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Ecozai A1 : Water based Acrylic composite (standard)

EcoZai A1 is a 2 part composite , consisting of a natural mineral material and a water based Acrylic resin, when mixed together will produce a very strong composition, which harden within approx 1 hour and become hard and strong, smooth and very detail surface, and weather proof (suitable for exterior application).

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    Ecozai A1 : Water based Acrylic composite (Creative mixed )

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    Ecozai A1 : Additive / 100 gram

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    Ecozai A1 : Exterior Waterproof & UV coating / 1 bottle (250 gr)

    This is a water based coating to protect the product against moisture and to give the product a weather resistant quality. A1 Sealer PLUS is a concentrated solution of acryl polymers in water. Always add 30% water to A1 Sealer PLUS before use. The work surface must be free of wax, oil, dirt and dust. Apply the sealer with a brush, roller, brushing with a soft cloth or with a spray.
    A1 Sealer PLUS can be applied in one or more layers to improve the protective qualities of the layer. A second layer can be applied after 45 minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity. When applying the sealer with a soft cloth, one layer of A1 Sealer PLUS will result in a satin matte gloss. More gloss is achieved by applying several layers. We recommend inspecting the treated surface every year and if necessary re-treat it with A1 Sealer PLUS every 6 years. This creates an expected life span of the A1 object of 50 years. There is a choice of A1 Sealer PLUS Matt and A1 Sealer PLUS Satin. For the most matt result, we recommend applying a layer with the A1 Sealer Satin first and then a layer with A1 Sealer Matt. The advantages are: - one component - free of solvents - water-based - quick drying - easy to apply - good UV-resistance - excellent adhesion - dirt resistant and water resistant

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    Ecozai A1 : Mold release

    EcoZai A1 release agent / 1pc
    EcoZai A1 release agent is a petrolatum based wax formulated specifically to release EcoZai A1 casting/laminating products from either plaster or from cured EcoZai A1 itself. It also maybe used as a release agent for rigid polyester molds.
    Application Apply to a plaster or EcoZai A1 Using Foam brush or cloth, apply into the “grain” of the mold. Then, using asecond, clean piece of terry cloth, rub off the wax leaving a thin film.Repeat the above procedure for a second time.
    Please note: DO NOT use to much (too thick), excess can cause“pocketing” of the gel coat and will decrease releaseproperties.

  • Bottle : 50 gram
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    Ecozai : Reinforcement fiber /1 pack ( 50 gram )

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    Ecozai : Triaxial Glass Fiber / 3.9 m2

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    Ecozai : Basalt Fiber for composite laminating W:127cm

    • Strong Basalt is extremely durable, resistant to craking, resistant to rust, and light.
    • Safety Because of the inert nature of basalt, it is NOT a carcinogen. Also, Ecozai Basalt fiber which we sell, is between 9 and 16 micrometers in diameter, which is too large to be an inhalant risk. Basalt also causes significantly less skin irritation. ( No itchy ).
    Harga adalah per meter lari , lebar 1.2 meter.

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    EcoZai Pigment /50g

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    EcoZai Expanded glass filler Poraver / 1 kg

    Lightweight aggregate made of recycled glass.
    lightweight aggregate with bulk densities starting at 190 kg/m³ is 100 % mineral, free of broken grains and available in different grain sizes from 0.04 mm to 4 mm. With Poraver® expanded glass, industrial products become more lightweight, more economical and easier to work with. The unique combination of positive features and benefits makes Poraver® versatile.

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    Ecozai Natural Granite sand / 250 gr

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    Ecozai : Art Resin Non toxic super Clear resin / 1set

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    Ecozai : Art Resin Tint / 1set

  • ] Each bottle contains 25 ml
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    Ecozai : EpoTop Resin Non toxic super Hard resin / 1set

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    Cactus Juice /1set

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    Magical Water / 1set

    Material : Clear Silicon resin
    Suitable for making similar to water models, or miniature of jelly etc
    To make "colors" please use "INK" not paint
    Because the material is silicon, use Oil based INK is better then water based ink
    You have to mix A and B (equal proportion), and the mixture will harden become clear and transparent resin, which you can use it to make a replica of water. Clear casting resin has been engineered so that each time the resin cures it
    leaves a tacky surface for the next layer to be applied. This tacky surface
    is only present on the surface exposed to the air; it remains sticky for
    around 5 - 7 days post cure.

