Our Company

Best from Japan, is one division of Smart Corporation which specializes in serving the demand for japanese products by customers who live outside of Japan.

Our company was originally founded as a wholesaler of Jewelry parts, Fashion components and Art / hobbyist supplies for consumer in Japan. Our products can be seen on our Japanese company website: and

As time progresses, the popularity and demand for our items also grew. We received increasing amounts of inquiries as well as orders from foreign countries through our japanese website. Many of these inquiries were for many different items, many of them encompassing beyond the products that were available on the website.

Using our established relationship with our many suppliers and factories in Japan, we then prepared to answer this increasing demand by setting up a new division to handle these international orders. Thus Best from Japan was founded.

  We select, we provide, we deliver to you only good quality japanese products.
We accomplish this not by selling what items are merely available - but by taking the extra steps to hand-pick and compare with other available items, to assure that you will get the best value product that your money can buy.
  Our expertise came from our original business idea, which was founded upon the jewelry and fashion world. Other products that will now complement this line will be as follows:
- Jewelry Finished goods.
- Jewelry components.
- Japanese crafts