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★ Techniques to make your work beautifully ★

1. kind of tips

There are 3 kinds of tips, Star, Flower and Round. For beginners Star Shape is most easily used.
Star shapes and Flower shapes have many kinds, so you can make many kinds of whips.
[A] Star shapes

s Shapes of star shape tips

s Tips of Star shape

(from left side) 10, 8, 6 cuts

[B] Flower shapes

sShapes of Flower Shape tips

s Tips of Flower Shape

(from left side) 10, 8, 6 cuts

[C] Round Shapes

s Shapes of Round Shape tips

s Tips of Round Shape

Shapes of the whip

You can see the whip sizes what you can make using each Flower Shape Tips.


2. How to make beautiful 〝HORN〟s.

As this is clay made, you can make beautiful horn on your work with a little technique.

(1)Making whips using Star Shape Tip

Squeeze some cream and take a breath, then press the cream a little.

Take the tip away from the cream slowly.

※Using Flower Shape Tip >> Squeeze a little bit when you take the tip away from the cream.

(2)How to adjust the 'horn' of the whip

As this is clay, you can adjust the shape after you made whip.

When you made a too long 'horn'...

Pick a top of the cream and pull upside. The shape of the cream should be kept.
Repeat this until the height becomes what you want.

Adjust the shape of the top. Finished !