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Leather punch : Oblong punch for belt buckle (Japan) / 1pc
Handmade oblong hole punch. Hand forged and folded, this punch was crafted by expert artisans using traditional Japanese knife making techniques. Designed to cut deeper than standard designs.
This exceptional tool is guaranteed to be sharp and ready to punch holes straight away, providing a straight, clean cut that will set your leatherwork apart. Easy to sharpen, unlike other slot punches, this unique and extremely high quality leather tool will last many years.
Simply align the cutting edge over the area you wish to cut and strike with a jewelers mallet or other soft head hammer until the leather is cut.
Perfect for straps and loops this is an excellent addition to your leather workshop.
Please note, this tool has been heavily tempered and is best stored separately from other tools, where the blade will not come into contact with hard surfaces or objects. Suitable only for leather or similar soft material (e.g., soft plastics or rubbers), not recommended for card or paper.
  • Length: 120-130mm
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      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    -   12mm 4,320 1
    -   15mm 4,720 1
    -   18mm 5,520 1
    -   21mm 6,420 1
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