

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    Ramineru : Iron on image tranfer set / 1set
    Sold in a package set of 2 sheets :
    • 1 sheet (size 50x48cm) for transfering image onto the film
    • 1 sheet (size 50x48cm) for bonding your Image film to your fabric.

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    Clover heat fusible bonding yarn / 1spool (100 meter)
    Clover Heat fusible bonding yarn is a low-melt multi filament yarn used for technical applications in the clothing industry worldwide. These yarns are made from either low-melt co-polyamide (nylon).
    How does it work ?
    This yarns are stitched, knitted or woven into fabric or garments. It is possible to pinpoint precisely where it will be most effective. When the correct amount of heat is applied, it produces a change in the molecular structure and melts.

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    Pellon #SF101 : Shape-Flex Woven Interfacing / 1pc
    This iron-on woven cotton interfacing is ideal for use with light to medium woven and knit fabrics. It provides crisp support and is great for collars; cuffs; pockets; and other detail areas of garments. It adds body and permanent stability when used as a backing and features both lengthwise and crosswise grain for stability in both directions. Finished items can be machine washed and dried or dry cleaned. This package contains 2 yards of 15-inch-wide stabilizer. 100% cotton. Acid free. Made in USA.

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    Pellon #808 : Craft-Fuse Iron-On Stabilizer / 1pc
    Craft-Fuse™ A non-woven Iron-on craft backing, adds strength and body Fast and Easy to use, Fuses easily in seconds, Machine Washable.
    Great for Craft and Home Décor projects, kitchen and personal accessories, wall hangings and much, much more!
    90% Polyester/10% Rayon -
    Directions: (Always pre-test product and pre-wash fabrics. )
    1. Place shiny adhesive side of Craft Fuse or Décor Bond against wrong side of fabric.
    2. Use a hot, dry iron, a gliding action and slight pressure to iron Craft Fuse or Décor Bond to fabric.
    For large areas, start ironing in the middle of the piece and work out toward the edges.
    Care Instructions:
    Machine wash warm. Tumble Dry Low. Use warm iron.
    Special Techniques:
    • Accessories: Use Craft Fuse to add body and strength to fabrics used for projects such as eyeglass cases, tote bags, hat brims, visors, soft luggage, etc. For areas that require extra rigidity, use two layers.
    • Crafts: Create fabric flowers, ornaments, soft books, advent calendars, toys, etc.
    • Home Decorating: Craft Fuse can be used in a wide range of home decorating projects, including wall hangings, closet organizers, bed caddies, kitchen accessories, placemats, table runners and coasters.
    • For extra Creativity: Use Craft Fuse in conjunction with Pellon® Wonder Under® transfer fusing web. With this paper-backed web, you can add appliques and trims to your projects quickly and easily. Just press, cut, peel and fuse.
    • Size: 40 cm x 3.6 meter

  • Thickness approx. 0.4mm
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    Clover Iron Bond Sheet / 1pc
    It is a double-sided adhesive sheet for bonding with an iron of heat.
    Release paper with !! dry cleaning to write the sketches also possible.
    And installation of the patch, applique, repair of clothing, is ideal for raising skirt.

    size:40x33cm 1 sheet
    Material:polyamide 100%

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    Pellon Sew-In Stabilizer /1m x 50cm

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    Pellon #70 : Peltex Ultra-Firm Sew-In Stabilizer / 1pc
    Ultra firm, smooth, resilient and non-woven for accessories, crafts, home decorating and quilting. Easy-to-cut, will not flatten out or distort in seam pressing, and has no grain-can be cut in any direction. 100% polyester can be machine washed and dried or dry cleaned. Its unique vinyl carrier helps prevent fusing mistakes and makes it easy to use. Perfect for adding the loft and firmness needed to turn fabrics into sculpted bowls and boxes. Made with 100% acid-free polyester.
    • Material : Polyester 100%
    • Color : white
    • Size 38cm x 9 meter
    • Can be washed, Dryclean OK

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    Fusible Gathering Tape 5/8"X6 Yard with Nancy Zieman / 1pc
    Press, Pull, Stitch and you have a gather! Gathering has never been this easy! Simply press the Fuse 'n Gather on the wrong side of the fabric, tie threads at one end, pull blue threads at opposite end to gather. Perfect for dresses, pillows, quilts, and many types of crafts.

  • size: width 15mm(5/8 inch)
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    Fabric shrink sheet : Texture Magic / 1 sheet
    Steam-activated shrinking fabric. Simply sew Texture Magic to the back of your fabric, apply steam, and the fabric magically shrinks approximately 30%, creating a beautiful textured effect. After shrinking, result is permanent. Washer, dryer, dry clean safe.

  • Size: 47" x 18"(120 x 45 cm)
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