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Mr.Hobby : Pro-Spray Mk-2 / 1 set

Very basic single-action airbrush that is perfect for beginners starting out airbrushing. Great for large blocks of color application such as car bodies and priming. Comes with a simple to use airbrush, air hose, regulator and a can of propellant. Airbrush is sized so that standard bottle sizes from other companies can be fitted directly to the unit.
Not recommended for fine detail work.

NOTE : Because of the regulation of air shipping, we CAN NOT ship this product if contains the "Air can"
We can ship only if we take out the Air can (because it contains pressure gas).
Before buying make sure you can get the air can in your country, or.. you use it with ordinary air compressor.

  • Size: 25.5 x 16.5 x 6.7 cm / 610g
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    Airbrush compressor set /1unit

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    Mr Hobby : Mr.Air Hose / 1 pc

    • It's very elastic and made from urethane.

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    Regulator : Air Control Assist by Airtex / 1pc

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    Mr.Hobby : Mr.Stand ( Air brush stand ) / 1pc

    This stand is accessories for Mr.Airbrush.

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    Airbrush hanger HG / 1 set

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    Spray booth ( Proxxon ) / 1set

    Spray Booth Set with ventilation fan and duct hose
    Perfect mini-booth in the studio artwork.
    The fan use cyclo fan motor which has very quiet ( very low noise )
    Suitable for working in art studio, glass carving, clay working etc.

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    Tamiya Spray booth / 1set

    The Best Partner for Spray Painting
    This painting booth allows you to do your spray painting work indoors safely. The front of the booth features side special panels which have air slits that captures any paint mist that floats away from the central vent area. After entering the central vent, the paint mist is passed through the air filters 3 times before being exhausted. Moreover, the painting booth comes with a silent Sirocco fan. Whether painting fine details or doing Jewelry and other craft works this booth can handle the ventilation to provide a clean and safe workbench.

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    3-5 d
    Tamiya Spray-Work Painting Stand Set # 74522 / 1set

    A multipurpose painting stand set with 2 easy to use stands. Both stands can be adjusted and used for a wide range of sized and shaped pieces. The 16cm diameter turntable has different sized holes to affix various parts to the stand. Parts can be painted easily while still on the sprue or can be affixed to something like a pencil or chopstick inserted into the larger holes. Comes with 4 spring clips. Fixing a model body to the stand from the inside, the body stand is perfect for spray painting1/24 scale cars. The width of clips can also be adjusted to obtain the most stable hold.

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    Mr. Airbrush & Pro-Spray cleaning bottle / 1pc

    • For use for cleaning Airbrush or Pro-Spray
    • This bottle includes 2 nozzles, one for use with airbrush and one for use with Pro-spray

  • Size: 10.6 x 11.3 x 8.6 cm / 400g
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    Iwata medea : Table-Top Airbrush Cleaning Station / 1pc

    This handy table-top airbrush cleaning station includes an airbrush hanger, a filter, and a 24-oz. (700cc) container. This lets you clean your airbrush with no overspray, the container is easy to clean, it's convenient and portable, and the filter is easy to change. Airbrush is not included.

  • Size: 12.6 x 12.8 x 10.4 cm / 500g
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    Badger Easy Airbrush Set 350 / 1set

    The Model 350 single action, external mix, bottom feed airbrush. The air and paint mix outside the airbrush creating a large coarser "dot" pattern and providing a heavier spray volume. Superb for base coating, stenciling, stippling, touch up projects, etc. Constructed of high- impact nylon, it sprays a higher viscosity of materials and is solvent and chemical resistant. Sprays materials such as ceramic glazes and stains, and hobby enamels with ease. Will also spray properly reduced acrylics, inks, dyes, watercolors, acrylic lacquers, enamels and all of Badger airbrush ready paints. An excellent choice for the beginning students, hobbyists, ceramists and automotive painters. Includes Airbrush, Hose & 2 Jars.

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    Mineshima Injector (3 size in one set)

    Syringe Injector for applying paste or liquid.

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    Mini Air Regulator /1pc

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    spray gun H-2000 /1pc

    Astonishing but true, it's been 20 years since the first release of this injection-molded plastic kit--and now Saint Sagittarius is back in this spanking-new re-release! With the battlin' boy cast in flesh-color pieces, and his armor, display base, and makings for his Sagittarius Object (with whom he shares his armor headpiece) plated in a gleaming gold, this fixed-pose kit will require both glue and painting to complete...just like old times! The included instructions and painting guide are in Japanese but are well-illustrated.

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