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Fabric adhesive Saiho Jouzu / 1pc
Even without needles and threads, you can make a bag.
Since this is transparent, the protruding part of the adhesive is not conspicuous.
Because it is dry cleaning and washing OK, you can use it for items that need washing.
By further using an iron, the bonding speed is greatly improved.
You can save time and effort.
How to use is very easy!
Just apply adhesive to both sides of the thing you want to paste, add the cloth, apply a cloth and apply heat for about 15 to 20 seconds with an iron (140~160).
You can paste a patch or race etc on ready-made handbags and clothes, and you can make original works easily.
This is a recommended item for those who are weak at the trial.
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15074-17   # 17g 400 0
15074-45   # 45g 750 0
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