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Leather dye color ( Paste ) : Fiebing Antique finish /1bottle
Fiebing's Antique Finishes can be used to produce an almost limitless combination of deep, vibrant colors on vegetable tanned leathers. A variety of techniques can be used to bring out carved, stamped and tooled designs as well as highlighting seams, edges of appliques and overlays.

Imparts a soft, lustrous patina that emphasizes tooling, carving and embossing with a subtle, two-toned effect. Antique Finish is not entirely waterproof and should be protected with an additional wax or resin coating
Antique Finish can be thinned with Fiebing’s Tan Kote.

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      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    10420-a   Cordovan 1,015 1
    10420-b   x. -not available any more- Light Mahogany

    1,015 0 X
    10420-c   Mahogany 1,015 1
    10420-d   Tan 1,015 1
    10420-e   Light brown 1,015 2
    10420-f   Medium brown 1,015 1
    10420-g   Dark brown 1,015 1
    10420-h   Black. 1,015 2
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