  • Size: 160gram (A:80g, B:80g)
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    Ice Resin : Crystal clear / 1set

    Material : Clear Epoxy resin
    Non-toxic ICE Resin® two-part formula dries and stays crystal clear, never yellowing or breaking down. The versatile and easy-to-use jeweler's grade formula can be used with bezels, creating a clear dome as it covers and magnifies the image inside it. Mix the resin with sand, grass, sticks, paper and metal objects. Create freestanding projects or use a mold to make dimensional pieces.
    The package includes Part A Resin (4oz), Part B Hardener (4oz), stir sticks, measuring cups and instructions. Dries in approximately 6-12 hours in 72-degree temperatures. Neat and easy clean-up.

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    Padico Jewel Labyrinth : UV resin / 1pc

    Padico UV Resin "Drops from the Sun" is transparent resin gel which cures when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
    The resin has been improved in quality with high transparency and stronger adhesiveness. New Padico resin has three hardness: Hard, Soft, and Gummy. You can choose one suits for your piece.

    The new resin has two main characteristics. Can be mixed two types of resins and make your hardness resin. Can be used different types for different purposes in a piece. Unlike 2-part epoxy resins, Padico resin is "ready for use", no mixing required. Use just the amount you need without waste resin and time. Padico resin gives a very clean, transparent look and has outstanding hardness properties.
    New resin has three hardness types: Hard, Soft, and Gummy. You can choose the hardness for your piece.

  • Ingredient: Acrylic resin
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    Padico Star Drops : UV-LED resin / 1pc

    Padico UV Resin "Star Drops" is transparent resin gel which cures when exposed to ultraviolet rays - or LED lamp
    Major characterristics are:

    • One component curing UV-LED resin with hard type
    • It can get cures with UV light 36W and also cures with LED light 405nm/ 365nm.
    • Compared to the cure time of UV resin, it is so quick. It starts curing just a few seconds and completely done in 30 – 90 seconds with UV-LED light. It also faster and takes 2 minutes with UV light.
    • After cures, it is solidly hard and waterproof with beautiul high-transparency.
    • No yellowing of color after exposed.

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    Padico Jewel Labyrinth : UV resin glitter set / 1set

    Labyrinth Glitter set has 3 different colors' sets

    • "Faint Love" for pinky colors,
    • "Mermaid Wink" for ocean colors,
    • "Sense of Chance" for gold & silver colors.

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    Padico Jewel Color for Resin UV resin color /1pc

    A liquid coloring agent exclusive for transparent resin (UV resin). Because it is liquid, it is easy to mix with resin liquid, coloring is beautiful.
    You can change the color intensity depending on the amount to be added, or mix colorants to create your favorite color.
    It can also be used with two-component resin.

  • 5-10ml
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    Ecozai : Alcohol ink for resin / 1pc

  • 2.5ml
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    UV Resin hybrid Craft Arrange / 1pc

  • Package size
    • 25gram size: 170x100x30mm
    • 65gram size: 180x100x40mm
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    UV Resin Craft Arrange Soft type Clear/ 1pc

    UV resin of the soft type from "Kraft arrange" CA series appeared!
    Because the soft type, and the seal of the decoration, you can also cut the favorite form with scissors.

  • 25gram
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    Ange Super Resin UV Crystal / 1pc

    Using Ange Super Resin UV crystal you can easily make your own charms or resin craft.
    Use just the amount you need without waste.

    • Standard : cures with UV lamp in 3 min
    • Soft type : cures with UV lamp in 5-15 min
    But it also cures in 30 minutes with the Sun's rays.
    Note : Use gloves, glasses, and apron to protect the direct contact with skin, eyes and clothing.

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