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3D Silicon mold (jewelry type) / 1set
This pendant part is suitable for Swarovski crystal pendant or other big crystal / stone. There is a pin (front to back).
  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
12026-RSFD-01   RSFD-01 Round 480 3
12026-RSFD-02   RSFD-02 Round Cut 480 3
12026-RSFD-03   RSFD-03 Oval 480 1
12026-RSFD-04   RSFD-04 Oval Cut 480 3
12026-RSFD-05   RSFD-05 Square 480 4
12026-RSFD-06   RSFD-06 Square Cut 480 2
12026-RSFD-07   RSFD-07 Rectangle 480 4
12026-RSFD-08   RSFD-08 Rectangle Cut 480 1
12026-RSFD-09   RSFD-09 Drop 480 2
12026-RSFD-10   RSFD-10 Drop Cut 480 2
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