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Modelling Brush : Mr.Hobby / 1pc

Mr.Brush is the world’s first panting brush for use in model kit, hobby and art, which has a handle made of silicone rubber.
Silicone rubber handle has an appropriate elasticity that fit in your fingers, easy to hold and keep your fingers from getting fatigue from long time working.
Bristle is made from special material PBT (synthetic fiber) that is elastic and durable. This PBT bristle solves the problem the conventional animal hair such as Kolinsky sable and horsehair has with.

Care After Use:

  • After using Mr.Brush, wash it with special solvent gently before paint on brush dry completely.
  • After arranging the bristle, let it dry in shade and store it.


  • When using Aqueous Hobby Color, dilute with Mr.Thinner from GSI Creos, which spread paint better and is easier to paint.
  • Make sure not to immerse brush (especially silicone handle) in solvent too long
  • Make sure not to use in the applications other than painting. Adaptive paint, Water color, oil color, lacquer color ,acrylic color, urethane color and so on.
  • Brand: Mr.Hobby

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