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Tassel maker : SmartyHands /1pc
These tools will enable anyone to create the perfect tassel. Each tool has stair-steps, which enable the tools to be used to make several sizes of tassels. These tools have a hole for hanging and a slit in the top of the tool, and then slipped off the tool.
There are 2 size available.
  • #1 Small size
    • (L)1.25" : 32mm
    • (L)1.50" : 38mm
    • (L)1.75" : 45mm
    • (L)2.00" : 50mm
    • (L)2.25" : 57mm
  • #2 Large size
    • (L)2.50" : 63mm
    • (L)3.00" : 75mm
    • (L)3.50" : 88mm
    • (L)4.00" : 100mm
    • (L)4.50" : 113mm

The maker of this tools is different from the video instruction, but the usage and application is same.
  • Template size
    • Small size: 133x63x3mm
    • Large size: 237x127x3mm
  • Brand: Smarty Tool

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    Video click here
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