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Soft pastel : Zoukei Mura make up color / 1 set
Getting a soft look is easy with these simple to use chalk pastels!
To use them take your pastel, and holding it vertically, rub it over a high grade sandpaper. This will create a fine powder which you can then use brushes, cotton balls, Weathering Sponge and cotton swabs to apply.
Practice different combinations or techniques to find what is best for you.
Each set come with 6 different chalk pastels included.
  • Base Makeup set is great to create natural looks on boys or girls. You can use it alone, or use it to create a naturally shaded foundation for heavier looks. Either way this is a great set to have on hand.
  • #1 can be used to give your doll vibrant color! Use it as eyeshadow, or on lips, or cheeks to give them a bright, glamorous feel.
  • #2 (visual) is based on the looks of Japanese "Visual-kei"(visual type) bands. These bands are mostly young men who often wear heavy makeup and intricate costumes, often with a gothic feel, for a stunning visual impact that adds to their stage personas.
    This set has dark, mostly neutral colors which are perfect for creating your own "visual" boy, or girl!
  • #3 (Lolita) is based on the Japanese "Lolita," or "Loli" fashion. These young women wear beautifully designed dresses with lots of frills and bows that makes them feel sweet and feminine.
    The makeup is often soft and bright, so the colors in this pastel set are perfect if you want a young, feminine girl.
  • #4 (Gothic & Lolita) is based on the Japanese "Goth-Loli" fashion. While similar to the "Lolita" the "Goth-Loli" focuses on dark colors, with designs showing a dark, elegant beauty.
    If you want an elegant, gothic girl this set is definitely the one for you, with both dark, and rich colors.

After you use pastels you should seal them with clear varnish.
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0   Basic 840 0 X
0   # 1 (Point Color) 840 0 X
0   # 2 (Visual) 840 2
0   # 3 (Lolita) 840 4
0   # 4(Gothic & Lolita) 840 2
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