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Beads Hole Size

?Bead hole sizes listed below are approximate and may vary.

When they make holes, it will done from both side. So the center part of the hole might be smaller.
As harder stones, the hole size tend to be smaller. You might make a hole bigger a little bit using a reamer.

Gem Stone Beads
Beads Size Hole Size Wire Size (Maximum)
4mm 0.5mm 24GA 0.51mm
6mm 0.6mm 22GA 0.64mm
8mm 0.8mm 21GA 0.7mm
10mm 1.5mm 16GA 1.29mm
12mm 2.0mm 14GA 1.63mm
chips 0.6-1.0mm 18GA-22GA 1.02-0.64mm
nugget 0.75-1.9mm 14GA-20GA 1.63-0.81mm
Beads Hole Size Wire Size (Maximum)
Freshwater Pearl 0.5-0.75mm 22GA-24GA 0.64-0.51mm
Shell Pearl 0.8mm 20GA 0.8mm