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Clover Ribbon embroidery stitch needle / 1set
They have larger eyes for strands of cotton or ribbon
Sold in a set of 6 pcs.
  • Brand: clover

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    You can buy even though stock is not available (or not enough).
    Attention : Usually it takes like 1 weeks until we can get the stock and send to you.

      Option (¥) Price Stock Qty
    0   57-081 Fine chenille
    No.22x3 No.24x3
    440 5
    0   57-082 Big chenille
    No.18x3 No.20x3
    440 5
    0   57-083 Very Big
    No.14x1 No.16x2 No.18x3
    440 3
    0   57-084 for Knitting wear
    No.18x2 No.20x2 No.22x2
    440 5
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