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Olfa cutter : #167B Hobby saw / 1pc

Olfa hobby saw is professional art knife featuring ComfortGrip handle and quick-spin blade changing, perfectly balanced design and an anti-roll device.
Package includes 2 types blades.

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Olfa cutter : #213B (HSW-1) Craft saw / 1pc

The blade-retractable saw HSW-1 features the classic H-1 frame: wheel blade lock and handle with easy-to-hold large cushion rubber. Electroless-nickel-plated full-fledged toothing blade HSWB-1 delivers the ultimate combination of extra-toughness and extra-sharpness. Compact when carried about, with full-fledged usability.
Applicable Spare Blade: HB, HBB, HSWB-1

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Olfa cutter : #125B Craft saw / 1pc

OLFA craft saw is suitable for craft, D.I.Y and hobby. Saws very cleanly timber, plywood, plastic pipe, plastic board, balsa wood ... etc

  • Well balanced plastic handle made of high quality ABS;
  • Carbon steel blade 0.35mm of thickness;

  • Size: 42 x 315 x 22mm
    Blade: XB125
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    RazorSaw : replacement saw blade / 1pc

    • Note : These are BLADE ONLY, not include the holder
    • These blade can be used with Olfa cutter (18mm width blade)

  • Size
    • Blade length: 80mm
    • Blade width: 18mm
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    Economy type Miter & Angle saw : SMS-350 / 1 set

    6 Angle (45 54 60 67.5 75 90?‹)
    Blade:Wood Working Small teeth
    Blade:Length 350mm
    Height 40mm Cutterable Wood.
    Size:Height 10-55mm L:10-55mm
    Length 180mm or over
    Capacity:Wood:100mm L:115mm in 90?‹(45?‹:Max 65mm or under)
    Blade:Carbon Tool Steel.
    Size:W:285 x H:460 x L:230mm

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    Miter box - Cutting guide box (plastic ) / 1 pc

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    Precision Miter Saw Guide (basic model) / 1set

    With this basic model of the Miter Cut Guide, one can precisely cut 90 degree, and 45 degree angles for miter joints. It is designed to be used with saws with blade thicknesses between 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm. It adapts equally well for right- and left-handed people, as one simply mounts the guide assembly on the appropriate end of the base plate.
    This miter guide is delivered include a saw, an allen wrench for assembly and two guide fences, one for normal work and a second for longer cuts.

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    Free Angle Circular Saw Guide / 1pc

    • For making precission angle cutting
    • Body made from Rust proof Stainless steel
    • Quickly adjustable

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    Angle Protractor Fence - guide / 1pc

    Angle ruler and the fence has become integrated in single tool
    Good build of a professional tractor fence.
    Usefull for wood cut in the circular saw
    It can be used in a variety of power tools such as trimmer router drilling
    Fence rail length : 73.4cm
    Swing angle : 30 ° ~ 150 °
    Weight: about 1.2kg

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    Incra Miter V27

    The V27 is engineered to provide a high performance, yet low cost upgrade to
    your table saw, band saw, router table, disk sander, belt sander or any
    other tool in need of a better Miter Gauge. 27 Precision V-Stops are laser-
    cut in solid steel to lock-in angles at exact 5 degree steps over a full 120
    degrees range, with special stops at plus & minus 22.5 degrees.
    All of the V27's incredible precision will actually show up in your work
    because the bar can't wiggle around in the slot. Vertical work support
    surface doubles as a Universal Mounting Bracket that makes it easy to add
    just about any fence if you ever need one.
    Item Weight : 2.7 pounds
    Product Dimensions : 17 x 6.9 x 3.5 inches
    Steel bar thickness : 3/8" thick, 3/4" wide.

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    Band saw : Ryobi TBS-80 / 1 unit

    • Cutting capacity: Wood max 80mm thick
      Aluminum 6mm, Brass 5mm
    • Table tilt 0-45degree
    • Electric 100 volt , Power 320 watt
    • Dimension : 622 x 317 x 622 mm (height)
    • Weight 13kgs

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    3-5 d
    Band Saw Blade Proxxon

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    Carpenter Z-Saw

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    Diamond disc metal cutting saw (Gryphon chop saw ) / 1unit

    The Gryphon Miter saw is particularly well suited for making premium cuts in thin wall extrusions of brass, zinc, steel and copper. It has a very fine abrasive blade which cuts cleanly and coolly resulting in a minimum of flash.

    The saw is used largely in the stained glass (for cutting the "came" used to join separate pieces of glass) and the automotive fields (for cutting tubing of all types including braided stainless hose). A large adjustable table provides settings for accurate angles. The chop saw design along with the built in clamp for the work and safety shield provide protection to the operator.

    See the saw in action by watching our videos on your computer screen.

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    Dozuki Back Saw

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    Japanese saw : Piranha Precision Saw

    • These saw can be used for Aluminum, Brass sheet, Plastic, Acrylic, and hard/ soft wood

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    Tajima Smart saw / 1 pc

    • These Tajima smart saw system are interchangeable.
      Grip and Blade sold separately.
    • Very sharp and strong.
    • Made in Japan

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