FAQHow To Use Whipped cream clay (part 1) Login
As this clay is a resin-like base, it looks just like genuine cream. It is easy to use and safe.
★ Grace whip type, a good point of the Grace Whip Type and Grace Whip Type Soft ★

1. Simple, Safe, the finish look just like real Sweets

As this clay is a resin-like base, it looks just like genuine cream. It is easy to use and safe.

2. Not easily cracked

As it is a resin-like base clay, it is not easily cracked even after dried. It keeps "flexibility" (flexibility) after having hardened.

3. No need to worry about failure of the squeezing out of the cream

Don't you have an experience when you squeezed cream on your work , and failed in?
You can squeeze this clay on a plastic plate (for example, documents file holder) once, and you can arrange the cream on your work after it hardened.
You can put the well-done cream on your work after the cream hardened.


4. Easy to color the cream

You can color the whip clay using oil paint or acrylic paints. Put some of whip clay in a paper cup, then add a little oil paint / acrylic paints and mix.


Example for use

  Clay Sweets (macaron, cake, donuts, icecream, softcream, etc...)、Sweets Decoration
  Miniature sweets made with clay
  Doll House made with clay

★ How to use “grace whip type”★

1. Cut the edge of the package of the grace whip type with scessors. Then, move clay into the standard baker's pastry bag and tips.
Softned the clay with hands, then squeeze the bag and make whips.


Put the clay as much as you need.

2. Softned the clay
(Softened the clay with until the bubbles out and smooth.)


3. Squeeze the bag and make whips just like making cakes.


★ Squeeze “grace whip type” without strong power★
Warm the clay and you can squeeze with less power. Use hairdryer or warm water.
※ Be careful not to scald.

1. Warm the clay using hairdryedr  (※for grace whip type)

Put clay into a pastry bag.

Softened with hands while heating with dryer.

2. Warm the clay putting into warm water. (※for grace whip type)

Put the clay into 40 ℃ water for 5 to 10 minutes.
  (Please be careful not to scald.)

If you had not opened the package, you can put the clay tube directlry.

If the package already opened, put the clay into another plastic bag and put into warm water. (Please be careful not to mix the hot water into the clay)

If the clay is in a pastry bag, put the bag into another plastic bag and put into hot water. (Please be careful not to mix the hot water into the clay)

3. Sqeeze the handful amount of clay.

You can squeeze less power when the amount is handful size.

★Hints to finish beautifully★

When you use “grace whip type soft” , you will see some water on the clay. To finish beautifully, you need to dry the water quickly.
You can work under these conditions...

1、 Work in low environment of the humidity condition. Dry your work as soon as possible.
2、 Use hairdryer (cool wind) and dry.

※Be careful not to scald.

★How to storage(for both grace whip type and grace whip type soft)★

You can storage the ways below...

(1)Stop the edge of the tube (left clay) by clips and sotre. Before stop by clip, let air out.


(2)Wrap your unused clay portions tightly with plastic warp , then put it in a baggie to keep the air out and the storing inside of an airtight container.