Hand Tools for craft and hobbyMold for Clay, Resin, Plaster, Concrete, Sugar craft etc

Educational clay tools : Flexible push mold / 1pc
  • Animal : lion, monkey, dog, cat, cow, bear,squirrel, pig, rabbit, sheep.
  • Decoration : bear, ribbon, rose, letter (thank you), lace, heart shape, pattern.
  • Fruit : grape, strawberry, peach, orange, cherry, banana, water melon, lemon, apple, melon.
  • Insect : Stag Beetle, Ladybug,butterfly, scorpion, snail, larva, dragonfly, long-horned beetle.
  • Ridings : car, train, bus, baloon, plane, rocket.
  • Sea : dolphin, starfish, tropical fish, whale, globefish, crab, seaweed, shellfish, turtle.
  • Sweet Food : donut, muffin, cookie, candy, chocolate, ice cream, loaf-sugar, biscuit.
  • Vegetable : eggplant, green paper, garlic, carrot, mushroom, corn, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin.
  • Size: 12 x 9.5 x 1.5cm
  • Keyword : Mold_for_Clay |

    * This product is for children / Education purpose.

    This product is intended for Educational purpose, eventhough adult can use them as well
    NO sharp edge for safety concern, and color is safe for children.
    All Educational product from Japan include :
    ST (safety toys) registration
    CE (Conformité Européenne) standard for Europe market.

      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    12363-animal   Animal 680 1
    12363-christmas   Christmas 680 0 X
    12363-decoration   Decoration 680 1
    12363-fruit   Fruit 680 6
    12363-insect   Insect 680 3
    12363-ridings   Ridings 680 9
    12363-sea   Sea 680 0 X
    12363-sweetfood   Sweet Food 680 0 X
    12363-vegetable   Vegetable 680 0 X
    10 or more 20%
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