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Stanley Clamp for 2x4 wood / 1set
  • Eliminates the need to carry around bar clamps or pipe clamps
  • Clamps can be inserted and repositioned anywhere along a 2"x4"
  • 400 pounds of clamping force and up to 850 pounds when bolted to a 2"x4"
  • Non-mar pads to protect work surfaces

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KDS Metal work bench clamp / 1pc
  • Small but very high torque clamp force (350kg)
  • All metal construction

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KDS Pipe clamp / 1 pc

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Drill press vise clamp / 1pc

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Belt clamp / 1 set

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Bessey Variable Angle Strap Clamp / 1set

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Logan F49: Studio Joiner Clamp / 1 set

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Logan F300-4: Hobby Joiner / 1 set
An economical joining system for hobbyists and at-home framers used to join
mitered wood moulding frames. Includes the F49 Clamp to securely hold mitered
corners in place with a triangle support tool for rounded profile moulding,
a hand held v-nailing tool with retractable magnetic nail holding tip, 4 oz.
bottle of wood glue and 100 pcs 3/8? softwood v-nails

Recommended for use on soft wood moulding only.
Requires hammer to drive v-nails (hammer not included)

  • Weight : 1.14 kg
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    Logan F300-1: Studio Joiner / 1 set
    All purpose picture framing joiner designed for light duty framing. Not as fast as the Pro Joiner, but produces perfect joined corners just the same. Drives single v-nail, one at a time, into hard and soft woods. Economical and extremely practical. Joins frames simply and accurately. Features include:
    • magnetic nail holder
    • quick depth setting adjustment
    • drives all V-nail sizes
    • includes support spacer for irregular shape profiles
    • use on hard or soft woods
    • includes quick-adjust corner clamp
    • use on mouldings up to 2.5" wide
    • reinforced baseboard
    • steel post sleeves prevent flexing
    • two adjustable height levelers for joining long mouldings
    • anti-slip pad protects moulding face
    • includes free instructional DVD

  • Weight : 3.6kg
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    Logan F300-2: PRO JOINER V-Nail Picture Frame Framing / 1 set
    This Logan F300-2 PRO JOINER V-Nail is much faster than the Studio Joiner, the Pro Joiner drives 2 nails at a time into hard or soft woods and is ideal for production joining of duplicate frames using the same molding size. Extremely precise and versatile, yet compact and economical, while producing professional results. Heavy duty professional style joiner for precise corner joints.

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    vise # 32-A (Swivel Bench Vise) / 1pc
    Small size and Light (made from Aluminum) Perfect for Jewelry and Accessories making
    Jaw has rubber cushion ( prevent marring your work surface )
    • Jaw opening : 50mm
    • Jaw width: 78mm
    • Rotates 360° on the vertical axis and can be tilted up to 45° to the left or right.

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    Clay Extruder Table Clamp / 1set
    Use with Walnut Hollow's Clay Extruder Set. Clamp onto a desk or other flat work surface to hold Extruder.
    • 360° swivel Clamp and 90° tilt
    • Ball and socket base with lock-down adjustment
    • Solid cast aluminum with soft rubber grips

  • Package size: 240x125x80mm
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    Dremel Multi-Vise 2500-01
    Dremel multi-vise helps you secure your project or free up a hand for extra control when using your Dremel rotary tool. The removable cushioned jaws on the 2500-01 help protect delicate workpieces while providing a firm, steady grip, and they clamp to any worksurface up to 2-1/2 inches thick. This holder turns your Dremel rotary tool into a stationary sander, grinder or polisher, and the removable jaws create a stand-alone bar clamp on the Dremel 2500-01.
    • Rotates 360-degrees and tilts 50-degrees so you can lock the work piece in any position
    • Clamping jaws create a stand-alone bar clamp; tool holder turns Dremel rotary tools into a stationary sander, grinder or polisher
    • Includes vise head, tool holder, adjustable base; fits Dremel tools: 400, 300, 398, 395, 285, 275, 800, 780

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    Bench Dogs pin ( Kreg company brand ) / 1 set 4 pcs
    These simple 3/4" reinforced nylon bench dogs include several features to
    help make your next project easier
    Included with each Bench Dog is a solid rubber Bench Brake
    Bench Brakes can be placed on the top of the Bench Dog for a solid non-slip
    work surface - perfect for routing and sanding
    Squared Clamping Pad for solid/secure hold
    Bench Brakes: Press in place for a solid non-slip work surface. Great for
    routing, cutting, sanding. Place in Bench Dog or directly in bench
    Painter's Point: Provides minimal surface contact for painting/finishing
    applications. Painter's Point: Provides minimal surface contact for
    painting/finishing applications
    Product Dimensions : 2.2 x 5 x 6.8 inches

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    True-FLEX™ Featherboard - Twin Pack
    This unique featherboard can be quickly and easily connected to a miter slot
    or t-slot without the need for additional hardware
    This product is easy to use easy to install and highly durable
    Item is manufactured in United States
    Comes with wedge-lock hardware which works in t-slots or miter slots on
    tablesaws, router tables, band saws and more.
    Each finger provides consistent and optimum pressure
    Made of an extremely durable plastic composite body
    6.9-inches W by 8.7-inches L by 2.09-inches H

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