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Mechanical Pencil for Construction 2.0 mm / 1pc

Strong, and smooth 2.0mm core.
You can write from very thick to ultra-fine.
Package size / Vertical: 190mm Horizontal: 42mm height: 15mm
Package weight: 15g
Producing countries : Japan Applications: building mechanical pencil (such as wood, concrete)
Length: about 140mm
Adaptation refills: Sharp core 2.0mm
Note: refill, please use the sharp core 2.0mm for the immutable architecture. Please do not use for other purpose other than writing. Please avoid storing in high temperature or direct sunlight.

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Shinwa Digital Temperature

Power / AAA alkaline batteries × 2 battery life continuous use for 14 hours
Output : 1mW within (JIS Class 2 )
Temperature measurement range : minus 60 to 500 degrees
Operating temperature : 0 to 50 degrees
Measurement accuracy : plus or minus 2% or plus or minus 2 degrees
( adaptation of the higher number)
Distance: measurement size diameter / 12: 1
Product Dimensions 22.1 x 12.9 x 5 cm
Product Dimensions 22.1 x 12.9 x 5 cm

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Shinwa Calipers

A caliper is a device used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. A caliper can be as simple as a compass with inward or outward-facing points. The tips of the caliper are adjusted to fit across the points to be measured, the caliper is then removed and the distance read by measuring between the tips with a measuring tool, such as a ruler.

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Double side scribe tool / 1pc

  • Material : Chrome vanadium (black hardened)
  • Length : 212mm x 3.5mm diameter

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Scribe and marking metal pen (SmartyTool brand ) / 1pc

Capable of producing extremely sensitive lines, these etching needles and scribes taper to fine points and are intended for use on grounded plates

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Scribe pen ( Kegaki pen ) / 1 pc

Capable of producing extremely sensitive lines, these etching needles and scribes taper to fine points and are intended for use on grounded plates

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FastCap Accuscribe Scribing Tool

Scribing tool with adjustable grip for standard pencils
Easily maintain consistent scribe offset, keeping parallel to surface
every time
Durable polymer construction
Includes 1 scribe; pencil not included
5-3/4 inches long

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Wing compass (divider) / 1pc

  • Industrial grade, very hard and sharp points. can be used to scribe circles, mark divisions (divide a given distance), or simply mark a distance.

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Compass Attachment

With this compass attachment you can pencil or ballpoint to draw circle
or draw another project easily. Easy to use and fit for many type ofcompass.

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Compass ( Trammel point ) / 1 set

Need to draw an accurate circle?
One where the finishing point actually meets the starting point?
M.POWER's FLTS flat lying trammel head set will guarantee you exactly that.

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Adjustable dual-purpose Linear & Arc Scriber marking tool / 1 set

  • Aluminum alloy body - The surface of marking gauge is treated with anti oxidation, the grip is comfortable, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
  • Tungsten steel blade - The scriber is made from tungsten steel blades, which is much more hard and long life use.
  • Can draw and scribe arc - The scribe is newly added with stainless steel roller, which can be used for circular scenes (ceramic, iron, acrylic can be used).
  • Universal type pen holder - upgraded large-diameter clip pen, refill, needle, pencil, etc. are applicable.
  • Easy to Use - The scale is clearly visible and easy to measure.

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Automatic Center punch / 1pc

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Marking tool : Ink line marker / 1pc

Japanese Ink Lines (Sumitsubo)
The Sumitsubo is one of the most important marking tools used by the master Japanese carpenter. Similar in function to the Western chalk line, it is used to mark thin, straight lines on wood and other materials. A fine silk line is drawn out through an ink soaked wad of cotton, tensioned and then snapped against the workpiece. This allows you to mark very long (up to 10 m), fine and exceptionally accurate lines. Can also serve as a plumb line.

