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Createx Wicked Color / 1set
Createx Airbrush Colors are the number one, most widely used and trusted
professional airbrush paint in the world. Made with light-fast pigments,
durable resins and quality ingredients, Createx works on fabric, wood,
leather, canvass, plastics, aluminum, metals, ceramic, clay, poster board,
brick, plaster, latex, glass and more.
Colors are water-based, non-toxic and meet ASTM D-4236 standards.
Createx Airbrush Colors are designed for permanent results with a soft-hand
feel on fabrics. Colors cure with the assistance of heat after drying.

#W101 Wicked Primary Set contains :
W030 Opaque White, W002 Black, W003 Yellow, W005 Red, W007 Blue, W500 High
Performance Reducer

#W102 Wicked Sampler Set contains :
W030 Opaque White, W002 Black, W005 Red, W006 Violet, W007 Blue,
W009 Pthalo Green, W011 Golden Yellow

#W103 Wicked Flourescent Set contains :
W020 Fluorescent Purple, W021 Fluorescent Raspberry, W023 Fluorescent
Green, W026 Fluorescent Pink, W027 Fluorescent Orange, W028 Fluorescent

#W110 Wicked Detail Sampler Set contains :
W050 Detail White, W051 Detail Black, W052 Detail Yellow, W061 Detail
Cobalt Blue, W063 Detail Carmine

#W111 Steve Driscol Flesh Tone Set contains :
W063 Detail Carmine, W055 Detail Violet, W059 Detail Moss green,
W072 Detail Smoke Black, W073 Detail Driscoll tone, W500 High Performance

#W112 Wicked Dru Blair Set contains :
W051 Detail Black, W052 Detail Yellow, W053 Detail Scarlet,
W054 Detail Orange, W055 Detail Violet, W056 Detail Red Violet,
W057 Detail Blue Violet, W059 Detail Moss Green, W060 Detail Viridian,
W061 Detail Cobalt Blue, W068 Detail Raw Umber, W070 Detail Sepia,
W074 Detail Burn Sienna
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    13136-wps   #W101 Wicked Primary Set (60ml x 6 bottle) 8,690 0
    13136-wss   #W102 Wicked Sampler Set (60ml x 8 bottle) 11,290 0
    13136-wfs   #W103 Wicked Flourescent Set (60ml x 6 bottle) 9,290 1
    13136-wdss   #W110 Wicked Detail Sampler Set (60ml x 6 bottle) 8,690 1
    13136-sdfts   #W111 Steve Driscol Flesh Tone Set (60ml x 6 bottle) 8,790 0
    13136-wdbs   #W112 Wicked Dru Blair Set (60ml x 17 bottle) 20,790 0
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