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CMC Tragacanth Replacement Burnishing Gum / 1pc

  • powdered CMC clear leather burnishing agent.
  • Simply mix with hot water to a ratio of 3 grams to 200ml of hot water, stir well and let sit overnight. The entire jar can create around 4.5 litres or 4.75 quarts of burnishing gum!
  • Simply apply a small amount of the resulting gum to the flesh side or edge of your leather, spread evenly then firmly work into the leather with a smooth wooden dowel or piece of scrap, reapply as necessary to leather and leave to dry.
Thickening properties of this CMC, make it useful for firming and coating leather for craft projects. Gum tragacanth is particularly recommended for treating vegetable-tanned leathers. you can use it to create smooth, stiff edges on leather belts. You can also use gum tragacanth to prepare leather for finishing, and as a backing for soft leathers.
  • Brand: Kyoshin elle

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