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Modelling Brush : Mr.Hobby / 1pc

Mr.Brush is the world’s first panting brush for use in model kit, hobby and art, which has a handle made of silicone rubber.
Silicone rubber handle has an appropriate elasticity that fit in your fingers, easy to hold and keep your fingers from getting fatigue from long time working.
Bristle is made from special material PBT (synthetic fiber) that is elastic and durable. This PBT bristle solves the problem the conventional animal hair such as Kolinsky sable and horsehair has with.

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Delta Brush Cleaner / 1pc

Delta Brush Cleaner removes wet and dry paint from paint brushes.
For wet paint pour a puddle of Brush Cleaner onto palette and work through bristles with a back and forth motion, rinse under running water. For dry paint pour Brush Cleaner into a small container and let brush soak overnight, rinse brush under running water and repeat if necessary. Brush Cleaner conditions brush bristles, has a low odor and is water based for easy clean up.

  • Size: 1 fl oz (29ml)
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    Brush Shaper /1pc

    Prolong the life of natural and synthetic brushes with a product that stiffens and re-shapes bristles without harming the brush or the environment. Once your brush is clean and all paint has been removed from the bristles, dip it into Brush Shaper. Using your fingers, re-shape the brush to its original form and set it aside to dry. Non-toxic.

  • 59ml
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    Foam (Sponge) Brush set / 1set

    Use this flexible foam brush to apply acrylic finishes to artwork, or to wet paper for watercolor or acrylic painting, or applying stain on Leather, fabric etc
    Only the Set is sold in 3 sizes (1,2,3 inch) = 25, 50, 76mm
    Note — Not for use with shellac or lacquer.

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    Japanese Angled Craft Brush

    This high quality, Japanese brush is perfect for dyeing, lacquering or painting your leathercraft, paper or other craft materials.
    General purpose brush assembled from high quality materials with fine, soft bristles made from goats hair and synthetic fiber, this brush will make even and smooth brush strokes every time. Environmentally friendly and ergonomically angled, this brush allows for easy use and will offer many years of excellent service.
    Dyeing brush excellent for oil based dye, and less usefull for water-based dye.
    Available in 3 size : 30 mm, 50 mm, and 70 mm

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    Tamiya craft cotton swab / 1set

    This pointed tip cotton swabs, are very handy in all sorts of hobby-related stuff, from applying decals to applying colour !
    Sold in a package of 50 pcs.

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    Applicator for weathering master / 1 set

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    Tamiya modeling cleaning brush ( anti static ) / 1pc

    This new Model Cleaning Brush has been specially designed to help keep your display models looking sharp. Its fibers not only remove dust and debris, but also static electricity to prevent dust build-up. The long fibers of the main brush makes cleaning around delicate parts easy, while the mini brush lets you get to those hard to reach areas. This brush is not just perfect for maintaning the look of plastic models, it's also great for cleaning other household items.
    Organic conducive fibers (the slightly shorter ones) eliminates dust-gathering static electricity while fine PBT resin fibers gently clean around delicate parts.
    Mini brush with PBT fibers is conveniently located within the brush body. Great for removing scrappings and other debris during assembly.

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    Brush Set /1set

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    Aqua-Flo water brush pen / 1set ( 3pc )

    Works like a marker; perfect for use with watercolor. The barrel is ma de of durable yet easy to squeeze plastic with taklon bristles. Includ es small, medium and large.

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    Kuretake Water brush pen / 1pc

    Niji Waterbrush.
    This small waterbrush is very versatile and makes a handy tool for stampers, artists and crafters. It hold 7ml of water.
    This waterbrush pen has a soft plastic barrel which contains water. When you squeeze the barrel, water enters the bristles, thus eliminating the need for a separate water container. It also makes cleaning the brush between colors a breeze.

  • S,M,L: dia 13mm x 150mm
    Flat: dia 13mm x 180mm
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    Pentel Aquash Water Brush / 1pc

    Durable nylon brush tip holds its point.
    Soft, easy-to-squeeze barrel effortlessly stays in your hand.
    Translucent barrel allows you to monitor water supply.
    Fill with water to blend, or add your favorite ink or dye.
    Body Color: Blue
    Body Material: Plastic

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    holbein : Aquash Water Brush / 1pc

    Holbaine watercolor pen The pen is a handy watercolor pen that can wash the brush at any time without using brushwork just by extruding water, if you put water in the handle (container).

  • Maximum diameter 13mm
    Length 180mm
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    mizukaki YO fude ( Brush ) : Kaimei brand /1pc

    With a brush dedicated to water writing, it can be used with peace of mind by children without polluting the surroundings.
    Easy to carry, no matter indoors or outdoors.
    Since it can be written with only the minimum amount of water, it is environmentally friendly.
    After use, it is not necessary to wash the tip just by putting on the cap.

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    Deleter Slender Brush (3 pieces kit) / 1set

    Set includs

    • 1 x Slender Brush (Small)
    • 1 x Slender Brush (Medium)
    • 1 x Slender Brush (Large)

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    Kuretake Zig Cartoonist Menso Brush / 1pc

    A comprehensive selection of traditional drawing utensils used by Manga Artists in Japan.

    This natural-hair Menso brush is designed specifically for drawing fine, flexible lines, making it perfect for detail work like facial structures. A combination of horse and goat hair offers superior smoothness and flexibility.

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    Kuretake Pocket Standard Brush Pen / 1 pc

    Everyone knows Kuretake because of the famous fountain brush pen that is so popular in the US. But did you know that Kuretake has seven of other pens that are just as high quality and popular in Japan? Each brush is unique and perfect for a different use. The quality and performance of these pens are quite impressive, and we think you will be very pleased.

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    Menso Brush / 1pc

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    Holbein brush NA series /1pc

    A specially processed nylon brush that can be used for multiple purposes such as acrylic and watercolor. It is well aligned with the paint and is suitable for tall paint (acrylic) and hobby. made in Japan. It has a long tip and a good amount of paint, so you can draw long strokes with a curved line.

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    Pentel Neo Sable /1pc

    - Hair is difficult to slip - With rolling stop - Shimashita Koshi, there is good water - Easy to use for children

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    Angelus Paint Brushes

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    Brush " Mini Majestic series " / 1pc

  • PNT-BRS-11A01
    Brush "Winsor & Newton" Cotman series 111 / 1pc

    Note : A round bellied pointed water colour brush.
    Usage: The most popular round water colour brush. Excellent for washes as well as fine lines.

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    Brush "Winsor & Newton" Cotman series 666 / 1pc

    One Stroke
    Note : A flat brush with a straight edge.
    Usage: Originally designed for sign writers to execute the mark in ‘one stroke’. A popular shape with many water colourists who use this brush for washes in addition to rounds.Also makes a unique chisel edge flat mark, e.g. upright grasses.

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    Brush " Namura " standard brush / 1pc

    • Material : Goat hair
    • This is standard brush for all purpose painting coloring etc.
      Made in Japan by Namura Taiseido which has long history in brush making.

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