  • With a sealed ink reservoir to prevent ink from leaking out or drying up.
  • Automatic spring-loaded recoil with locking mechanism.
  • Unbreakable plastic body and thread bob

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Shinwa Stainless steel rules / 1pc

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Ruler stopper / 1pc

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Shinwa Stainless Steel Square rules / 1pc

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Veritas Square Fence / 1pc

A carpenter's square is frequently needed just because of its size. The key
disadvantage of such a square (its lack of a supporting fence ledge) can now
be eliminated using a Veritas square fence.
The 8" long anodized aluminum extrusion can be readily attached to either
the stock or blade of your square (depending upon intended use) with the two
integral brass screws. The face of the square fence aligns with the edge of
the workpiece while the weight of the framing square rests on the material.
One side offers a 1" high face. Flipping it over, the opposite side has a 1/4
face, letting you use it on workpieces this thin without having to slide them
to the edge of your workbench.
Ideal for use on round-edge material and sheet stock.
Made in Canada.

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Shinwa Sokutei Safety Cutter Guide / 1pc

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Tajima Safety Cutter Guide / 1pc

Safety cutting guide are combination ruler and straight edge. The curved aluminum guard prevents you from accidentally cutting your fingers.
Ideal for Industry, Craft, also suitable for housewife to cut fabric for quilting, patchwork, etc
The Safety cutting ruler has a solid aluminum alloy body with an extra thick cutting face

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Triangular Scales ruler / 1pc

Change units quickly and easily by rotating dial at either end of scale—no need to move the scale from the work surface.

15 cm1/50·1/100·1/200·1/250·1/5001/300
30 cm1/100·1/200·1/250·1/5001/300·1/600

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T-Square Ruler / 1 set

T-Square Ruler from WAVE Corporation.
Rust proof and embossed symbol with Etching technique.
For your best precision while working or weekend hobby.
Available in 10 cm long, T-Square from Wave Corporation
produced with last-longing best material to guarantee your comfort and

  • Size: 10cm x 5 cm
    Thickness : 0.6 mm
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    precision square ruler / 1pc

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    Miter Layout Gauge / 1pc

    Make layout easier scribe perfect 45 and 90 cutlines at the same time! Ideal for picture frames, corner molding, and various box constructions, this precise gauge also works to prep saw blades or drill presses for angled jobs.
    A balanced, wide-face design adds remarkable stability, while interior windows make marking parallel lines fast and easy. Made from polycarbonate.
    Additional features:

  • Great for marking as well as angle checking
  • Windows in each face add versatility (ideal for marking parallels)
  • Three scales allow for precise distance measurement (metric only)
  • Weighs just 44 grams (roughly 3.2 ounces)

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  • TO-MSR-1181A3
    Miter Layout Gauge ( Stainless steel ) / 1pc

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    Japanese style marking gauge - Kebiki / 1 pc

    Japanese marking gauges (Kebiki) use blades, not points, to mark the workpiece, and have a relatively wide stock. The blades used have the advantage of leaving a clean cut when marking across the grain. Blades cut the fibers, while points just tear them up. Like other Japanese woodworking tools, these gauges are always pulled along the workpiece.

    The Kebiki’s blade has a single bevel on the inside of the blade toward the stock, the angled edge dictates the pull stroke.
    With the Kama-Keshiki (mortise marking gauges) with two knives, the bevels face each other. Suji-Keshiki with two stems, the bevels on the knives are parallel and not facing each other. Sometimes when delivered, the knives do not protrude from the stem enough to cut properly. One should never try to drive the knife farther out with heavy hammer blows! This could easily split the wooden stem! One should instead enlarge the hole with a needle file or a sharp knife. The marking knife should stick out about 1 - 5 mm -- it depends on the feel of the tool you prefer. But more will cause problems as the stock then cannot be consistently held square to the workpiece. Then push the knife back into the stem and tighten it up with very light hammer blows! The measuring scale on the stem should be used only as a rough guide. One must use a precise ruler or other measuring method to exactly set the distance between the knife and the stock if precision is needed. For fine adjustments on Keshiki where the stem is wedged in place, one can use light taps with the flat of a hammer on the appropriate end of the stem to adjust the setting. The wedge can be set by pressing forcefully with your thumb, or with light hammer taps if needed.

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