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This is OIL Based clay, which means it WILL NEVER dry
Usually used for prototype making, or mold making.

Oil based clay : Leon Clay ( Free Sulfur ) / 1pc

A sulfur-free oil soil made from oil and natural soil that are free from pollution. It has a good release of gypsum and has a hardness that can withstand the heat radiation when the gypsum is set. It is very economical because it can be used repeatedly. Because it is a natural color, the color may be slightly different, but the quality does not change.
It becomes soft by warming, hardens again at normal temperature or cooling, can be scraped with a file or spatula, and extremely precise molding can be performed. It is useful for study models and terrain models because it does not dry, harden or crack over time. Excellent heat resistance and releasability, and also used for mold making of plaster etc.

Color ... gray
Use of core material ... possible
Main component · · · oil · calm
Contents ... 1 kg
Mass: Volume ... 1 kg: 380 cm3

Note: These clay often used in academy for art, for making large object or used also in industry for making prototype

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  Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
12713-s   S (standard hardness) 1,380 1
12713-h   H (intermediate hardness) 1,520 15
12713-d   D (high hardness) 1,780 18
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