FAQObitsu 27cm Female Login
  • Parts can be assembled disassembled very easily
  • Parts can be purchased separately to replace what is damaged
  • Clothes can be put on your doll very easily by taking the arms and the feet off.
  • Other brand heads can be attached to Obitsu body.
  • You can combine parts from different Obitsu bodies to create your original Obitsu.
Joint is durable and strong,
stable for all kinds of poses.
Possible for all kinds of poses for
various purposes.
The magnet type come with strong magnets in the soles of the feet to support a wide variety of poses. They can stand on one feet, and even stand sidewise against a metal wall plate! Extra hand poses are available as well. Head adapter
Female dolls come with 4 types of head attachment, which allow you to attach any type of head, even different brands
Soft bust
The regular body is a hard plastic body. The Soft Bust bodies have a soft vinyl skin which feels and looks more realistic. There are 3 size of bust.