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Mold : Sculpey Flexible Push Mold /1pc

  • Brand: Sculpey

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    id:12290 (sku:TO-MOLD-PE001)  
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    12290-Faces   Art Doll Faces
    approximately 11x11mm - 47x38mm.
    1,180 1
    12290-Woman   Woman Doll
    #Legs approx 90mm long
    #Arms approx 65mm
    #Torso 56mm
    #Head and neck approx 29mm x 17mm
    #Ears approx 7mm
    1,180 1
    .   xx 1,180 0 X
    12290-Flowers   Flowers & Leaves
    approximately 11mm - 36.5mm.
    1,180 2
    12290-Letter   Letters & Numbers
    approximately 12.7mm x 12.7mm
    1,180 1
    12290-Fairy   Fairy
    #Legs approx 80mm long
    #Arms approc 60mm
    #Torso 55mm
    #Head and neck approx 27mm x 26mm
    #Ears approx 12mm.
    1,180 1
    12290-Family   Family Time 1,180 3
    12290-SeaLife   Sea Life 1,180 1
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